just a who will you fall for quiz part 6

Hi everyone! I can belive it's part 6 already! Um, I know it's been late. I'm now posting the next one every week, or better, sooner. RECAP!!- Jacob was telling you about Lucas and his "girlfriend". So yeah. you're gonna sort some things out. Be sure to read the next paragraph!

Jacob-long shaggy blonde hair with brown highlights. Sweet, shy, senisitive. Deep forest grren eyes that'll make you lost forever. Lucas-flippy dirty blonde hair. A player, but is sweet to the people he truely loves. Sparkling glass green eyes. Joseph-black side-swept hair that spikes up in the back so it looks like a fire ball. Your best friend who knows what he wants, but doesn't always get it, popular. Beautiful bright blue eyes. Carson-bright blonde hair that shines throuh anything and cover his eyes. He's been your crush since grade 3,hes known to everyone, but isn't popular like Joseph. Stunning chocolate brown eyes. Science partner-dark brown hair that almost looks blackrazor cut hair. He was once known as the schools player, but he convinced them other wise. He really changed but has his random 'iwanttosmackyourass' moments. His name will soon be identified later. Right now, he's not very important, but changes the story compleatly. Mesmorizing grey eyes. Woah! That was long! But, I hope i gave you a good discription. The discriptions change every once and a while so keep reading them and stay up to date.

Created by: Hazdam
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  1. You nearly faint! Aperson you make-out with goes out with your bestfriend's girlfriend! "Uh, Jacob. I have to go. I'll see you around." Before you get up, Jacob pulls you close and kisses you. He asks you if you want him to walk you home. You tell him no. "Be safe, okay? There are some horrible people out there that might hurt you." "Why do you say that ou ask suspisously. "Oh, nothing. Just reminding you."
  2. As you're walking home, you decide to go to your one place of solitude, under the playground at the playground across the street. It's nice and warm in the winter, and cool and comfortable in the summer. You rool under onto your stomach. You always have to close your eyes so sand doesn't get in you eyes. When you open your eyes, you see something you really didn't want to see.
  3. You stare in complete disbelif. It's Teristanding next to Lucas who's sitting on a park bench. You can't help but stare. Nearly gagging at what she's wearing,(which is very revealing) you decide to stay and watch the show.
  4. "Lucas..." "What?" he says sternly. "I love you." Teri says fluttering her eyelashes. "And, so?" "Can you do something for me?" "What do you want?" "Can you stop hanging around _____?" "I dunno..." "Please, baby. For me." "No thanks hon."
  5. "Please. She just a 3rd wheel you know that." She bends over and sits on Lucas. He looks down wide-eyed. "I wouldn't really call her that." Teri scowls. "What? Why?" She yells. "I've done so much for you!" "Like what?" "Like this" Teri leans in for a kiss but Lucas regects. "All you've done is act like a b*itch around _____! That hasn't done anything for me! Just you. You're trying to drive _____ from me and Joseph!"
  6. "AARRGGHH!! I told you to never say that name!" "You can't tell me what to do! You still have Joseph! Why don't you cry on his shoulder or something?" "I don't love him! I was just using him!" "Like how your using me?" Lucas raises his leg and kicks Teri off. "By the way, just so you know, I love _____. Always have." he just walks away like he just didn't kick a person and left Teri in the dust.
  7. You decide to go home. As your walking, you see Lucas across the stree.You walk over to him. "Hey, you okay?" you ask. "No, not really." He still doesn't look at you. "Can we talk about it?" "Sure, but not here. Can I come over?" "Sure. Come on." YOu grab his hand and bring him to the treehouse in your backyard.
  8. "So now can you tell me?" "I don't really want to. I mean, it's kinda disturbing." you frown. "Lucas, I know everything. I saw everything" He looks at you with worried eyes, "What do you mean?" You sigh and hold his hand, "I was at the park earlier. I saw you and Teri, and well I don't relly wanna go on." "I don't blame you." he leans in for a kiss. "Not gonna work 'hon'." "Look. Everything was planned behind my back. Jacob gave Teri my number and she called me to go to the park. I had no clue who she was." You're not buying it. "Sure, yeah. Whatever. Next your gonna tell me that tatoo is fake." He laughs nervously, "Acually. I only have one. It's just a heart that has your name on it." You snort, "Ha!" Your eyes go narrow and a miscevious smile goes across your face. "Lemme see it." Lucas grins andtakes off his shirt. You lean in for a closer look and touch his chest. You smile give him a kiss. Next thing you know, you're both at the back of the treehouse making out like you used to do.
  9. You're both so into his, you don't hear the voice calling you. "_____! _____!" The person climbs up the treehouse to see you and Lucas kissing. "I kust wanted to tell you something I wanted to tell you for a long time!" he says while climbing. When he gets to the top, he says, "Oh, well. I jsu twanted to say I love you."
  10. Ugh, stupid quiz making thing says i need 1 more question. So, I know you have some questions like: What about his other tatoo? or, Who came to say 'I love you'? and, Why am I taking this quiz? Well I can answer one of those quistions and it's the last one. The reson is, This quiz is awesome, and you're the best. Well see you in part 7! Or will I? Bye!

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