Are you smarter than a Second Grader

This is a test to see if you're even smarter than a Second grader. you would be surprised to how many people actually fail! if you pass this test, consider yourself lucky!

If you are a genius, take this quiz for fun. If you are a stuck-up no-it-all goody-two-shoes, take it so you can see if you are really just as plain and ordinary as everybody else. And if your just board, take this quiz because it's better than sitting home and waiting for nothing.

Created by: crystal

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  1. "I love to dance in the big dance studio". How many describing words are in this sentence?
  2. If it took 3 men to dig half of a whole in 3 hours,it took how many men to dig a full whole in 7 hours?
  3. Which country did the spaniards originate?
  4. What is 144 square rooted, if 64 square rooted is 8?
  5. What are the four main types of precipitation?
  6. Who was our 15th president of the U.S.?
  7. what was abraham lincolns nickname?
  8. what does "asl" stand for?
  9. Greensville is holding a kids race and there are five contestants. Peter was in last place, Johanna was behind marshall, marshall was behind lisa who was in 1st place. Which place was Sam in.
  10. how many parts does an insect have?

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