Your Freaking Story Part Four

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Welcome to Your Freaking Story Part Four! Last episode, you spent an afternoon with one of your good friends, Sam, as you and him plan the group dinner later tonight.

This episode will be the group dinner, where the six of you socialize like a bunch of idiots, can't get any better than that :). Good luck, have fun!

Created by: Trolling Bankson
  1. The people at the table to the right of yours are casting you another glare: you, Michael, Quinn, Sam, Marion, Julie are probably the loudest six in this entire restaurant, your laughter could probably be heard in the sports bar across the street. "No, seriously I'm not even trolling, that actually happened," Michael says between laughing breaths. "Quinn, you were there, back me up," he says smiling to Quinn. "It's really not that great of a story, but yeah sure," Quinn says nonchalantly. You begin glancing at the menu, seeing what this nice little Italian restaurant has to offer, which of course is the usual stereotypical thing: Spaghetti of course, a pepperoni looking pizza, a standard boring salad, and an eggplant dish. Now which of these sounds the best right now?
  2. "You need to go get a haircut, Sam..." you say jokingly to Sam about three minutes after you've ordered your food. "You need to go get a woman, (Your name!)" Sam bounces back, causing the table to roar with laughter. That's something you love about this group of friends, you can all joke with each other one day and be all loving and kind the next. Your laughing actually gets so bad at one point that the manager actually has to come over to the table, and says in a thick Italian accent "Now if you a' kids a' don't get a' quiet, Imma have to ask you to a' leave the restaurant." With that, he leaves, and the six of you sit in silence for a moment. Thoughts?
  3. "So you guys wanna see a movie after this?" Marion asks hopefully in her bright little voice. "Eh, Sam and I already saw one earlier today, but yeah sure I could go for another one," you shrug. "What did the two of you see?" Julie asks, genuinely interested. "Undead army," Sam says, in his creepiest voice, mimicking a crackle of thunder and a feminine scream, causing some of the tables to look over in confusion. "You saw that without me?!" Michael protests, clutching his heart and acting shocked. "You're lucky you didn't come... It sucked," you put it simply. "Really? Cause with a title like that, it had to be good," Marion says with sarcasm. "Right?" You agree, playing along. Suddenly, you hear a throaty gasp from the side of your booth. "Hi guys!!!!" the all too familiar ratty voice pierces. Yep, your fears are confirmed, John stands waving at all of you, his hair greasily greased back. Thoughts?
  4. "Hey John..." you say quietly. "So what are you guys eating? What are you drinking? Who's this? Hi, I'm John. I get the spaghetti here. I'm hungry. I'm here with my parents. You smell funny. You--" he stops cold when he sees Michael, Sam, and Quinn all glaring hatefully at him, the three of them always found John annoying as the devil. "John... Get outta here," Michael snarls harshly. John quickly realizes the threat, and slinks back to his table. Thoughts?
  5. "Gah I hate that kid..." Quinn says rather harshly as you see your table's food come into view. The manager comes back into view with the food, leading the way, and standing proudly as the chefs, who remind you a little of Mario and Luigi, set the glorious looking food down in front of you. In that instant, all of you were probably dying to freaking destroy that food. "We got a' special a' dinner for you a' tonight," the manager says warmly. "Thank you sir," Sam says as they leave. "Alright, let's pray before we kill these plates," Marion giggles, the group joining hands. "(Your name)? care to lead us in grace?"
  6. After the prayer, the six of you literally spazz out to get to your food. Marion's looking like a vacuum slurping up her spaghetti, Sam's looking like freaking two-fisted-Mario's with his knife and fork, Michael looking like a savage, Quinn viciously cutting up his meal, and then you see Julie with her napkin neatly placed in her lap, taking her sweet time... Looking around for the first time, you realize how lucky you are to have such great friends. But here's the age old question... Which do you like the best?
  7. After your feast, the six of you are pretty much exhausted. The plates utterly sucked dry, they are taken away as Quinn pays for the check. "K now how bout that movie?" Marion says hopefully. "Eh, I can't go," Michael says. "Homework to do." "Yeah, me neither," Sam seconds. "Aww, really?" Julie asks, dissapointed. "Yeah, sorry..." Sam says, as he gets his coat. Well, now you have Sam and Michael out, do you still wanna go?
  8. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :)
  9. Alright, Congratulations to Gotoquiz user Beast00, winner of the "Your Freaking Story" part three contest. Remember, the first person to comment on who their favorite character is and why. Good Luck!
  10. Good luck in part five... BROFIST

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