High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 3

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Each of the three scrolls are different. You only need to find the one that matches you. Like the silver scroll matches my personality. I am an aquariun.

Father, help us! THese are the times when i eat potato chips. I have become a couch potato. That is true, you are nice but I am am being rude. Thank you!

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  1. So, the principle started 'We have been invited to the Summer Madness Music Camp, like every year' and our rival school's band is also invited! Those people have a band compitition, and we could never defeat them. But I would appreciate if you guys come back to school with a trophy! We are sending your band to this compitition, this might not seem like a compitition, but it IS a shame to lose to the same people every year! I hope you people will win over... what is that band ? .. yeh ' the icestormers'! Pack your bags you are leaving coming sunday"
  2. You came out of the office, everyone looked exited! " this is the chance we get, we are gonna prove that we are the best, let's do this guys" Sean said. you all rose up in a cheer! People were already starting to tell you what an awsome place that camp ground is! you were really very happy!
  3. After you reached home, you realized that you would need your parents permission! you went to the kitchen, your mom was there, you told her everything and she gave you the permission and mumbeled something like it would be better if you are not here. the week passed with a lot of hustle. ON SUNDAY: you were all ready- you, Bella,Andrew, Adam, Sean with your bags! YOu all loaded in the van and started singing and talking about the Camp. " Some kid told me its something like or better than camprock!" You didn't even realise that you had been sleeping on someone's shoulder- Adam's! Finally you reached there!
  4. It was an awsome place- a lake nearby, some cafes, kids about your age having fun, a kareoke going on, arcade, a forest, etc. etc.! such a coool place. It has everything you want. Bella ran off to a crowd of cute boys, Adam hurried towards a cafe! Sean went to the lake side! Andrew said ' this is a place where we can do any thing and everything, enjoy to your full,_____, i am going to the arcade gallory!!!' You also started exploring the place. While you were walking, looking in some other direction, you bumped into a group of people and fell! Everybody started laughing at you1 One guy came to help you and said ' Please don't mind them, i am Kevin! And i am from that band, IceStormers, What's your name?' You told him your name and thought ' Wow... i just met one of my rivals! He wasn't as bad as the others'. You looked at the Ice Stormers and notice that there was one girl and 3 boys (including Kevin). Kevin pointed to the girl and said "This is my girlfriend, Stella and this is (pointing to the boys) jammie, Steve and Alex." You said " i am from the band ----" Stella said " oh... look what you caught honey... rivals!" You ignored her and went ahead. You were thinking that Kevin seems to be such a nice guy, and he has such a rude girlfriend.
  5. Your band had a seperate large house where you could stay, pratice and do whatever you want! Your room was next to Bella's, which was opposite Adam's, Which was next to Sean's and diagonal to Andrew's. Confused?? Moving on-
  6. At night there was bonfire. You all got dressed and went to the fire. People were singing, dancing having fun, and having hot chocolate! Adam was sent to bring smoothies for all of you. He was coming with a trat, but in the way he tripped and all the smoothies drained on Alex ( that ice stormer ). Alex shouted "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, JERK!!!!!!" Adam said " Oh..s--- i am soo sorry!! really i didn't mean to but i tripped over something..." Stella cut him off and said "You guys hate our band, that doesn't give you the right to insult our band memebers" You came to Adam's defence and said "Nor do you, princess" And then memebers of both the bands were fighting and shouting!
  7. Kevin shouted and told everyone to calm down "Can't we talk and sort it out", he said! Stella said "They should know who's the boss! we are far better than them". Bella said " Let's decide this right here, right now!!" And you all decided to have an on-the-spot band compitition!
  8. ok soo i'll leave it here! bye skip the rest pls so sorry wait fot part 4 bye
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