A one direction love story part 5

Okay so again with the trip thing. I'm not quite sure when part 6 will be out but let's hope it's soon! And I hope you all like this part!!!!

This part is actually sorta longbut it's very detailed and good! I'm sorry if it doesn't have as much romance with some people in it but I tried! Enjoy! ;)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. Howdy! So I think... THINK... That the next parts will have the dates. So far I think this will be shopping... Then Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam, then Niall! So Yeah... Enjoy the story!
  2. **Re-cap** so Liam confessed his love for you and then the boys were playing truth or dare so you joined. Harry was dared to lick your shoe so he did... And now re-cap time is over!
  3. "okay Harry, you get to ask someone now." Niall says. "hmmm. _____, truth or dare?" you thought for a moment. If you picked dare... That might end badly so truth! "truth." you reply. "danget! Okay fine. Out of all of us here who have you kissed so far?" he asks. "all of you." you reply. "what the heck? I thought we had something special!" Niall yells! "hahs just kidding! I already knew that!" "you did?" Harry asks. "I didn't either!" says Louis. "well. It's not exactly my fault." you say. "true dat!" Louis says. "anyways Niall truth or dare?" you ask Niall.
  4. He thought for a moment. The he answered with "Dare." "okay. I dare you to..." you stop and pull him closer for a whisper. "I dare you to eat the last of the chips?" you whisper. "hey, secrets don't make friends!" Zayn says. "I have a bad feeling about that dare..." Harry says. "don't worry Harry, it's not what you think!" Louis says.
  5. You guys keep playing truth or dare until it gets boring. By that time you realized its 11:00 pm! Dang! "hey do you guys wanna watch a movie?" you ask. They all nod. "okay what movie?" you ask. Suddenly Liam walks inane screams "TOY STORY!" Everyone else agrees so you put the movie in. Everyone is all snuggled under a blanket and you happen to see a spot inbetween Niall and Zayn. You sit down and get under the blankets with them.
  6. You notice as the movie starts that you get tired. Your eyes droop and you drift off to sleep.
  7. **Later...** you wake up in the middle of the night and notice that you fell asleep on Nialls shoulder. You slowly get up to not wake him up, but it fails. He opens his eyes. "hey. What are you doing up?" Niall asks. "well I sorta just woke up." you reply. "sorry I fell asleep on you." "no need to be sorry. I enjoyed it." he says with a wink. He looks really hot when he's sleepy. Suddenly you hear the door open. s---! Your mom!
  8. You heart starts racing. 'I hope she doesn't go into the kitchen or living room!' you think. Suddenly you bar footsteps. But they fade. Fewwww! 'Thank god' you think. Suddenly you hear"_____? Where are you." It's your mom. You run into the kitchen and say "down here! I'm just getting a snack!" your mom comes down to the last step and you ur and hug her so she doesnt come into the kitchen. "hey! I'm so sorry I had to work late." She says. "that's okay!" you reply quickly. "so your getting a snack this late at night?" She asks. "yeah I just randomly woke up and I was really hungry so I came down to get a snack." You say. "oh we'll I was just going to get a snack too." Your mom says starting to walk past you.
  9. You grab her arm and say "umm. Why don't you just go up to bed. I'll make it for you! You have been working for so long and I think you just need a break." "that's sweet. Could you just get me some water and a cheese stick?" Your mom asks. "yeah sure!" You reply. She goes upstairs and you grab what she asks for and go up to her room. "Thanks sweetie. Your a great daughter." Your mom says. "no problem. Now gets some rest! You have work again tomorrow." You say. The you walk out and back downstairs.
  10. You run back to the couch and wake up the boys to tell them they need to come sleep on the floor of your room. All of them very sleepily walk upstairs and collapse o. Your floor. Everyone except for Niall. You get in your bed and he lays down on the floor next to you with a small blanket. You two talk for a really long time! You talk about his career and you. He asks you a bunch of personal question, but you don't mind because for some reason, you feel comfortable talking to him. Suddenly Niall brings up a serious conversation. "_____, do you love me back?" He asks. You don't know exactly how to reply.
  11. ** story pause. ** sorry for pausing the story but I wanted to say that this part will be a little longer than normal!
  12. You think for a moment. Love is sorta a strong word. You don't want to hurt Niall but you don't want the other boys knowing you told him you loved him. Finally you make up your mind. "do you remember our conversation from earlier?" you ask. "of course, how could I forget!" Niall answers. "well that's the thing. I love all of you. And I wouldn't feel right picking only one of you." You say. Niall doesn't answer. He just nods and goes to sleep. You sit there staring at the wall thinking about what just happened. You did love Niall, but you loved the rest of the boys too. You eventually drift off to sleep.
  13. You wake up the next morning to the sound of yelling. You open your eyes and look around your room. The only other person in there is Zayn and he's fast asleep. You walk downstairs to see Niall yelling at Louis. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS LOUIS? I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS?" Niall yells. "Niall. I only did it becausei had to." Louis says trying to calm down Niall. "OH REALLY?" Niall yells. "Niall I dare Louis to eat the last of the chips last night!" you say walking into the kitchen. Niall calms down a little bit but is still pretty angry. Then he just walks out of the room angrily.
  14. "Drama queen." you hear Harry say in a high pitched voice. You and all the guys eat some cereal since the stove is broke. Niall eventually joins in, but he doesn't speek. Louis and you apolagize to him repeatedly and he finally forgives you and gives you two a hug. Yay! Shopping time!
  15. You go upstairs and change into whatever you want. Finally you and the boys hop into the car. Eveyone borrowed a hoodie from you even though they look girly, it's for protection from fans. You hop into their car by their hotel. Your suprised that no one notices them! You get to their car which is just a sparkly red Lexus. You all hop in and Louis drives. In the car you play their Up All Night CD. You all sing to almost every song until you get to a furniture and electronics store.
  16. You all run in and look around at the stoves until you find one the same as yours you have now. "this is the one." you tell the boys. "hello. Can I help you young ladies?" A manager asks. The boys look down so he won't notice them. "we'll take this one!" you say showing him the stove. "Alrighty then. Let me go see if we have any more in store." The manager says. He walks off into the back. A couple minutes later he comes back. "your just in luck! We have one left!" he says happily. "great!" you say. He takes you up front and Louis pays for the stove. You mouth 'Thanks' and head out. They have a bunch of strong men carry out the stove and put it on the back of the car. You say thanks and drive back home.
  17. In the car you all decide that you won't hook it up because nobody knows how to. When you get home. The boys get a call. Liam leaves the room with the phone and it ends up being their agent. Liam comes back. "we have to go." Liam says sadly. "don't worry though _____, we will still be in town for the next 6 days." "okay. Well bye guys." you say sadly. Liam gives you hug. Then Zayn, then Niall, then Louis, and finally Harry. He sticks a price of paper I your pocket. They all drive away. You watch their car until it completely disappears. You open up the paper to see Harry's number.
  18. Cliffhanger!!! Okay so I hope you liked this part because I sure did work hard on it! I'm unsure about when part 6 will be out because of my trip to Montana. Bye! :)

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