Are you smarter than a seventh grader?

Allright- I admit it, I'm not the smartest person who ever lived in my grade, but these are pretty tough questions! Hope you can solve them okay

So, do you have what it take to be in seventh grade? I swear I didn't use a calculator in creating this, so I hope you can figure it out! Mental math is a very good skill to have.

Created by: sprite101
  1. 12 x 12=
  2. 60 x 9=
  3. 1200000. In scientific notation.
  4. Ok moving on. The capital of Russia is
  5. If the base of the triangle is 6", and the height is 7", what is the area?
  6. What is an axon?
  7. A cell body is...
  8. The ratio of black cows to brown cows was five to four. If there were 28 brown cows, how many black cows were there?
  9. I hate geography. What is the capital of California?
  10. K, bye!

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a seventh grader?