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Please make sure you have read episode 1 before you go on to this. Its a little shorter, and I will try to make more guys soon maybe. Thank you all for your encouraging comments!

Dont forget Im open to suggestions and ideas. If you have any ideas for the names of more guys, let me know!! Hope you enjoy this and that you stay tuned until the series end. I got this episode out sooner than I expected! Enjoy :)

Created by: Ardeo9999
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  1. You invite Matthew indoors. Nathan gives you a slight scowl. Remembering this?
  2. Matthew comes in sits down in the living room with you and Nathan. He takes off his hat and sets it by your books. "Will you guys Facebook me lots?" he asks. "I will," I respond. Nathan shrugs. "Do you know where they're taking you yet?" Matthew says. Angrily, Nathan gets up. "Do we have to talk about this?! Dead parents? I've got better things on my mind to be doing!" he blurts out and stomps upstairs to his bedroom. Matthew lowers his head, ashamed. "Sorry," he apologizes, and wipes away a tear. "It's okay. It's very hard for Nate these days." you say. But you know that isn't the problem. The problem is Matthew. You know he doesn't want you to get close to another guy.
  3. "I have to go now," you tell Matthew. "Sorry." Matthew gets up and plods over to the front door and exits. "Bye ----," he says. "Goodbye," you reply. Then you climb the stairs and silently enter Nathan's room. "Go away," he murmurs angrily. "Nathan, if you think I am interested in Matthew, I'm truly sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I only need you." Nathan turned around from his hunched position at his desk. "You mean it?" "I would never lie to you," you say softly, and run up and hug Nathan. "Don't let go," he whispers. And you don't.
  4. "We have to think of something fast," Nathan tells you. You've finished hugging and now you both are getting more serious about things. "They're going to be here soon to take us away, and I don't plan on letting that happen." You keep listening, but Nathan hesitates. "Go on," you urge. Nathan takes a deep breath. "I want you to run away with me."
  5. "Yes," you reply. "Yes. I can't leave you. I WON'T leave you." At that, Nathan smiles. "We need to pack some stuff really quick. They could be here any time now..." You and Nathan rush downstairs and grab the your school backpacks. You fill them with basic necessities: clothing, food, blankets, water, flashlights, matches, candles, cell phones, pocketknife, ducktape, etc. Nathan runs downstairs and grabs a small portable two-man tent in a small, squarish bag with a strap around it. You are about to go out to the garage when your doorbell rings. Recognizing Matthew's figure, you go and open it up. "Hey," you greet him. "Uh hi- sorry to bother you, but I left my hat here." "Oh, that's fine," you reply, and let him go in and get it. He surverys the stuffed backpacks and the tent kit. "What's all this stuff?" Matthew asks. Stuttering, you tell him its just what you'll need when you leave with the officials. Matthew gives you a skeptical look and leaves.
  6. You and Nate grab your packs, hop on your bikes, and pedal down the street. "Where are we going to go?" you ask Nathan. "To a public camping park. We'll just set up there." You bike for about an hour and finally reach 'Marland's Garden.' You ride down paths and finally Nathan stops and gets off his bike. "C'mon," he waves at you to follow him as he goes off the path and into the forest's interior.
  7. First thing you and Nate do is find and clear a flat space to set up your tent. After setting up the tent, Nathan builds a fire as night comes closing in. You both snack on some warmed-up meatballs and sparingly drink out of your water bottles. By now it is dark out, and you put out the fire and crawl into the tent.
  8. You snuggle deep inside your sleeping bag, curled up close next to Nate, who can't take his eyes off you. You shuffle as close as you can get to him, with your head lying peacefully across his chest, and his legs overlapping yours, although enclosed in his sleeping bag. With his arm around you, you say, " No matter what happens, I could never stop loving you." "Same, ----. I will always protect you." Those were his last words to you that night- you both closed your eyes after that and drift off.
  9. The next morning, you wake up and untangle yourself from Nathan. He stirs, but does not awaken. You go outside. Only a few yards away lies a huge, dead bear, lying limp on the ground with an arrow through its heart. Next to the bear is…
  10. Rate and comment! I finished this one earlier then expected. Someday I will get an episode 3 out for y'all!!

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