Do You Know Alex Wolff

There are smart people and dumb people and crazy people but only a few geniuses.a genius is someone who can handle the hardest situations,problems,and solutions and there is nothing wrong with that.Are YOU one

Are YOU the genius?do YOU have the brainpower to get a GREAT score.I think so.thanks to my quiz you will find out.good luck and have alot of brain power.their are trick questions

Created by: Rashi of gamerperson
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  1. When Is His B-Day
  2. When Is His B-Day
  3. What Is His Whole Name
  4. What Is His Fave Beverage
  5. What Is He Scared Of On The Show
  6. What Other Language Does He Know(Trick Question)
  7. What Is His Instruments
  8. What Is His Last Song In The First Season
  9. What Is His Bros Full Name
  10. Who Did He Meet

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Alex Wolff