Did the US government perpetrate the 9-11 tragedies?

At the risk of perpetuating the "mystique" which makes conspiracy theories so appealing to many, this quiz has been designed to see what you know about the conspiracy theories centered around the 9-11 tragedies.

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability for an accurate score. The information for this quiz was found at 911myths.com however the quiz author is in no way affiliated with that website.

Created by: Isaiah8 of Let God Be Your Dread
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  1. Are some of the hijackers still alive?
  2. Does progressive collapse of buildings ever occur?
  3. Was the security level at the WTC lightened to below-normal level just prior to 9-11?
  4. Has it been definitively proven that high levels of thermite were present at the scene and in high enough concentrations to point to demolition as the cause?
  5. Is there proof of "molten steel" at the WTC site?
  6. Do photos prove that steel columns ejected from the WTC prove demolition as opposed to collapse?
  7. Did the leaseholder of the WTC buy insurance against terrorist attacks soon before 9-11?
  8. Does the leaseholder for the WTC stand to profit in the billions for his losses?
  9. Was the supply of water available to fight the fire at WTC7 significantly limited?
  10. Did air traffic controllers confirm that the plane which hit the Pentagon was a military plane?
  11. Did the Pentagon have a drill just prior to 9-11 that focused on responding to the crashing of a hijacked commercial plane into the Pentagon?
  12. Was wreckage of a 757 plane found at the Pentagon crash site on 9-11?
  13. Did the pilot of Flight 77 fly around the Pentagon before crashing into a reinforced area?
  14. Did passengers on board Flight 93 report an explosion and smoke?
  15. Was the WTC steel recycled before it could be investigated?

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