Your Freaking Story Part Two

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Welcome to Your Freaking Story Part Two! Last episode, you were introduced to all your friends, and invited to a party of which Seth is hosting :).

This episode, you will be attending that party. Don't worry, there's no twists or anything, it's just supposed to be a fun episode, so enjoy! :).

Created by: Trolling Bankson
  1. Ugh... UGH... Father time, Y U NO BE FASTER? Seriously... If you don't get out of this freaking English class in the next nine minutes, you're gonna rage and run out the door, and leave Julie in here to fend for herself... Seth's party can't magically come sooner (... Actually that'd be kinda cool) so all you can do is sit and watch the clock with giant eyes. So what are your thoughts on this party of Seth's tonight?
  2. As you are writing down the homework, the next sound you hear is the sweet chiming of the school bell, signaling the end of the day. But before you can rush out with the others, Julie taps you on the back. "Oh no no, you're not leaving me," she says humerously before you can make a bolt for it. "Wait, you're coming tonight, right?" you ask her hopefully, knowing pretty well that it wouldn't be as fun without her. "Can't, I've got a chapter of Catcher in the Rye I have to annotate, which you should be doing too, may I remind you..." "Such a nerd..." you kid teasingly, causing Julie to give you a playful push in the hall, causing you to accidently bump into John in the crowd. "Hey John, you coming tonight?" you call out to him loudly. He doesn't say anything, only turns around to give you the evil eye. "Hey, what's with you?" you call out somewhat challenging. "You see that look he gave me?" you ask Julie, still not believing it. Julie shrugs, not thinking any of it. Thoughts?
  3. Next, you have your very short and mild walk home. Your house is literally like two minutes away from the school, and you're not lazy enough to have your mom drive you, so this is normal for you. You are suddenly pulled out of thought when you hear a voice behind you yell out "Hey yo (Your name)!" Before you turn around, you already know it's Quinn, and sure enough, there he is when he turns around, his hair matching perfectly with the bright gleaming sun. Thoughts?
  4. Well, at least Quinn's going to the party tonight, that will make it like fifty times better. Quinn's mom and dad both work full time, so while your mom is running errands and shopping as she does everyday, Quinn comes over and hangs at your house daily. With the party at 7:00, you've got about four and a half hours to kill, so what are the two of you planning to do?
  5. The the time of the party arrives next, and you honestly couldn't be more stoked. When your mom is kind enough to drop the two of you off at the house and warn you to be safe, you and Quinn literally have their jaw drop. "House as big as a mansion" was an understatement... I mean, it's six freaking floors! The entire house is constructed out of brick and stone, making it look all the more amazing. Each floor seems to be bigger than the one before it, but that can't be true, the house would crumble... A massive front yard leads up to a series of stone steps, which lead up to the massive porch of the monumental home, which is supported fully by stone pillars. A booming base is heard inside of the house, and almost masks the doorbell when Quinn rings it. But sure enough, Seth comes to the door, looking sharp. "Glad you could come!" Seth gives you a bro hug and Quinn a high five, and before you know it, the two of you are inside. Once again, you've failed to be unimpressed and awed. A giant bar compiles of half the room on the left, where many trays of food and drinks sit, looking gloriously awesomely epic. To the right, a dance floor has been set up, where most of the people are flocking to, and is just short of a frenzy with some dubstep song you've never heard of. Lastly, upstairs you think you hear the sound of pinball machines, where you assume an arcade room awaits you. Alright, you've got three options here, which one sounds the best?
  6. While you're out on the dance floor, just after you've eaten pretty much the entire bar and played a round of attari with Quinn, you just happen to chance upon Marion and Michael, who seem to be having a little too much fun doing the moccarina. Almost immediately after you find them, that world famous beat begins to play, causing many people to laugh. "Oppa Gangham Style..." is the magic word of the evening. Everyone breaks out into an utter dance fest in a ritual to the song, even convincing enough to have you join in with the crazed crowd. After a night of extreme dancing, which would probably be a pretty awesome sport, you think it's about time you head out. Quinn asks if he can catch a ride with you again, as his parents are still off work. What do you do?
  7. As soon as you make it to your house, you suddenly realize how tired you are... A day of running in track, dancing like a fiend and spraining your ankle in the process, and grinding school work has finally taken its toll. You aren't sure if you can make it to your room without passing out, what do you do?
  8. Mmmmk, this quiz is to be continued :)
  9. So I'd like to announce that Gotoquiz user Wolfman1 was the winner of the "Your Freaking Story Part One" contest! This contest will last for all of the episodes. Remember, to win, you must be the first to comment on who your favorite character is so far and why, and you could be featured in the next quiz :). Good luck!
  10. Alright, good luck in Part Three... BROFIST

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