high school musical qqqiiiuuz

The quiz is about HMS.It has some interasting questions and some interasting answers.It has all of the main chacters names in the writing.The writing has not all of the real names in it.

high school musical qqqiiiuuuz has a good side and a funny side. it can be used by all differant kinds of people.Wheather you are in a bad or good mood.

Created by: Catherine
  1. What is the first name of the actor that plays Sharpay Evans.
  2. Does Gabreilla win the maths race against another school?
  3. What is the name of the girl that plays the piano?
  4. What couler did Ryan wear most of in the movie?
  5. Did they wear a uniform in the classroom?
  6. Who spilt their lunch all over Sharpay?
  7. What did Chad work as in the movie
  8. where was stick to the status quo sung
  9. which two people have been friends since kindergarden
  10. How many girls has Sharpay got that follow her around?

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