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Hi everybody! It is Ardeo9999, author of I Just Need You Here. I have started a new series, and I hope you enjoy it. Please rate and comment to let me know how well the story was written.

Special thanks to Lauramks for the character idea for Trevor and Jaden; to truewolf14, thank you for the idea for a Joseph. Also thanks to bluemoon23 for the idea for Nils; I hope my story fits his personality well enough for you, but I will shape his character more as the story continues.

Created by: Ardeo9999
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  1. You sway gently back and forth on the swing. Beside you, your friend Trevor swings as well. You both like eachother very much. Everyone keeps telling you how beautiful you are; and you have had so many boyfriends that have only used you to impress their friends because they were dating the most gorgeous girl in the school. You're not that popular, and sometimes people wonder why; Trevor says it's because you are so humble and beautiful on the inside that makes everyone think you are too full of yourself. At least, so did Andrea, the most popular girl in school and her whole clique along with her.
  2. Trevor is not like the other boys. He's fun, kind, and sweet; he'd do anything for you, and you know it. You spend a lot of afternoons doing homework together with him because your Mom does not treat you well. She is Catholic, and you do not believe in Jesus because he cannot be a good person when your mom is so cruel.
  3. You slow down from swinging and glance at your watch. It is 4:11 pm. "I should get going," you say to Trevor. "My mom will be angry if I come home later." you tell him, and jump off the swing. "Oh," Trevor says. "Okay. I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning then?" "Yeah," you reply. "Thanks for the help, Trevor.You're really sweet to do that." Trevor blushes back at you. "I get joy out of helping you," he replies, and gives you a light hug. You smile. "Tomorrow," you say. He smiles as you pick up your school books and hop on your bike. Then you start pedaling down the street with your books sqeezed into the tiny basket on the front of your bike.
  4. You get home at 4:28. You start to walk upstairs when your mom stomps out of the kitchen. "Where were you?" she yells. "I had a meeting this afternoon and needed someone to keep your brother at home. I had to cancel! Tell me where you were, girl!" Your heart pounds. Why was she was so mean? All she cared about was her baby brother Kirk. "I was doing my homework at the park," you stutter. "I-I-needed some fresh air..." "Next time you want fresh air, girl, come home and get it in your backyard! And I do not appreciate you going off again with that boy. I don't like him. He's a nasty little boy. He's only out to get you!" she shouts. Tears well up in your eyes. "He is not nasty! He's the sweetest thing in the world, mom! He cares!" You scream, hurt that she would say that about Trevor. "Don't talk back to me, young lady. You've said that about every other punk you've dated. I don't want you to ever see Trevor again! You are causing people to sin by making them envy you! You are too beautiful. It is wicked of you!" You can't believe the words coming out of your mom's mouth. Broken, you race up the rest of the stairs and slam the door after going into your room. You can't explain your hostile feelings towards your mother. She didn't even care. And she couldn't make her stop seeing Trevor! You don't know what to do!
  5. The next day after school, Trevor meets you at the bike rack. "Wanna come to the park again?" he asks. "I can't. My mom has forbidden for me to go out with you anymore. She calles you names and tells me you are out to get me." You feel a tear slip down your cheek. Trevor gasps. "No! That's not fair. She can't do that!" he exclaims in horror. "She is so uncaring," you say. "She doesn't love me one bit, Trevor. I'm afraid to go home!" you cry. "Then come with me anyway. She will be just as mad if you go home now." he pleads. You look up at him and meet his eyes. "Oh, Trevor, but-" you begin. "Please,----," he begs you. "Allright." you give in. You don't care what your mother says. She could start to try to starve you or hurt you and you would just run away.
  6. You both bike to the park together. Behind the park is a public forest, where people can take walks by the creek. You leave you bikes at the park in another bike rack and carry your books into the woods. "Where do you want to go in here?" Trevor asks. "In deep, down by the stream where we can be alone," you reply. You both walk on a path that leads you to a creek. The path does not follow the creek, but swerves off into another direction. "Let's follow the stream," you say. So you do, until you find a nice spot and sit down where you are far from the path.
