Are you smarter than me? (8th grade level)

This is a quiz. Yah, that line sounds familiar to some of you. So what? I don't care. This is knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. Most of this is 8th grade stuff, so it should be a breeze for high schoolers.

However, it should be difficult for people who aren't in 8th grade or higher. If you aren't, cross your fingers, and hope that you get really lucky at guessing! Good luck!!!!

Created by: Costa
  1. Ok first question: what is the formula for a cosine ratio?
  2. What year did Martin Van Buren die in?
  3. Who were the only two army officers to receive the rank supreme commander of all the forces?
  4. F=ma stands for what law?
  5. If the tangent ratio of an angle is pi, what is the measure of the angle?
  6. 7 men and 5 woman attend a party. each man shakes a persons hand once. Each woman only shakes a man's hand. How many handshakes are there in total?
  7. What Native american tribe killed Narcissa Whitman, thus destroying her mission?
  8. What is the basic computer programming unit called?
  9. Which of the following is not a bivalve?
  10. The difference between 2 prime numbers is 17. What is the sum of the 2 numbers?
  11. Why does it take longer for a plane to travel from SFO to Hong Kong than for it to travel in the opposite direction?
  12. La fourchette.
  13. Is the giant squid the largest species of squid known to man?
  14. It may not sound like it, but this question has to do with math. Arcanine uses the move Aerial Ace is used on a Heracross and gains a critical hit. What is the total power level of the move?
  15. Alright this is the final question!!!!!!! Who first introduced a bill that resulted in the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

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Quiz topic: Am I smarter than me? (8th grade level)