First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 23

Some of you guys, keep track of what quizzes you took last! Ok, don't you think that dramas are better when the two start out as haters? It's funny and as the guy gets from mean to nice, the relationship seems to have more value than when the guy and you start out all nice and lovey dovey. It just seems to worth more when you have to go hard for it first doesn't it?

And ever think about how you change as you go to middle school? Maybe this isn't true for some of you. In elementary, you knew what you liked and disliked. There were only two categories. You know you hate this person, you liked this person. You know who is your friend. You liked your crush and your crush only, your best friend and your best friend only. But then when you get to middle school where choice is larger and your thoughts are more complicated, you don't know who's your real friend, you don't have friends for that long, you break up a lot and you can't decide about boys? Like, you don't know anymore... in elementary you know who is good, who is bad, in middle school, your not sure anymore, right?

Created by: scumbag
  1. You didn't feel too good. It was like... you were the bad guy. It felt like you were caught doing something wrong. The annoying underage brat who butts into a wonderful love story. The librarian was gone. "Let go," you mutter. "Why are you leaving?" he asks you. "I'm so embarrassed... I'm sorry for her misunderstanding... I-" you didn't know what else to say. "The timing is so wrong. Chris, you gotta go after her. She's crying," you tell him. He shrugs. "Don't you even care?!" you scream at him. You looked around quick. No librarian in sight. He doesn't look at you. "What if I don't want to?" he says. "She's your girlfriend, you gotta go after her. She must've thought that you were cheating on her. Chris, go after her. She's crying," you said.
  2. He lets go of your hand. "She dumped me," he says. "And now she regrets it. She thought I'd go running over to her like some dog, but she's doing all she can to hold on to me now I guess. I thought I liked her, but now I guess I realized I don't," he says. "Why?" you ask him. "I dunno, I thought she was pretty and all, like I had a crush on her." His cheeks were actually a bit red. "But I guess I was blind, she's not the greatest person in the world. She's pretty to the world, but she doesn't make my world pretty." You looked at the clock. 5:30PM. "Hey, I'm gonna go," you said. "Huh? Why?" he asks you. "We just came over here to study right? Nothing else, nothing more," you say as you start walking away. "Hey," he says. "You still gotta help me make four new cards for me." You turn around and give him a half glare half smirk. "You do them yourself."
  3. "Okay, I'm coming with you," he says as he runs up to you. "Did I tell you good job yesterday?" he asks. "I dunno." "Well, good job on the run. I mean, really, you ran pretty good," he says. "Sorry, I didn't cheer for you," he adds. "Haha, sorry I'm not much of a whistler, or stomper, or cheerer," you tell him. You guys stopped behind a bookshelf. "Are you kidding?" said Chris. "I could pick out your voice from everyone elses! " he laughs. "And that was the only thing that brought me in first place too. Really. You're my own little trumpet, can always count on you to cheer the loudest, eh?" He knuckles your head.
  4. You give him a half smile and glance above of his head. There was a huge book that said, "FUDGE RECIPIES" It was brand new too. It had to be. You went crazy. You jumped up to grab at it. Your arm extends to its limited length. You couldn't reach it. It was just a fingertip away. You were intent on grabbing it. Just then, a larger rougher hand was right over yours. Your head looks up. Blue tinted gray eyes. Chris was smiling at you. His head was right over yours. Your heart was hammering the sides of your ribs. Your heart wanted to get out. To tell Chris right now. To tell him something. You blush, it felt like forever that the stare finally broke. He takes the book out from its place, leaving a rectangular gap in the shelf.
  5. He walks away with hands in his sweater pockets. You follow him, and then you suddenly stop. There was a new series on the shelf. A series that was just beginning. There were three books with black felt spines. They all had pale white letters for the title. 32 Shadowstorm Clues. You were instantly captivated to the books. Book one, book two, book three. The author was Namwon Lukke. You swiped all three off the shelf.
