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This is not to prove who is smarter or who is dumber.If you are in a grade higher then 7th grade then this may help so you can refresh , but if you are lower then 7th grade this may help you prepare yourself.

If you want to learn a little bit about Ancient China or test how much you really know about it then this is the quiz for you.You can either learn from this or just have fun :)

Created by: maria

  1. Which of the following is another name for the Huang He River :
  2. The most populated religion throughout China's history is :
  3. All three of China's philosophy had one goal - what was it?
  4. The philosophy that stresses strict rules with harsh punishments is known as :
  5. The philosophy that encourages people to "take life as it comes." It also stresses that when times are bad -smile -because eventually there will be good times .
  6. This philosophy states that all people should respect their elders, and honor the relationship they are in.They also stress that it is the elders duty to teach the young how to act honorably.
  7. Which of the following best describes the Mandate of Heaven?
  8. Which dynasty is famous for inventing paper?
  9. Which dynasty is famous for its ceramics and poetry?
  10. Which dynasty invented the idea for the Mandate of Heaven?
  11. Which dynasty was inspired heavily by Confucianism?
  12. Which dynasty followed strict Legalist rules and punishments?
  13. Which dynasty is famous for first using /creating silk?
  14. Which dynasty is known for starting the Great Wall of China?
  15. Which dynasty is known for expanding the Great Wall of China to what we see know?
  16. Which dynasty chose government workers (civil servants) based on ability, instead of "who they were"?
  17. The Gobi Desert is referred to as the desert where "when you go in, you may never come out"
  18. The Great Wall of China was built to protect from the Xiongnu people.
  19. Qin soldiers had to worry about fighting the Xiongnu people they built the Great wall.
  20. The Chinese government refused to move peasants to their northern border for fear of them being attacked.
  21. The Han traded (or bribed) the Xiongnu with large amounts of silk.
  22. Work on the Great Wall was voluntary (by choice ) and typically only the richest men participated.
  23. The Han dynasty were the first to launch a hot-air balloon.
  24. Confucius and Laozi both lived during the Zhou period.
  25. The Shang dynasty believed strongly in the teaching of Legalism.
  26. Most of China's history only has deals with Outer China.

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