Are you smarter than a pig?

Are you smarter than a pig? Do you get good grades and do you know how to look after a pet? Should you start out with a pet spider or are you good enough to handle a regular pet first? Well take this fabulous quiz and see if you are smarter than a pig!

Are you good at taking care of pets? Do you get good grades in school? Will you flush it down the toilet if it has one little mistake or mishap? Should you get a pet spider or a regular pet first? In just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: cottoncandy987

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  1. What would you rather do with your pet?
  2. Which of following would you rather go with your pet
  3. If you had a pet what would you do with it?
  4. What are your usual grades?
  5. Do you know your 1s multiplaction table like 1x2?
  6. What would you feed a pig?
  7. What would you rather put on a pig?
  8. Which of the following pets would you rather have?
  9. What would you feed a cat?
  10. If you had a guinea pig what would you do with it?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than a pig?