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Warning:This is fantasy. A forest is in danger and humans threaten to destroy it. The wolves are against this and try to save their home. The pack is called the Nature pack,and your the pup of the Alpha male,and you are now middle aged. The Alpha Male tells the wolves that the only way to save the forest is to find three magic stones that give enough strentgh the humans can not defeat. You and your two friends,Rose (a red wolf) and Dakota (also a gray wolf.) Are chosen to find the three stones and if you and your friends don't get all the stones in time the forest will be destroyed.

This is a role play story game on your adventure. This is part one and it will determine if your prepared or not. So are you? Take this first part of the quiz to find out.

Created by: Snow W0lf101

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  1. Your pack leader walks up to you and your two friends Rose (a red wolf) and Dakota (a gray wolf) and he says you three are supposed to find the three stones to save the forest.How do you react?
  2. Afterwards he says you need to start from the Northen part of the forest to search,and you are in the Southern part. How do you feel about all this walking?
  3. You Rose,and Dakota start running up the hill through the brush and trees. ''I think the journey will be hard!'' Rose complains. ''I think it'll be fun!'' Dakota said while his tail wagged. How do you think the journey will be?
  4. ''Looks like the sun is going below the horizen,maybe we should find shelter.'' Rose said slowing down to a walk. ''I don't mind really,I think we should keep going.'' Dakota disagreed. Dakota looked at you. ''What do you think we should do?"
  5. Rose is stubborn and stops. You and Dakota new you just couldn't leave her behind so you went back and decided to find shelter. Theres a cave,den,and pine trees so close together they make a roof like structure. Which one do you pick?
  6. The moon is full and you hear crikets chrip. Rose keeps moving her legs in her sleep and ends up kicking you constantly wakeing you up. How do you handle this?
  7. You wake up and reliase each wolf was up. ''It's about time you wake up.'' Dakota said. ''Yeah we've been waiting to go hunting.'' Rose whined. ''Sorry.'' you say tiredly. ''Come on,let's go.'' Rose said. You see a deer and Dakota croches down into hunting position.When all of a sudden a white wolf jumps from nowhere and pins Dakota down. How do you react?
  8. Dakota growls and gets away from the white wolf. ''Hey! What was that for?'' Rose barked angry. ''Get off my land.'' The white wolf said. ''This is your last warning.'' he said before running off. ''Hey you OK Dakota?'' you ask. ''Yeah.'' he said standing up. ''Let's get out of here! He told us that was are last warning!'' Do you agree?
  9. WOAH WOAH! I almost forgot if you think this story is crazy so far go read the description! Yeah it's a starnge story line so you better read it first!:D if you don't this will seem crazy! Did you read it?
  10. OK,sorry it was so short. This just part 1. Once again this is my first quiz Please,please,comment and rate. Hope you like'd it. If you didn't don't comment something mean. So tell me did you like it and will you rate?

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