How much do u know about Nat Wolff??

There are MANY Nat Wolff fans out there, but only very few know him better than anyone else. Who is NAt Wolff?? Nat is this REALLY hott 14 year old guy form the Naked Brothers Band! The reason I made this quiz was because i love him and i like making quizes!

Are YOU the biggest Nat Wolff fan on the globe?? Do know everyhting about him from head to toe?? I don't know?? But with this extra special quiz, ( or at least i think it is ) you will find out in just a few minutes! Take the quiz already and love it! ENJOY!!

Created by: Natalie

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  1. In the show called the Naked Brothers Band, Nat is dating who???.....
  2. When was the show: Naked Idol featured??
  3. How old is Nat??
  4. T or F: BOTH Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, have a crush on Kirsten Stuart...
  5. Were Nat and Alex Wolff at the Kids Choice Awards??
  6. Were they at the TEEN Choice Awards 2009??
  7. What was the first song Nat wrote??
  8. T or F: Nat Wolff dated Miranda Cosgrove.....
  9. I know this has nothing to do with the quiz but if you have Charter On Demand you can watch some Naked Brothers Band episodes and also if you want you can search Nat Wolff on youtube too.........( no offect on score )
  10. Did you like me quiz??

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