Ingress ~ Egress

Video editing is the process of re-arranging or modifying segments of video to form another piece of video. The goals of video editing are the same as in film editing: the removal of unwanted footage, the isolation of desired footage, and the arrangement of footage in time to synthesize a new piece of footage.

How much do you know about filming Ingress and Egress routes and video editing? Take this quiz and find out. It only takes a few minutes so read the SOP and get started.

Created by: Courtney of WallaceC
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  1. When mounting the camcorder on the vehicle, you should _____.
  2. The camcorder should be pointing
  3. The viewfinder window on the camcorder should
  4. When driving the vehicle, you should maintain a _______________speed.
  5. You should try to avoid _____ while driving.
  6. Which of the following is NOT a tue statement.
  7. At an intersection, it is best to________.
  8. Which statement is correct?
  9. Slamming on the breaks __________________.
  10. At the beginning and end of each route you should _____.
  11. At intersections, always wait for pedestrians to exit the field of view
  12. Trying to maintain a constant speed is more important than obeying traffic lights.
  13. You should try to film the ingress/egress routes at the peak of heavy traffic to give first responders the worst-case
  14. If you run a red light and are caught on video you have to turn yourself in.
  15. For an extra measure of security you should attach the camcorder to the antenna or windshield wiper blade.
  16. Never go above 40 mph while recording an ingress/egress route?
  17. Put the following steps of editing in the correct order:
  18. Make movie
  19. Add titles to indicate mileage and street names
  20. Digitize each route in Pinnacles capture mode
  21. Delete audio track from clip
  22. Drag route into timeline
  23. Change the speed of the clip
  24. Where is the tool to speed up the clip is located?
  25. Which file format is used for our survey?
  26. What should the width and height be of the finished video?
  27. Where is the tool to add text to the clip located?
  28. Why are white and yellow generally the only two colors used for text in our survey?
  29. How do you digitize the ingress/egress routes? (convert Mini Dv to digital form for use in a computer)
  30. Which statement is correct? To delete the audio track________
  31. Which statement is not correct?
  32. How long should each title overlay be displayed?
  33. How do you apply a transition to a clip that has been cut?

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