High school musical ( my style ) Pt. 1

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this is my first quiz series! Do take out time for taking the other part! We were both young when i first saw you. I close my eyes and the flashback starts.

I am standing there on the balcony in summer air. See the lights see the party the ball gowns, i see you make you way throgh the crowd. And say hello.

Created by: iknowiamgr8

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  1. Furniture, crockery, books, photoframes etc. etc. flying in your house! -crash- there goes the photoframe with the picture of your family vacation. Mom and dad are fighting again! Mom made a fuss and dad came home drunk almost everytime, you had a feeling that nobody takes any notice to you! You decide to escape to Bella 's ( your best friend ) house.
  2. Bella's house was a few blocks away! you took your i pod! you are listening to
  3. ( fast forward ) You and bella were talking about school. Bella said ' ______ , do you know our school council is planning to form a band; audition's tomorrow; i am trying out for drums. You should try for lead singer; you are talented, you know!" You thought about it- should i give it a try, after all Bella's right i am a talented singer; but the council is never gonna choose me - Alison ( council head) and i are enemys! - But to make Bella happy you said that you will try.
  4. NEXT DAY- you get ready for school. Mom was in the kitchen frowning about something, like always. Dad was still asleep. You get to school and go to the auditorium for the band try outs! Bella was already there and she had given your name for the audition! (fast forward) After auditions you really seriously thought what is you could be the lead!! wouldn't that be great! Bella said to you' _____ you rocked! you were awsome! ' you say
  5. NEXT DAY- You went with Bella to see who got what role in the band!
  6. You started reading bottom to top DRUMS- Bella, she shrieked with joy you were very happy for her! BASS - Andrew, you knew him to be the populor dude, Alison's ex. Brown hair with light blue eyes KEYBOARD- Sean, dirty blonde hair with green eyes, the funny dude!
  7. LEAD SINGER- ...Jannet!!! JAnnet was Alison's best friend!! IT wasn't you... you were flabbergasted! Bella cried' ____ was supposed to be the one!!!!'
  8. Just then a loudspeaker announcement intrupted your thoughts. Alison's voice said (in a sad tone) " Sorry there has been a mistake, the lead singer of the upcoming band is not Jannet it is ________" you shouted with joy at the top of your voice" yayyyyyyy!!!' Bella said' woah... save that voice for your lead role!!' you hugged each other!
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  10. lalala

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