Choose your own romance (date with Alex)

So you're probably taking this quiz because you took the first "Choose your own romance" quiz and you said yes to Alex... if you didn't, then you're taking the wrong quiz.

As the title says, on this part, you go on a date with Alex. Remember that he is a bad boy, so expect him to do bad boy things (duh). Why are you still reading this? You should be reading the story!

Created by: bfaithr

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  1. Quick recap: You said yes to go on a date with the bad boy, Alex.
  2. After you say yes, you and Alex continue talking on the phone and he tells you that he will pick you up at 8 o'clock on Friday. You try to ask him where you guys are going ,but all he says is "it's a surprise".
  3. Fast-forwarding to Friday: You're shopping at the best mall ever (which is an hour away from home) with your BFF and according to your watch, it's 6 o'clock. You go home so you can get ready for your date.
  4. You put on your awesome new clothes that you just got at the mall, you also do your hair and makeup in a way that is sure to impress Alex. You're putting on the finishing touches when he arrives.
  5. You can hear your dad answering the door from your room. And you also hear this conversation: Dad: "So, where are you taking _______?" Alex: "dinner and a movie" Dad: "What movie?" Alex: "I'm letting _______ decide" Dad: "Her curfew is midnight, you got that?" Alex: "Yep". After that conversation, there is an awkward silence so you decide to come to the door so you guys can leave.
  6. You two leave the house, he hops on his motorcycle and you hop on behind him. When you are on the road, you notice that he passes the road for the movie theater. "I think you missed the turn" you say. "No, I didn't" he replies. Your obviously confused so you say "But, I heard you tell my dad that we were going to the movies". "We're actually going to a bar, did you really think that I was going to tell your dad that his 14 year old daughter is going to a bar?"
  7. When you finally arrive, he hands you a fake ID with your picture on it and he shows you his fake ID too. While your there, you decide to drink a little, but not enough to get you drunk or anything, but Alex drinks more than you, so he ends up a little tipsy.
  8. You're getting bored, so you glance at your watch... it's 11 o'clock! You finally convince Alex that you have to leave, and you guys go. When you guys are on the road, he passes your street, you're tired, so you don't say anything. He stops at an unfamiliar house and says "We're here!"
  9. "Where?" you ask. "My house, let's go" he says. you hesitate for a second, but agree to go in. inside his house is really messy, there is junk everywhere. He leads you to his room, like the rest of the house, it's pretty messy, but look past the junk, there are posters of motorcycles and sports stars. He also has green walls and a full size bed. You are so tired, so without thinking you lay down on his bad and you hear him say "sex?"
  10. To know what happens next, look at the results... you get different results depending on what you choose.

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