The Mysterious Forest(part 2)

Hello and welcome to part two of the mysterious forest. If you haven't read the prologue and part one then please do so now. The results have "images" of Jermiah and Sean so you guys can see what they "look like"

Thanks to all those of you who always take my quizzes, and are totally loyal. I appreciate it and this is a shout out to your awesomness. I hope you like this part!

Created by: ILuvHolister
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  1. Narrator PoV: As you drifted into a peacful slumber. Sean never let his gaze wander from your flawless face. He got up from where he was sitting and knelt down next to where your head was. He kissed your forehead,then your cheeks. he stopped himself,it would make it too painful to leave you if he never let go of you while you were still together. Your dream was peacful and for some reason after sean had kissed you, you woke up,but didn't open your eyes.
  2. Jermiah suddenly walked into the room to see Sean with his head next to yours. He was seeing red and was furious that you were permitting it. He barged into the room and lifted Sean up. He banged sean against the wall holding him by the throat. You woke up just to see Jermiah deliver... the final blow.
  3. Your POV: I screamed at Jermiah to stop. i tried to reason with him,but at this point he was beyond common sense. He was furious, but for what.. nobody could possibly that jealous. I glanced at Sean who was now on the floor a dagger to his neck. "Stop." i ordered my voice booming. apparently it was right when they said I was strong because Jermiah dropped the weapon and fell to his knees. "I shall not speak to you until you apologize jermiah." I announced, knowing for certain that that could take days or even weeks. "Destiny." said Jermiah, pleadingly. i felt pity for him, he was now mentally unstable. I left him and now focused my attention on Sean who was bleeding from other wounds. "Help him." I screamed and within moments some people came in and supplied me with bandages,water, and other things I requested. One thing was for certain Jermiah was now, a monster.
  4. "You know, i-i never got y-your name." Sean managed to stammer out with great difficulty. "Kallista. Why do u ask?" I say. Sean somehow manages to get up, puts his hands on my face and kisses me. For being so alone for such a long time this felt two times more exhilirhating."So I can say this. I love you Kallista." Then he kisses me again. i kiss him back and within moments i realize that I am sitting on his lap kissing him, a lot. I wonder why Jermiah hates sean, i wondered in my head then layed down next to sean and looked up at the ceiling.
  5. i grasped his hand and gave it a reasurring squeeze. I knew righ then looking at sean that I loved him and no 'destiny' would ever seperate us. the next day? I think it was a day,but since my arrival at wherever i was i hadn't seen sunlight much less had a calendar or some sort of clock.Jermiah came to my room,Sean wasn't there. He got down on his knees and siad, " Please kallista don't love him. I love you more. And i will kill myself to be with you. Any request you have I will grant." I pondered for a bit and upon seeing his expression change so suddenly felt very moved. so i decided to give him a chance. " Explain to me what we are.Where i am? And let me explore outside with your supervision." He was shocked that I had even replied. I bet he was assuming that I wouldn't forgive him. Although he was jealous and went too far he probably just doesn't know how to control his emotions. I wanted answers no scratch that i needed answers.. now.
  6. Jermiah agreed to answer all my question's.So I began the interrogation... ahem... i mean question and answer seesion. "Who are we?" I began asking the simplest question. "We are genetically advanced humans. There are very few of us."he replied. " What year is it?" I asked. He replied with a year that shocked me. Well, i certainly didn't know how long I had been in that forest for, but i was sure of one thing... it was way longer then i had previously thought. My parent's had always believed in nature and didn't have many electronics in the house. So it would be only natural that i wouldn't know very much about the world. But, either this forest was magical or i was immortal because i knew it couldn't possibly have been that far in the future. "Are we immortal?" I asked jermiah. "Depends, but for most of us yes." he replied. "Do we have other abilities?" i asked. " Some of us do." he replied. "Why do you hate Sean?" I questioned. "I don't when i'm jealous,even if its my bff, I 'see red'" he replied.
  7. "What is Lawrence. Is he a ghost?" I continued. "He is a tormented soul. When he was alive he sold his soul to the highest bidder and now he has paid for his mistake." jermiah replied. "Why did you not let me go outside?" I asked. "Because there are evil forces at work." Jermiah answered. "Where am I?" I asked. "The mysterious forest." he replied. Standing up me and Jermiah walked out of the room and he gave me the 'tour of the castle' I realized that he was witty, smart, good humored, and very protective of people he loved.
  8. Narrator POV: You learned a lot of things that day and met a lot of people. You, for once in your life, were treated like a queen by everyone. It felt oood to not have to hunt every day or go hungry, food was now prepared and served on a 'silver platter' Still you missed your old life of adventure so you often went out to hunt. Sean or Jermiah often accompined you. You realized why this was called the mysterious forest.. because like its inhabitants,past, and future it was a complete mystery.
  9. Unknown poV: Our time is near. those "powerful humans" will become extinct if we have a say in it. The council of elders must perish so we can achieve our goal.... The end and the mysterious forest to be under our possesion.
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