How well do you know Lemonade Mouth?

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there are a lot of lemonade mouth fans out there... But there are few experts.......... Take this quiz to test your knowlege on the disney movie you love!

This is a super fun quiz and i hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!! You will find out if you are a lemonade mouth expert in no time in this short fun and easy quiz!

Created by: cheese102
  1. How many members are there in Lemonade Mouth?
  2. Who is the drummer in Lemonade Mouth?
  3. Who plays Mo in Lemonade Mouth?
  4. What is the brand of lemonade?
  5. Where was the movie filmed?
  6. What happened after Wen's dad asked him to be the best man at his wedding while they were hanging a picture?
  7. How did charlie break his fingers?
  8. Who plays mrs. reznick
  9. Who did wen call when Determinate played on the raidio?
  10. What was Charlies dance move when they heard thier song on the raidio?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Lemonade Mouth?