7th/8th Grade Music Test - Music in My World

This is Mrs. Thomas' actual test given in first quarter 2007 to her junior high music classes. Are you smarter than a junior high general music student?

Sometimes junior high teachers completely despair that anything they've taught will be retained... since a lot of kids are in their own little worlds! Please prove to me that it DOES get better. :)

Created by: Mrs. Thomas

  1. A group of people born at the same time is called:
  2. ______________ means something that is current.
  3. ______________ are songs that continue to appeal, generation after generation.
  4. The unique sound of each instrument or voice is called:
  5. Differences in musical elements that change the sound of a song create the:
  6. _____________ is the underlying pulse of a song.
  7. The music that is most liked and accepted by the current generation is called:
  8. Which generation was shaped by the Great Depression and WWII? (1925-1942)
  9. Which generation came of age during Vietnam, with many who were part of the "hippie" movement? (1943-1964)
  10. Which generation grew up in the shadow of the Baby Boomers, and are often sarcastic or pessimistic about life? (1965-1975)
  11. Which generation are today's young people -- the verdict is still out on how they will be defined? (1976-1996)
  12. Everyone in each generation has the same traits, which is the reason the generation received that title.
  13. Songlifting has been a big problem since the earliest days of recordings.
  14. Each decade of the 20th and 21st centuries has had its own popular dances.
  15. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) often will not take legal action if a person is not aware of the laws regarding music sharing.
  16. ___________ of dollars of revenue are lost every week due to songlifting.
  17. Dances are focused on the _______.
  18. A ____________ is a person who downloads or shares music without first paying for the music.
  19. Which dance is NOT found in the 1960s song "Land of a Thousand Dances?"
  20. Is it legal or illegal to copy music from someone else's CD?
  21. Is it legal or illegal to download music via file sharing software?
  22. Is it legal or illegal to give away copies of music you have burned to CD or MP3 players?
  23. Is it legal or illegal to purchase CDs?
  24. Is it legal or illegal to give CDs as gifts?
  25. Is it legal or illegal to purchase music from iTunes (and other pay-per-song or album sites)?
  26. Who in the recording industry is affected when a person songlifts?

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