~Online Love~ 6

MAKE SURE YOU TOOK PART 1-5 BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS ONE, OR EVERYTHING WILL SEEM BORING AND ENDLESS. You might understand this story better if you know how to use a facebook. Most of the things take place online. The girl Alex Grene is you. * *is her doing something.

[ ]is her thinking. ____: is someone talking. 'Alex' is you when you are on chat with Alex Green the guy. Just try to adjust. You'll get used to it. This takes place offline too now. I hope you like it!

Created by: random person

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  1. "Let's get down" said Alex offering her his hand as he pulls her down. "Wanna go for a banana blizzard?" [He likes banana blizzard? Not much people like that 'cept me and Rena] "You like banana blizzard? I thought you'd go for oreo" "What makes you think that?" "You ordered it last time dummy" "I did? When?"
  2. "YESTERDAY!!" "Oh, don't remember. I wasn't even eating it" "Then why'd you order it?" "I dunno, grabbed the first thing that came to mind" "You're weird, ya know that?" "And YOU, my friend, you're wired"
  3. *gets to dairy queen* minutes later. [I hope this isn't like a date. But... we do kinda look like a couple] minutes later. "Hey, isn't that Rena?" said Alex pointing across the street. *'Alex' slumps in her seat* [What am I doing? I should be going up and saying hi. Why do I feel so guilty?]
  4. *runs to the bathroom* "Lexi?" asks Alex as she goes. *stares into mirror* 15 minutes later. *comes back out* "Finally. What took so long, eating disorder?" "Uh, I'mma go, sorry" said 'Alex' walking away.
  5. "Hey, Alexi" said Alex in a concerned tone. "Ah, yes?" she replied her heart a bit lifted. "Can I finish your blizzard?"
  6. *furious* [JERK!] *halfway up the street* [oh wait... I forgot to get my cell... forget it, ugh] minutes later. *slams bedroom door behind her, logs onto facebook*
  7. 2 minutes later. Rena: Hello Alexi. Alex: Alexi? Since when do you call me that? I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT! Rena: Why not? Alex can. Alex: ?? Rena: :P Alex: I tell him not to, he does anyways. Rena: Hey, see me at Birch Park? *a minute later* Alex: sure, but it'll take a while, I gotta shower. Rena: kk
  8. *finally gets to Birch* [Rena's on a swing. She looks so depressed...] "Hey Rena" called Alex. "Hey" Rena calls out with a small smile. *sits on a swing* silence. [Why is it so quiet? The air's so tense. Ugh, speak up Alex!!] minutes later. [I have the sudden urge to drag her up that pine tree with me for some crazy reason] "Alex?" asks Rena. "Yea?" replied Alex. "Were you at Dairy Queen?" "uh-" Alex starts to say. "with Alex the guy" she cuts in. Alex was about to speak again just as she cuts her off again "Ah, never mind, sorry" Silence again. "Wanna go up that pine tree?" Rena asks. [That's Rena, always knowing what's in my head]
  9. "Ah, yes" Alex answers abruptly. *both gets on a very high branch* [Rena's not looking at me...] *Rena hugs her knees* "Do you like Alex?" she asks right out of the blue. "HELL NO!" Alex roars. [She seems more relieved now] "Ah, okay. I'm glad" Rena smiles. Alex smiles back. Just then someone texts Alex. [That's my own phone texting me, that must be Alex] Alex: Hey you. You forgot your cell. "Alex?" Rena asks "Is that... is that cell phone Alex's?" "Eh?" "Yes... that is.. Alex's... it has that scratch on the back..." she murmurs softly.
  10. "Erm... Rena-" Alex started to say, but she just climbs down and say "I gotta go" and runs as soon as she thinks she's outta sight. "Rena!" Alex called as she slid down the tree to follow her. [Where is she? She's hiding. I know her too well] "Rena! You got the wrong idea. It's not like that! Rena?" [She's nowhere to be found]
  11. June 28, Monday 8:09AM. 'Alex': Hey. Alex: sup. 'Alex': Sorry, I didn't give you back your jacket yet. Alex: s'okay you can return it later. Um... you okay from yesterday? 'Alex': yea... [I don't know what happened to Sherri]

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