Are you smarter than me??

There are many smart people. But yet again, these people aren't in sixth grade. in fact, most of you taking this quiz probably are in high school or elementary...maybe even at my awesome junior high!

so...are you smarter than a sixth grader??? Find out with this quiz!!!

Created by: Leafpool

  1. how do you get the circumference of a circle?
  2. true or false: Jeff Kinney enjoyed reading "calvin & hobbes" (just like me!) when he was a kid.
  3. what IS calvin and hobbes??
  4. who is Brambleclaw?
  5. what year was super mario born?
  6. okay, no more effects. the last few q's were the ones for your results. now it's time to HAVE FUN!!!
  7. what's your fav. color?
  8. who's your fav. villian from warriors?
  9. will you rank?
  10. how bout comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than me??