Middle School Romance~ Part 2

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Thinking this is a story just about love? Think again because you're wrong!. Middle School Romance consists of tests of friendship, love and family drama.

So, you were left getting detention with Aidan. What will happen next?! It seems like Aidan is flirting with you, but hey, he does that to other girls as well. Some problem with Alyssa as well... what are you waiting for?! Start reading! :D

Created by: BookPony672

  1. The bell rings. Detention time with Aidan. You stand up, but Aidan stops you, putting his hands on your shoulders. "We got detention. Together." he says softly, looking at you with his captivating blue eyes. You stare back and say, "Yeah, I know." You both walk to the detention room together. "So Heidi has no clue that you're cheating on her?" you ask him. Aidan runs his hands through his dirty blonde hair and grimaces. "Nah. Who cares anyway." You decide to not bug him into talking about his own relationship. Once you reach the detention room door, you both look one final glance at each other and walk in.
  2. In the detention room, you perform a silent scream as you see Alyssa, Heidi and Miriam all bunched up in the corner, looking miserable. They got detention as well! "Miss, _______! and Mr. Aidan!" Mr. Smith growls. "Sit down and do not talk at all! Now!" without another glance back, Mr. Smith turned and walked straight out of the detention room! You see Aidan smirk as he sits down. You sit down next to him. With Heidi, Alyssa and Miriam. "Hey, babe." Heidi flutters he fake eyelashes at Aidan, who is obviously cheating on her but is too dumb to notice anything. Aidan shoots her an insensitive smile. "Hi." he replies flatly. While those two talk, you glance at Alyssa. She was looking like a thunderstorm. You clear your throat. "So, what did you get in trouble for?" you ask her. Alyssa grumbles and doesn't answer. You repeat your question. Finally, Miriam comes in and says out loud, "Look, ______, why do you have to be so nosy all the time?" Miriam has red curly hair and dark eyes and she's known for being Class A in being mean. You don't retaliate and ignore Miriam and turn back to Alyssa. "Well?" you ask her. Alyssa's frown deepens and finally she shouts, "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!" "Gee, I was just asking." you say in a hurt voice. Alyssa shrugs a "whatever" and Miriam looks triumphant. "You know, ______. I don't think Alyssa likes you anymore. Maybe you should stick your fat ugly butt somewhere useful!" she remarks. You don't know how to reply to that so you don't. When suddenly Aidan jumps in. "Miriam, why do you always have to be like you're in the center of the world?" he actually STICKS UP for you. You look shocked. Miriam just flutters HER fake eyelashes, an inch longer than Heidi's. You mouth a "thank you" to Aidan.
  3. Fastfowarding the day, you turn to walk home when you bump in Daniel AGAIN.
  4. He catches you before you make an attempt to fall. "Oh, hey, _____." he smiles at you. You feel kinda sad and angry after the fight with Alyssa and all that in the detention room. "Hi." you reply with as much emotion as you can. "So, sup?" he asks you. "Nothing. Well, actually, I've just had a huge fight with my friends. Aidan stuck up for me." you say. In an immediate flash, Daniel's eyes took a glint of jealousy and resentful glimmer. His smile instantly turned to a loop. "Uh... that's... um, great, I guess." he looks uncomfortable. You say nothing and stare into distance. You don't notice that he is still holding you. Suddenly, he blurts out. "Do you want to go out with me...to the movies....together?" he asks you shyly, but determined, looking down at his shoelaces.
  5. You say yes (sorry if you didn't) and his jealous and resentful expression disappeared, replaced with a cheerful and bright face. "Pick you up at 8." he smiles and walks away.
  6. When you get home, you feel butterflies in your stomach as you remember that Daniel had just asked you out! "Mom!" you cry out, happily skipping through your home like a 5-year-old skipping through a meadow of flowers. You find your Mom in the kitchen, looking red in the face, bruised, tired and dazed. Then you remember about your parents divorce and instantly stopped skipping happily around. "Mom," you say clearly. "I'm going out tonight. Daniel asked me out. I'll be back before midnight! Don't worry, he said he'll pick me up." you try to slow down as you speak but apparently you're actually quite excited, despite the layers of depression about you and Alyssa's friendship and your parents divorce. "That's fine, honey." your Mom mumbles, putting her head in her hands. "You can go. Just make sure you come back home before 12. I don't want to lose another..." she trailed off. Feeling guilty, you left your Mom and trotted up stairs to do your homework.
  7. Turning on your computer, you log into your Facebook account (sorry if you don't have one. Please still consider!) You see your best friend since kindergarten, Eric online. Eric goes to Clancy's High School All-Boys and you haven't really seen him since elementary. Although you did have a few glimpses of him in the skate park riding his skateboard (He's a skater), but you haven't had a chance to meet him yet. You type in the chat-box: "Hi, Eric!". He replies back immediately, to your surprise. "Hey. Haven't seen u in a while." You two end up talking for almost a whole hour until Eric says: "Meet me at the skate park in 30 mins." you reply back: "ok but I can't stay there later than 8 because I have a date." then he was offline and you quickly went downstairs to go to the skate park.
  8. You arrive at the skate park and you see a ton of guys skating with scooters or skateboards. You finally see Eric and boy has his appearance changed! He's got a new haircut. He has brown hair, brown eyes, cute smile and a Justin Bieber haircut topped off with a Snap back hat with his skateboard, he looked double cute. You kinda had a crush on him in elementary but still not sure. He smiles and waves at you and walks toward you. "Hi, ______! You came!" he grins at you. "Yeah, I did." you say back. "I've missed you." he whispers. You smile. "Wanna have a ride?" he points down at his skateboard which he was holding. You accept as you have had SOME skateboarding experience, but not much. Fast-forwarding the day, you and Eric had so much fun! You learnt new tricks on the skateboard. At the end, Eric leaned in and kissed you on the cheek as you went home. You felt shocked, yet happy. As you broke the kiss, you looked at him in the eyes. When suddenly, you remember you had a date with Daniel. You felt like such an idiot! "I'm sorry, Eric. I have to go now. Bye!" you wave goodbye and run away from the skate park, as far away from Eric as possible.
  9. So, it's 8 and you wait outside your front-yard. Finally, Daniel walks up to your house and smiles. "Hey. Let's go." he says. "I thought we were going by car?" "Nah, we're walking." So you two walk all the way to the movie thretar, talking. "You know, you shouldn't like this Aidan guy. He's a jerk." he tells you later. You don't know what to say to that so you don't say anything. Once arriving in the movie thretar, you went in with him and found the seats right at the back. He tells you to sit there because it's the best seats. You do as you were told. During the movie, you feel Daniels warm hand take hold of yours. Finally, he leans in and kisses your neck gently. You freeze, but in a good way. Then you turn to him and he kisses you firmly, yet soft on the lips!
  10. That's all for tonight, folks. Come back tomorrow for Part 3 to see what happens next! Alex, a new mysterious guy will be introduced and will the thin line of hatred reduce between you and Alyssa? Look out for part 3! Thanks and love ya!

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