  7. After your homework is done, you look up to see a little gate sandwiched between two tree trunks. The gate is nearly hidden because of leafy branches and bushes all around it. But it is just a random gate, with nothing on the other side. "What's that?" you say to Trevor, pointing to the gate. "What's what?" he asks. "The gate, over there. All by itself." "I don't see anything," he replies, and you both get up. You walk over in front of him and show him after pulling back some branches. The black iron posts on the gate are spaced about two inches apart. You peer through the spaces. You see a whole other forest, very unlike the one you are in. But there is nothing on the other side of the actual gate. You walk around it. "Look through" you tell Trevor. "It's different inside." you say. He looks through. "Seems normal to me," he responds, confused. "But its different! It's not the same as the woods we are in." Trevor just stares at you.
  8. You go up to the gate and put your hands on the bars. The fingers inside the gate feel warmer instantly. The world in there seems hotter. You stand up, amazed, and swing the gate wide open. "I'm going in," you say, and walk through.
  9. Trevor watches you in confusion. He sees you open the gate up. On the other side, he watches as you start to step through the two trees. But suddenly, once you step over, he sees you vanish. "----!!!" he calls your name frantically and runs through the gate only to find himself on the other side of the trees in the same forest. Bewildered, he studies the gate. "----! Where are you?"
  10. You feel yourself step into a humid climate as a tingling feeling washes over your body. Faintly and in the distance, you hear someone crying out your name. You keep going.
  11. Burning with wonder, you walk though the sunny forest. Two beautiful suns hang in the sky above, which beam down glowing rays of light. They warm up the woods with a brilliant heat that is just the perfect temperature. You hear a rustle of leaves in a tree and look up to see a dark haired boy perched on a branch. He stares at you, then leaps down from the branch seven feet from the ground. He is handsome, and dressed in green clothes that reminds you of Robin Hood's outfit.
  12. "Your clothes," he walks over and says to you. "Why are they so strange?" you look down at your striped T-shirt and shorts. "They are normal to me," you reply awkwardly. "I have never seen anything like you, except for in the legends." the boy says. "What legends?" you ask. "The ones of Earth. The Gate goes there. But few enter, for many have perished within." he tells you. "I just came through the gate. What is this land?" you say. He ignores the last question and gasps. "You come from beyond the Gate?!" he exclaims.
  13. "I live there." you respond. He bores into you with his beautiful brown eyes. You find yourself lost in his gaze. It makes you so dreamy that you just want to give him a big kiss. "I am Nils. Welcome to our kingdom." he says. "Thank you. I am -----." you introduce yourself. "Let me take you to the king." Nils says, and links his arm with yours. Was that just courtesy, or did he like you? No, how could someone like you so soon? You let him lead you out of the forest and into a village. The houses are white with brown wood criscossing the windows and frames. Moss cover some of tye sides, and a stone pathway extends through the village. And there, up high on a mountain, sits a magnificent castle overlooking the land.
  14. You walk though the village. As you walk down one street, still arm in arm with Nils, you see a blond boy your age staring up at you. He doesn't really stop until you are out of sight. Then he goes back to loading crates into a wagon hitched to a pair of horses. Finally, after a long trek up the mountain, Nils is knocking on the palace door. You are brought in to the king.
  15. Jaden looks up to see a girl walking down the street with his friend Nils. But she did not look like any ordinary girl. She was extremly beautiful, and was dressed as though she were from beyond the Gate. He caught himself staring. He'd have to ask Nils about that later.
  16. Soon, you have been brought before the king. Nils kneels down, so you do the same "Arise," bellows out the king's mighty voice. You both stan up in obedience. The king looks you up and down. "Well what do we have here?" he asks. "You Majesty, this is ---- from beyond the Gate." Nils introduces you. "Beyond the Gate?!" exclaims the king. "Young lady, how did you find the Gate?" "I was in a forest on Earth. That is where I live. There was a little gate there, and I stepped through." The king is amazed with your response. "Do you come in peace?" he inquires, arching an eyebrow. "Yes, you Higness," you reply. "You are dismissed. We will have to talk later. Thank you Nils, for bringin her to me." "Your welcome, sire," he says. Dismissed, you leave the palace.
  17. As you walk through the forest wih Nils, you survey the wonderful landscape. "I have to go," Nils tells you. "I will leave you with someone else. He will show you around." You nod your head in agreement. He leads you until you have reached a tree with a man sitting in it. He seems about seventeen. "Joseph," Nils calls up. "Joseph!" And so he jumps down. That is when you realize he is an elf! Strong, handsome, wonderful eyes. Nils explains your story to he silent elf. "I will do this," he says when Nils is done.

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