High School Musical Quiz

There are many high school musical obsessed kids in this world. So.. are you one? You could be the next high school musical GENIUS or you could just be a total hsm flop.

so are you the hsm genius? THe brilliant minded folk. Or just the silly hsm f l o p??? good luck all. good luck all. good luck all. good luck all. good luck all.

Created by: Miss Kiss
  1. In the 'What Time is it?' music video, what does Chad's t-shirt say?
  2. Fill in the missing words to these lyrics... You never know what your gonna...
  3. Zac has two puppy's. Name one...
  4. When was Vannessa born?
  5. What is Ashley's middle name?
  6. Lucas Grabeel went to the same high school as which famous actor?
  7. How old was Corbin when he began working in telivision
  8. In which year did Monique take part in American reality show, Dancing with the stars?
  9. Where do Troy and Gabriella first meet?
  10. How many school productions have Sharpay and Ryan stared in?
  11. Fill in the missing lyric... Finally summers here, good to be ... out.
  12. What time is it?
  13. What number does Troy play in basketball?
  14. Where dif Gabriella learn to sing?
  15. Taylor Mckessie is organising which event for east high?
  16. Coach Bolton's/Troy's Dad first name is...
  17. Mrs Darbus teaches...
  18. Aproximately how much did it cost tpo make HSM?
  19. How many copies of the movie where sold on the first day of release?
  20. Will HSM2 be fantastic?

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