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Here is episode 3 of Medival Journey. It is a love series that I hope you will enjoy! If you're not a girl, please leave. And if you havent read the first two episodes, then you should read that first.

So what will happen? Will you find Nils? Will Joseph return? My apologies if this took a while to get out! I can't wait for Easter! He has rose again! (random, but what else to say in this paragraph?) Jesus has risen indeed!

Created by: Ardeo9999
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  1. As you walked down Nyala Lane, lookin for the fifth house, you spotted Nils in a front yard reading. Before you could even make a peep or call his name, he was up and running to you. "-----!" he called, and gave you a great big hug. Surprised, you gave a small gasp. Nils backed off immedeatly. "Sorry," he apologized, looking downcast. "I shouldn't have done that." "No," you interrupt. "I liked it." You both smile. Linking arms, he takes you inside his house. "Are you sure it's okay if I'm here?" you ask. "My parents are out for a bit at the market. But they wouldn't mind."
  2. Nils takes your hand gently and leads you over to a loveseat. He sits down with you. "While you're here, -----, I'll be your guardian," he says softly. You blush in admiration. 'He's so sweet!' you think. "Thanks," you respond. Nils looks at your cloak and smooths out a wrinkle in it on your leg. "Joseph's?" he inquires. "Yeah," you say. "He didn't want everyone to keep staring at me like I was an alien." "To us you are. A foreigner, from a legendary world. It can seem too good to be true sometines," Nils tells you. "How's that?" "Because you are beautiful, charming, and kind. You are very brave to go through this without fright." You chuckle. "Actually I am quite scared," you laugh. "If you are, you do not show it," he replies, eyes twinkling.
  3. Dreamy eyed, you and Nils leaned in for a kiss. Just as you were about to, you felt cold metal against your neck. Not moving any further in, you slowly straightened your neck. "Sorry if we're interrupting something here, but DONT MAKE ANOTHER MOVE OR YOU WILL BE PUSHIN' UP DAISIES." A grumbly voice snarled as you felt a cool blade against your skin. Not moving, you realized out of the corner of your eye that Nils had a knife against his throat as well. "Now 'git up, and walk over to the back door." The gruff man commanded. Hesitating, you winced. "'Git up!" He yelled again. Before you knew it, you had been ushered to the back door.
  4. "Young lady, show us where the Gate is if you want to live any longer." The man said in an imperative tone. 'I thought the Gate was a regular landmark everyone knew about,' you think to yourself. 'No its hidden ' a voice floats through your head. A voice that sounds like Nil's. Confused, you look over to Nils, who is staring back. 'Is that you?' you think. 'Yes,' you hear his voice in your head as he manages to make a small nod. 'But how?' you wonder. 'I'm a mindreader. It's my talent. Everyone here has at least one talent. I guess its your too. But your people dont have them. You must be one of us.' Startled, your eyes widened. Before you knew it, you were once more being forced to go to the Gate.
  5. You started walking in the direction for the gate. The other man holding Nils walked alongside you. "Why is the Gate such a big deal?" you think to Nils. "If they find it, they could take over Earth." Nils thinks to you. You gasp. The man sticks his blade a little further into your back. "Get going," he growls. "..trevor.." you think.
  6. 'Lead them away from the Gate,' You hear Nil's thought. 'Why?! They'll kill us!' you return a thought. 'If you're the only one who knows where it is, then they can't kill you. Then they'd never find it.' Niks thinks. Realizing the truth Nils had pointed out, you smirk. 'Allright.' you reply, and take a sharp left.
  7. You are walking through a field when you see Jayden in the distance. Nils told you about him. 'Help!!!' you think to him. 'They're trying to make us take them to the Gate.' Your eyes briefly meet, and he runs away, probably to get help. Suddenly after about a minute, the man behind you groans. You twirl around and grab his knife before he can react. You realize Jayden has knocked him out. 'Thanks,' you say to him. He grabs your arm and pulls you to the ground with him in haste. You gasp, realizing the man that had been holding Nils had almost shoved his blade through your neck. ''Get him!" Jayden yells, and tackles the man as you fall into Jayden's arms. "Stay back," he tells you, and joins Nils in taking the man out. Soon, he is lying on the grass, helpless. Right then, the other man stirs. He jumps up and runs away. "Don't let him get away!" You warn. "You stay wih her. I'll catch him!" Nils yells to Jayden. "Allright," he replies. Nils runs away at lightning speed. It must be one of his talents, you think.
  8. Jaden sweeps you off your feet and holds you in his strong arms. You notice that soon you are hovering over the ground. You gasp. "You can fly," you say as you get higher. (think superman.) "Yes," he replies. You feel safe in his arms as he carries you higher and higher into the sky. Relaxed, you lay your head against his chest and slip your left arm around his back. His left arm is holding your waist, and you place your hand on his shoulder. Peacefully, he gazes at you. 'She's so lovely,' you hear him think. Happy after hearing that, you nuzzle deeper into his warm chest.
  9. Sorry if this one was short, but I hope you still enjoyed it. Who do you like the most so far?
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