The Riggers Quiz

Most people think riggers are nothing but mouth breathing knuckledraggers, this quiz is but a sample of the knowledge needed to be a rigger. Riggers have to keep safety at the forefront of their minds, and perform the work in the most efficient manner possible.

Can YOU score higher than the knuckledragging mouth breather who created this quiz? Take it and find out! You may be surprised at just how much knowledge these guys keep in their noggins.

Created by: Ken
  1. What is the standard Safety Ratio used by OII riggers when rigging a load?
  2. What is the optimal sling angle for lifting loads?
  3. Which sling configuration has the greates lifting capacity?
  4. Using the accepted OII Safety Ratio, on a load of 120,000 lbs with 4 lifting points, what is the MINIMUM rating of each leg of rigging?
  5. A tagline should be a minimum of ____ feet long.
  6. During a lift, what is the only signal anyone other than the signalman can give?
  7. As a rigger, what is the easiest way to get fired?
  8. When working subsea, to "Stiffen a hook" means to:
  9. The minimum lifting capacity of a tugger used to lift personell should be:
  10. If a lead rigger, a white hat rigger and an orange hat rigger have all been drinking, who's driving that night?

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