Individuals Episode 1

There are many people who watch our programme,Individuals, but few true fans. This quiz will be things featured in episode one of the first season. Good luck!

Are you an Individuals fan? Do you have the memory to qualify for that prestigious title? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Lashauna

  1. What is the name of Erin's Christmas fling?
  2. Who is the first character we see?
  3. What subject coursework has Lashauna failed to complete?
  4. What does Micah's shirt say when we first see him?
  5. Where does Individuals take place?
  6. What did Zara get for Christmas from her brother?
  7. Who witnesses Tobias being bullied?
  8. What is the name of Micah's mother new boyfriend?
  9. What is the colour of Tobias's diary?
  10. What does Erin do when she finds her Christmas fling with someone else?

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