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WELL I haven't put a quiz story thingamajig on here for like a year I think! Wow! So I have this same story on the Wattpad website and if you have that then I will be posting future chapters on there before on here.

So to give you a brief description of this story- well for one thing, I'm a Pointer and so this is my Exclamation Point Band episode 1 fanfiction haha hope y'all like it :)

Created by: Ardeo

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  1. You fiddle with your MIDI keyboard in your apartment, which is set up in front of your laptop and two speakers. Boom, kaboom. Nodding your head to the tune, your long, curly blonde hair bounces as you continue create a catchy beat. Tapping your feet on the floor, you click another piano key and flick a few switches at the top of the keyboard, adding in a short, repetitive melody. After a few minutes, your electronic pop is sounding great. You're eighteen, and you've been making music for a few years. You had moved here to Baltimore, Maryland, with a friend, to go to a recording arts college in the city.
  2. You used to not be able to decide what you wanted to do with your life. Computer systems technician? Digital Animation? Recoding arts? Those were the three that had always intrigued you, but for so long you hadn't been able to decide, until you discovered a band that changed your life.
  3. Paul Zimmer and Danny Edge; two people in a one-of-a-kind band that, like you, had been homeschooled and had interest and talent in music. (...Except you are able to do anything but sing.)
  4. You'd watched all there You Tube videos, become a big fan, and being a Pointer only intensified your continuously growing passion for music. So once grade 12 was done, you left Canada and everything you knew to learn how to produce music professionally. And you were having the time of your life with your friend, Charlotte.
  5. You dreamed of meeting those two guys who had been huge inspirations for so long. You dreamed of working with them, sharing music, making music together, as well as making memories. But... it was just a dream, and not something you thought would ever come true. A 1% chance-- besides, they had so many fans, and you were only one out of millions. You knew in your heart, though, if it was meant to be, it would happen eventually, and if it wasn't meant to be, then when you finally saw the day that Paul and Danny were off and married, you would be so happy for them and support them as long as you lived.
  6. Sighing, you turn off your equipment and walk over to the kitchen. Your watch says it is 4:30 PM, so you bend down and pull a frying pan out of the bottom drawer to the stove, and prepare for dinner. At that moment, you hear the door open behind you and across the apartment, your friend Charlotte walks in the house.
  7. "How was work?" You retrieve a pot from a bottom cupboard and fill it with water, then set it on the stove top and click the dial to High. Leaning over to a higher cupboard, you grab the salt and sprinkle a little bit in the water. "It was fine," Charlotte set her purse on the table and took off her coat, revealing her Staples uniform. "Rather dull, I would have to say, but that's not unusual, I guess." You chuckle and pour some oil into the pan, and take a knife and reach in the fridge, chipping off some butter from the scoop sitting in the bowl, and plunking it into the pan as well. You add salt and pepper too, then turn around and take a seat at the table.
  8. "What's cooking?" Asked Charlotte, tucking her dark black hair behind her ears. "Peroges!" You respond with vitality, smiling. "Oh good! Those are the best. Want me to make a salad?" "Sounds good to me," You get up and check the pot. Not boiling just yet. Minutes later, you plunk ten of those cheesy-potato filled crescent-shaped noodles into the bubbling pot, then turn the temperature down. Charlotte is busy slicing red and yellow peppers for the salad. Your stomach makes a loud gurgle. You both stop what you are doing and laugh. "We better hurry up" Charlotte giggles, "Or else your stomach will be even more ticked off!"
  9. ***** You finished mowing down a tasty mouthful of garden salad and looked up at Charlotte. "You free tomorrow evening?" "Yes, why?" Charlotte picked up her glass and sipped some water. "I was thinking of running out with you on an errand, actually. I thought I might need your divine advice," you smirk. "Haha," she replied. "You're too kind. Where was it that you wanted to go?"
  10. I hope you all liked it! Please comment (and rate pretty please!)and tell me if you think I should continue with this. I know I haven't posted a quiz in like a YEAR! Haha but I'mma back :)

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