Mother~ {Part 1}

If you thought this was about a little girl and her mom, well your freaking wrong! Its a story about a girl named Crystal, who tells about her adventures in her first, most scariest, most disturbing paranormal experience ever.

Now that I think about it, its like a story inception, because I'm telling a story, of a girl telling a story. By the way, I like trains. Now that that's over with, you may take the quiz!

Created by: neonsword101
  1. NOTE: Please read those two paragraph thingies at the top, or you'll be VERY confused about the story.
  2. Every time it rains, I remember that day. I'd love to repress the memory, but as horrible as it is, I could never forget it... That day... Her...
  3. Ah, why did I even bring up that place... Now you are probably too curious, so I have no other choice but to tell you about it...
  4. I was walking home from school one day. The weather forecast said their would be heavy rain, but I didn't believe what they said, and in result, didn't bring an umbrella to school. Even though it was raining, my IPhone still had some signal left. Even though I didn't like using maps, I looked up a map for the fastest way to get to my house from here.
  5. I looked at the map. One of the streets the route went through stuck out to me a lot. Broad Gate street. Everyone said the abandoned house on that street was haunted-- cursed. I didn't care. I just wanted to get home. Yet the fact everyone thought that house was haunted made me want to go there even more.
  6. I started walking, looking at the map after every street I passed. And finally, I was on Broad Gate street. I took a look further and saw the silhouette of a little girl. I walked forward, and it WAS a little girl. She was kicking a soccer ball into her house's fence and stared at the ground while I stared in confusion.
  7. I stepped closer until she heard my footsteps and turned around, her dark -brown hair swaying because of the rapid turn of her head, and her amber eyes gazing at me. She kind of looked like me, but I was older, taller, and my eyes were blue. We stared at each other until she finally started talking.
  8. "Come play with me." she said in a soft voice. "I'm sorry, I have to go home. Sorry." I replied in urgency. Before I could leave, she started to stand in front of me whenever I tried to evade her. "Come play with me." she repeated many times. Her tone started changing from a plea to almost an order. "WHY WON'T YOU PLAY WITH ME?!?!!?" she finally shrieked in frustration. "Fine, I'll play with you." I said almost murmuring. "Yay!" she screamed in delight as she pulled my arm and opened the door to her house.
  9. Cliff-hanger! *troll face* Bwahahahahahahahahhah!!!
  10. Okay, well that's the end of this part! Hope you enjoyed, tune in for more parts, and stay awesome! Bye! ;D

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