Sound of Music Quiz!

OK, this is my most favourite film ever. I watched the video we had of it so many times it broke the video. I love it. This quiz is mostly about the lyrics and songs in the amazing musical, The Sound Of Music. Some of it is about trivia in the film and it does go into some pretty hard detail. Wait - why am I writing this? No one ever reads this anyway!

If you've never seen the movie of The Sound Of Music, or heard any of the songs, good luck, you will need it. Take the quiz, by all means but don't expect to get very far as this is one tough cookie! If you are a very good guesser you might just get lucky though. Maybe. Probably not. Oh well! Good luck everyone! =D xx

Created by: Hannah
  1. Complete the Lyrics : Do, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden sun...
  2. Who is the oldest Von Trapp child?
  3. Complete the Lyrics: You are 17 going on 18,
  4. What song do the Von Trapp family singers sing at the Kaltzberg Festival?
  5. Complete the Lyrics: She waltzes on her way to mass, And whistles on the stair,
  6. In the song "My Favourite Things" what is the 7th thing mentioned?
  7. Who is the first person to start singing "Edelweiss"?
  8. What is the name of Leisl Von Trapp's lover who sings "16 going on 17" with her?
  9. In the song "So Long, Farewell", what is Marta's only solo line?
  10. What is the Baroness's real name?
  11. Who gives Maria the material to make new clothes?
  12. Complete the Lyrics: My heart wants to fly like a chime that flies,
  13. What song were the lyrics from the last question from?

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