Kidnapped episode 5 quiz

This is the quiz for episode 5. Some one is arrested in the kidnapping, everyone knows Knapp's first name, Leo is trying to reach home, Otto is being extra you know all the details of this intense hour long episode?

Come take the quiz. See how you do. Try your luck! I'm just rambling to fill the requirment of 150 words...I hate filling this part out!! GOOD LUCK ON THE QUIZ!! Do good! And come share your score on the boards!

Created by: Kara McMurray
  1. What was the name on the fake ID that was found in Schroeder Textiles?
  2. True or False: King invited Knapp over for dinner?
  3. What did Conrad give to Ellie to help her sleep?
  4. In Leo's first scene in this episode, what did he ask Otto?
  5. How much did Turner cut the trace time by on the phones?
  6. What did Turner give to Knapp that belonged to Conrad?
  7. What wa Knapp's card when Alice did her card trick?
  8. How long had the body from Schroeder textiles been dead?
  9. How did King and Knapp find the cops body at Scroeder Textiles?
  10. What was this cops name?
  11. What was Schroeder's real name?
  12. When Devere called Bill on the payphone, what did Bill identify his business as?
  13. What address did Bill give to Devere?
  14. True or False: Ellie recognized Devere when she saw his picture?
  15. Where was Devere born?
  16. True or False: When Leo finally picked up the cell phone from under the bed, it rang?
  17. What did Bellows do first after he entered Leo's room because of the phone ringing?
  18. What reason did Otto give to Bellows as to why Leo had the TV remote?
  19. What was missing from the cell phone when Leo finally got it from under the bed?
  20. What book was Conrad reading?
  21. True or False? According to Conrad, the book was Leo's favorite?
  22. What list did Atkins give to Knapp?
  23. True or False: Devere shot Knapp?
  24. What was the title of this episode?
  25. True or False: This was the last episode to air on TV?
  26. When Devere was arrested, who did the Accountant call?
  27. What did Gutman tell him?
  28. What is Knapp's first name?
  29. What did Devere tell to Knapp?
  30. Who took Conrad down to Devere at the FBI?
  31. Who posed as Devere's wife?
  32. What was Devere's wifes name?
  33. True or False: Knapp was wondering why everyone knew his name?
  34. What was Leo's mistake when he tried to call his parents?
  35. True or False: Devere tried to kill himself?
  36. What did the FBI find at the Cain's house?
  37. Who answered the phone at the Cain's when Leo finally got through?
  38. True or False: Otto punched Leo in the face after finding the cell phone?
  39. True or False: Otto hid the cell phone from Bellows?
  40. What happened when Otto saw the phone?

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