High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 6

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I shot for the sky; I am stuck on the ground. So why did I try? I thought I could fly, So why did I drown. Too bad you can't come, mother! I heard her laughing.

There was a child whose Mother had only one eye. The child was so embarresed, he used to shout at his mother,"Why can't you die?!" But his Mother never said anything. once he was so annoyed that he ran away from his house, he grew up and became successful, but he never thought about his mother. One day his mother died. He was told to come and take all her thing which were willed to him. he went there and saw a letter which said, "... read parting words below the results to know what was in the letter.

Created by: iknowiamgr8

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  1. The jugde came up and said " we hope you all enjoyed this compitition! It is not a compitition but an opportunity to learn blah blah blah blah blah ... i have before me the results! and the winner is...
  2. ICESTORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You guy couldn't believe it! Ofcourse yours was ten times better than theirs! Even the audience seemed to disagree! You were about to cry but you had to hold back your tears. The rivals came up on the stage and Stella gave you a mean look. Kevin wasn't looking too happy. They took their trophy and the people began to cheer for them1 It was supposed to be you!! You just couldn't believe it. Impossible...
  4. You all went back to your place! You were talking. andrew said, "It's all my mistake I should have taken care of my guitar i wouldn't have to play the othere one and ruin the show!" bella said" that's not true Andrew! I think we were over confident"
  5. Then a thought struk you- when you tried out for the lead singer there was a mistake it was you not jenny! it can be the same!
  6. you all went to check at the manager's! he said, "there's no mistake kids, it is big system we are always very careful! don't be upset! try next year." Adam said, "I think we should except the fact we couldn't make it!" You all agreed and went about your buisness. You were by the lakeside and bella came to call you for the bonfire!
  7. You were at the bonfire! You saw kevin, he looked terrible! He was all sweaty. he was looking at you at first you thought it wa snothing but when he tried to get you talk with him alone you started thinking seriously, What does he want?
  8. in your room- You were asleep. Suddenly you heard a noise, near the window. then you tried to listen more, but it was silent. You went to the window but there was nothing. you started walking back to your queen size bed, when you hears a voice calling your name in a whisper. You opened the window and looked down and saw s guy standing, Who do you think it is?
  9. You took a flashlight and saw in the light was Kevin. he motioned you to come down. at first you thought you should tell someone, but then you went down yourself and followed him to the lake. He was in a bad condition. He started, "_____, i want to talk to you about the compitition, its really serious, so please listen to me care fully, It was Stel..." he stopped and looked with terror behind you. You turned around and saw...
  10. Stella! She stared at Kevin and he moved to her side like an obidient dog. he looked helpless. Stella kissed him and said, " What were you doing with this loser! were you trying to slip our little secrete. don't be a loose end.. i will have to cut you!' With this she dragged him by his arm Kevin gave you a hopeless look! stella said loudly ," Get her, Steve(the icestormer)" and otut of nowhere, a guy jumped and started hitting you, but you kept escaping.
  11. You ran into the woods but Steve kept following you! You were crying now, you hade been hit! You tripped and fell... Steve was catchin up... You tried to get up but your leg was hurt badly!

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