Middle School Love 2

Middle school is a fun time, isn't it? Boys and everything! See what happens when there are FIVE cuties!

Created by: thunderwolf
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  2. School ends and you've been assigned a school group project. Guess who's in your group. Yup. All four boys. But, what's this? A new one!? And he's emo?! He has piercing dark eyes and short black hair covered by a hoodie.
  3. The group is meeting up at your house. The doorbell rings.
  4. It's the emo boy! He walks in with his hood up. He puts it down and looks at you with a slight look of distaste, but also a part look of intereset. "I'm Matt." he says. "Hi, I'm _____," you say. Everyone else gets there a minute after.
  5. Everyone sits down in a circle to review the chapter. (Storytime XD) You sit in the available spot next to Matt and Cole.
  6. You're just about to start when there's a pounding on your door. You get up to answer it.
  7. You get up to answer it, but its pounded down by three men wearing all black. They all held guns and pointed it at you and your group.
  8. "Don't move!" One man says. You stay put, but Logan jumps up to shield everyone.
  9. Another man prepares to shoot at Logan, but Matt quickly took off a huge black boot and flung it. It hit the man and caused him tumbling into the other two. It resulted in them all being knocked unconscious.
  10. You're phone rings. Shakily you pick it up. A grf voice says, "we're coming for you," and hangs up. You drop the phone and whirl around. "We have to move!" you yelp, voice cracking. Logan walks up to you and puts his arm around you, comforting you.
  11. "Come on. We all have to get out of here," you say pushing the guys out the door. But, you see a big black car rolling towards you.
  12. A man who looks like on older version of Matt. He is wearing a police uniform. "Children," he says in a harsh voice. "Come with me." He steps into the car followed by Matt, who holds out a hand to help you in.
  13. Done for now! I tried to put in some suggestions! I got the emo dude and tried to put in more dialouge, and made the plot cool! Please comment!
  14. Oh, by the way, who do you like?

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