High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 2

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I think I am Very cool because my friends say so. i think I am obstinate because my dad says so. You are a very smart person for you took my quiz, my first quiz series.

All love of mine with a song and a whine. You are harsh and divine like a truth and a lie. But the tale ends not here, for I have nothing to fear. Thankyou!

Created by: iknowiamgr8

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  1. Your band met on tuesday evening for pratice. You found out that Sean is a very nice guy; you had thought he was some jerk! When you were talking Andrew said' what's the name of our band????'. You ale came to a final conclusion and your band's name was ---- ( put any thing you like)! After practicing 2 Taylor swift song, Bella said ' We will need a song writer, we can't always go on singing readymade songs!!' You all agreed and everyone said they will try to find someone.
  2. Afterwards, Andrew said that he is giving a treat for your new band at a nearby cafe after school. ( after the treat ) Andrew had to rush home coz his mom wanted him! Bella already hurried off. Sean said '_____, are you free this saturday? I was thinking ... uh..'. You cut him and said ' You are asking me out? Ok i am free!' Sean said ' ok the!! Saturday' and he rushed off he had some work. Now you would be walking home alone!
  3. As you were walking a car stopped and the windows rolled down! A guy about your age, jet black hair and stunning grey eyes! You finally recognized him... Adam! Adam was your childhood friend, but then his mum died and he went to Florida with his dad when he was in 7th grade. You shouted as you saw him ' Adam you are back... I am amazed to see you' Adam said' well ____ i too am1 you are more beautiful than ever!!!' You got in the car and he started to tell you what what what... You found out he is not exactly the same. But you knew he was a good poet.... poet! you needed a song writer and what could be better if it could be your own friend!! You asked him ' Are you gonna join this high school?' He said ' Yes i am!! ' You asked' So Adam we have this high school band. Would you like to be our song writer.. considering your words are so rythemic and beautiful! You are soo good. Please join our band! Won't you? ' Adam Replied ' only coz you want me to " You were really happy... life was on the right track now yuo won't have to worry about you mom-dad!
  4. Now your band, ---- , was complete! As soon as you reached home you started feeling a bit uneasy- how would mom-dad react when I'll tell them about my band? - But as you were about to knock on thier door you heard shouts, screaming, and crashes going inside- Great they are ifghting again!- You thought that you will tell them later when the house is calm.
  5. The next day in school, the principle called you and said that your band should stage an original song in the cafetaria! LAter in the cafetaria---- Alison stood up and said with eyes full of hatred' today we will have a performance by our new school band ----!' The kids cheered and some were calling you guys names!! Adma had alredy made a song! you all started playing the song! the lyrics,beat, tune everything was fantastic! After the song, the whole cafe was cheering for you,shouting and singing and dancing and what not-YOUR BAND"S FIRST SONG was A HIT!!!! As you guys were packing up, Alison came and said" don't be too glad about your self,_____! This song was a hit because of the beats and the lyrics: your voice wasn't even heard!" You felt bad and wronged- but Andrew came to your defence and said something insultin to Alison: she made a face and walked away! You thanked Andrew and then he kissed you softly on your cheek. Later Adam said ' you got a fantastic voice ' though it wasn't anything but it made you blush deep red!
  6. You were in your room. You had a call. -hey- the voice was Adam's! You said ' Hey how are you " "i amfine. i was thinknig if you could help me with this song.. you are not that bad at these stuff! "o. sur i'll come over at your place.. ican excuse my self from mom-dad's fighting! " You hurried out of the house and headed for Adam's. Adam opened the door, it seemed like no one was home. " so... no one except you in the house" "no" he said. ytou helped him in writing a beautiful song> then you guys talkied a lot. As you were about to leave, he pressed you against the door, looked in your eye, and kissed you passionately for a while and then he let you go. You were too stunned to speak.. and you left his house in a haste!!
  7. Its saturday- you got a date with Sean! Time flies byand now you are in Sean's car and having a long drive! you were hhaving fun, you didn't know where you were but he assured you that you are safe with him. He stopped by the seaside- no one was there you got out of the car and Sean did too. The next thing you know you are walking hand in hand the water hitting your feet gently. He turned to face you and kissed you! your heart melted1 then he dropped you at your house to reality-- your fighting family!
  8. Monday Morning-- Your principle called your band to his room and said!' we have some trouble and you can only solve it! we need your band...
  9. bye! rate and comment 1 this part wasn't as interesting i think! it was all spending time with guys and rest rest rest
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  11. ok bye have a nice day

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