  6. Along the way down the bookshelves, you spotted a cover. Transformers II part one the comic book. You picked that up for your brothers who were crazy about transformers. You also pick up a science book for chemistry which is what you guys were doing right now in class. You needed to memorize all the abbreviations or names at least. You set that on top of your pile which ended at your chin. You rest your chin on the top book and walk up the aisle of encyclopedias. You walk around the shelf to see Chris flipping through a book.
  7. Wondering what he was doing, you bend your head over to see what he was reading. Your hair covered the pages. "Sorry," you mutter under the weight of books as you quickly flick back your hair. He looks up at you. His eyes run to the top of your books. "Nerd," he says smirking. "Shut up," you said. He reads a few more pages and then puts it away. "Ready to go?" he asks. "But aren't you going to check that out?" you ask him. "That?" he says pointing to the book he was just reading. "Nah," he says walking away. "Why not?" you ask running after him. "Cuz I don't have a library card," he says lightly as he disappears around the shelf again.
  8. You were shocked. You thought everyone had a library card. They just had to. It was kind of like a rule. Maybe it was only a rule for you after you saw the middle school library. You run into him. Your book falls against his chest. He quick reflexes and catches the book. "THEN GET A LIBRARY CARD!" you practically shout at him. It was stupid. If he wanted to read a book so bad but couldn't get it because he had no card, it was so easy to get one! The librarian sharply whispered, "SHH!" "Ah! There you are!" you say to her. You run over to her with one arm under the books, one hand clawing into Chris's sweater sleeve. "This guy needs a library card. Now." You tell her. Her face changed. It was like she suddenly understood the circumstances.
  9. "Come with me now dear," she says softly but clearly. Her tight bun of silvery hair turned like a pea cock head. You had the sudden thought, Why were all librarians elderly ladies? Why not guys? But the thought disappears when she takes out a sheet of paper. "Fill this out," she says. She walks away. You set down your books on the table and grab a pencil from the pencil box. You ask Chris questions, he answers. You fill in address, phone, e-mail, county etc. When you come to the part where it said you needed proof of address and identity, you look up at Chris. He raises his eyebrows. "Don't have any on me," he says. You look at the librarian who was coming back to you guys. "I'm sorry, but we don't have this part," you say pointing to the words on the sheet. The librarian hesitates.
  10. "Oh, that's alright dear. I trust that you, young man, Chris dear. I trust that you're telling the truth about your identity and address. Just bring it the next time you come here," she said kindly. "Oh thank you," you say excitedly. She brings Chris a card a few minutes later. He stares at it like a child with a new toy. The librarian smiles in understanding. You suddenly realized something. Today was the first time that you ever actually spoke to the librarian. And you realized that you've been to the library several times and you didn't know her name. It hits you right there, nobody really cares about librarians, bus drivers or lunch ladies. No one knows their names; librarians were just there and kind of were not to be named. You were going to change that. "What's your name?" you ask her. She looks at you with her green eyes. They looked strangely familiar. "Natalie Jones. You can call me Natalie. My granddaughter Jessica Jones works here sometimes." Even Chris looked up. You could see a faint streak of curly red in Natalie's hair...
  11. Chris checks out his book and you check out yours. "Come back soon!" Natalie calls to you. "We're coming back tomorrow," you tell her smiling. Chris opens the door for you. As he does, a flash of lightning strikes the gray sky. The same color as Chris's eyes. You jumped. You were terrified of thunder. Thunder comes right there as the lightening does. "Hey," said Chris beside you. "You take this," he says. He hands you his library card. "Huh?" you ask. "I forget stuff a lot," he says sheepishly. "I uh, lost my school card too and I don't wanna lose the card that my little trumpet here worked so hard to get for me. So you keep it. Whenever I wanna go to the library, I'll just come over to you," eh says. "What if I lose it? Why are you putting all this trust on me?" you ask him. He grins. "You won't lose it," said Chris assuringly. Your fingers close over the card.

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