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Hey it's me, Ardeo9999, author of I Just Need You Here series. So here is the second episode! It is a bit shorter, but that was where I wanted to leave off.

In this episode, you are mostly with one guy. So I hope you enjoy it! If you haven't tried the first episode, then you may want to read that one first!

Created by: Ardeo9999
  1. Recap: Nils tells Joseph your story, and asks him to take you somewhere where you can stay for the night. With that, Nils is soon gone, and you are left standing alone with Joseph.
  2. You and he are just standing there awkwardly, so you decide to say something before it gets terribly silent. "So you're Joseph, huh?" you ask, although you already know the answer, you are dying to make some conversation. "Yes," he replies solemnly, and looks you in the eye. They seem full of mystery and curiosity all at the same time. You catch yourself staring back into them. His eyes are so mesmerizing! You quickly glance away, embarrassed. "It's all right," Joseph says. "Most people say shouldn't stare like that. They find it eerie, or so it seems." the strong elf looks down at you. You blush.
  3. "I don't mind," you reply to him. "I actually kinda liked it." He turns his head to you. "You do?" he asks. "Yes," you say. "No one has ever told me that before." Joseph tells you. "There's always a first for everything," you respond. Joseph looks you in the eyes again. "Are all the people from you world nice like you?" he asks. "Some are. But lots are mean." "I like you," he says. "I like you too." you reply. "Follow me," he says. "I'll make sure you have a safe place to sleep. You wouldn't want the Gwyllion or Phouka to catch you." "Gwyllion? Phouka? What are those?" you ask.
  4. "Gwyllion are fallen female elves. They try to lure you to a cliff or to the sea to drown or throw you off. Phouka are beasts with a mind like ours, but cannot voice their thoughts. They come out at night. as do the Gwyllion." Joseph warns you. A shiver runs down your spine. "Oh Joseph!" you cry. "Don't let them touch me." He walks over to you and puts his arm around your shoulder. "Come," he whispers, and guides you into the forest as the setting sun glows on the horizon.
  5. Joseph leads you to the side of a mountain, which sits by a flowing stream. At one point, he stops to pull back some branches covering the rock wall beside you. It opens to reveal a hidden cave! You gasp. "We can stay here for the night," he says. "Come in." So you follow Joseph into the dark cave. Little bugs like fireflies are clinging to the ceiling like tiny nightlights. You hear their soft, peaceful chirp. They give off enough light so that you can see where you are going. You sit down in the back of the cave, and take off your hoodie. You scrumple it up beneath your head to make a pillow, and then lie down on it. Joseph sees you shivering and pulls off his deep green cloak and spreads it over you. "Oh, Joseph, you keep it. You'll be cold!" you say, sitting up. But Joseph sits by you and eases you back down. "I do not mind the cold as much as humans. Take it." So you keep it on you.
  6. Soon Joseph is laying next to you, and you are sleeping almost on top of him. He runs his hand through your silky hair. You wake up in the night once to realize his arm is underneath you, and his eyes gazing at your face, and his hand, once more, in your hair. It feels so good. Dreamily, you look back up at him. "Are all elves as wonderful as you?" you whisper before falling back to sleep. You see a smile grow on Joseph's face before you close your own eyes.
  7. Suddenly, later that morning, there is a mad scramble outside the cave. You hear an eerie howl, and then you wake up to realize Joseph is gone. Soon, after a desperate, beastly, cry, he comes back in. "A phouka attacked," he said. You see blood dripping from a cut on his upper arm. "You're bleeding," you say. He glances down at his arm. "The Phouka lunged at me." he said. You take off your bandana and wrap it around the cut, and fasten the cloth in place. Joseph winces. "That should stop it for now," you say. "Thank you," he says, and kisses your cheek. Stunned, you look at him. "I can't help but think how beautiful you are," he compliments you. Butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach. "You're so sweet," you say, then blush and dip you head.
  8. Joseph holds you in his strong arms. "You saved me," you whisper. "It's because I care," he says. "Now go to sleep, for we will have a ways to go to get back to the village later." So you rest your head on Joseph's chest, with his arms around you, and you fall into a blissfull slumber.
  9. That morning, you and Joseph left to return to the village. For breakfast, Joseph and you ate some berries you found on a bush. They were small and blue like blueberries, but more glossy and were filled with a sweet, red nectar. He led you over the stream and through the forest, and around lunch you saw the first houses on the horizon.
  10. You reach the edges of the village. "I must leave you now," Joseph turns to you. "Nils will be down the street at his house waiting for you. He lives on Nyama Lane, and his house is the fourth one on the left side." "Thank you," you say. You go to give him a hug. "You cannot do that here," Joseph chides you. "I must go now." You see village people staring at you. Joseph gives you his cloak. "Keep it. Hide your earthly clothes if you can." He handed you the robe, and you draped it onto you. "Thank you so much, Joseph," your eyes linger on his. He looks away, and soon he is out of sight. You begin to make your journey to Nil's house, as you look for Nyama Lane.
  11. You begin to make your way through the streets. You run your hands along the cloak. Where did Joseph have to go? Why could you not hug him? Was he just embarrassed, or was there another reason? You reach the end of the road, and look up to see a wooden sign with Nyala Lane painted on it. You walk down the cobblestone lane, to the fifth house.
  12. Who is your favourite?

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