Noitect is Activated Part Five {Aria's)

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Hi guys! This is Aria and this is part five of Noitect is Actuvated! (: Um...if you haven't read the rest, you'll be completely lost (: I hope you enjoy it

Can you please answer the question of the day? I really need your advice on this. (: Oh I'd like to ask anyone if they want to pass on a message to Anne Cox, Harry Styles mother because I'm going to meet her. If you want me to tell her anything, tell me in the comments please! J'adore gotoquiz!

Created by: Aria
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  1. Recap: He said, “Davina, I really like you, you know that right?” I nodded, not seeing where he was going with this but he continued, “I just wanted to ask you would you do the honours of being my beautiful girlfriend?”
  2. I stuttered, “I-I.” He looked and me and whispered, “You don’t want a relationship do you?” I responded, “It’s not that. It’s just I don’t think I’m ready for this right now, especially with everything going on. I’m sorry.” I turned to go back inside and he loudly said, “Well if that’s how you want it…” and I think I heard he threw down a bouquet of flowers and stamped on it. I didn’t look back but I opened the door and went back to my family and my friend. Stefan was worried, “I heard shouting, you okay?” I assured him it was nothing and I doubt he was convinced but he gave in. When he went home, Derek and I washed the dishes while Anersa went to her room. I knocked on her door, and she opened, “What Davina?” I glared at her, “Listen, since we’re living in the same house, I’m making some rules. You are not to go in my room, or the recording room, you are not to touch my books or any of my belongings. You are not to destroy anything of mines or even touch my door, understood?” She rolled her eyes, “Whatever. But watch it, Achilles might just slip away from you” and she shut her door. I went to my room and slouched on the bed. I just turned down an amazing guy. I hope he’s okay… he has every right to be angry with me.
  3. I shook it off and said to myself, “Davina, what are you going to do with yourself girl?” I laughed at myself, I was maybe going crazy. I curled up with my knees in my chest, wondering what life would be like without Noitect. It’s strange you know, not every girl gets that chance to risk her life, saving the world with superheroes. I should be grateful but I just feel as though it’s too much pressure, does anyone know what I’m talking about? I switched off my night light and fell into deep slumber. I was unceremoniously awakened by my phone ringing. I answered, “Hello?” “Davina, can I walk with you to school?” I realized it was Stefan. I chuckled, “Sure, just come to my house, now or whenever you like and wait downstairs. I have to get ready” and I hung up. It was only 7:00a.m and school starts at 8:30a.m. Wow…Stefan sure doesn’t want to arrive late for school. When I was done, I went downstairs. It was a weird site because Derek and Stefan were chatting away. Derek said, “Dav, make sure and show him around okay? Oh I won’t be home until 6 today so you can either go to the library or come home to study.” I nodded, “Thanks…dad.” He looked surprised, and that’s good because I like people to be surprised. Stefan said, “Mr Sparks is an interesting man. Well, I think we better go. Bye.” Derek waved us goodbye as we locked the door.
  4. As we walked down the street, Stefan asked me, “What happened with you and Achilles last night?” I was uneasy at the topic but I answered his question, nevertheless, “Well, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I turned him down which resulted in him smashing a bouquet of flowers.” Stefan frowned, “That’s difficult. What are you gonna do when you see him today?” Excellent question. What am I gonna do when I see Achilles today? Would I act normal around him or would things be awkward? The latter I think. I shrugged and as I rounded the corner, I saw the school come into my view. On my right, the cheerleaders were obviously practising, and on the left, the footballers were checking out the cheerleaders or either waiting on their girlfriends. I looked closely at the footballers, searching for Achilles, and it was obvious enough he was there. I saw him laughing with a couple of friends. Stefan looked and me and said, “C’mon Davina, I don’t think you wanna be here right now.” I frowned, “What?” I looked at Achilles and saw that some girl was to the right of him, playing with his hair. It looked as though he was enjoying it. He caught my eye and turned away. I pulled Stefan inside the school and went to my locker. Stefan went to his and met me back at mines because we had the same classes. It was only 7:50a.m so Stefan and I decided to roam the school.
  5. I took him everywhere possible and we decided to sit down in the library for a few minutes. I said, “You okay?” He nodded and I asked, “So…what’s your favourite band?” He said, “It depends on what type of music. I don’t really have a favourite.” I laughed and said that we should get to class because I know how the teachers are. He agreed and we went to our first class: Physics. Mr Rorrom smirked as I entered and I took the back seat with Stefan. He said, “Today, class, we will be doing separations. You will be in groups of three…” and he started placing us into groups. As soon as he said, “Davina Sparks” I got interested and piped up my head. He announced, “Stefan Saunders, Cleona Anderson, and Achilles Santiago are to be paired up with Sparks.” I groaned, “Stef, this is gonna be awkwardddd…” He said, “Yep.” Achilles made his way with Cleona girl. She said, “Hiiii Stefan” which I guessed, pissed Achilles off. Stefan said hi to her and said to me, “I wonder what he’ll make us do today.” Rorrom instructed, “You have to build a solar system and show how it can be used in YOUR homes.” The class cheered because I think they were happy we were getting somewhere. I said, “Okay so who’s doing the write up?” Cleona and Achilles took that so I guess that leaves Stefan and I to do the model. I asked, “Do you want Stefan and I to do the model or you want all of us to do it?” Cleona said, “Honestly, it would be unfair for you two to do it alone so I guess all of us should do it and all of us can help with the write up, it’ll be a group effort.” I nodded encouragingly. Cleona had brown hair which was cut into a Pixie cut which is kept Smooth and sleek and blue eyes. We smiled and Stefan asked, “Where are we going to do the project?” I volunteered, “My house. De—dad wouldn’t mind.” I faked a smile at the end. I almost said Derek XD Oops. They agreed and it was settled that we were going to do a solar panel. It was common, yes but it was certainly effective and since it’s so common, students will not want to do it so they will merely overlook it. See how simply that was? When bell rang, the principal called me to his office.
  6. I went without hesitation, and asked, “Yes sir?” He sighed, “Sparks, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this zandoid. You have to get rid of Rezagrats fast.” I told him that I knew what we had to do and he told me I should get to class. I had Literature. Ms Danson said that we weren’t be doing the play because we’ve finished the syllabus. I don’t see how that’s possible because we’ve only done one play: The Taming of the Shrew. I questioned her, “Please Professor, how is that possible?” She glared at me and then answered, “Miss Sparks, The Taming of The Shrew was the only thing that was on the syllabus and we’ve covered it so I think you know what that means.” I slouched grumpily in my seat. I looked for Stefan. He was on the other side of the class. Ms Danson said, “Sparks, make use of your time and help Mr Saunders understand the play.” I smiled and motioned him to sit next to me. When he came, he explained, “I already know the-” I cut him off, “I know but this gives us more time to see where we are getting our things for the Physics project and when we would do it.” He agreed and we began discussing it. Ms Danson really thought we were working on Shakespeare though, which was rather amusing. When Literature ended, we had our fifteen minute break.
  7. Stefan and I went down to the football pitch; I knew how much he loved football. I saw Achilles and the other guys. Marcus came up to us. His brown hair was messy and he said, “Hey Davina, I’m having a party next week and I was wondering if you wanted to come.” I questioned, “Can Stefan come?” Marcus nodded and I agreed to go. The day passed with ease and after school, Stefan and I went by my house. I groaned as I walked back down the marble staircase. When I came down, Stefan was in his shorts. I didn’t realize I was staring until he smirked, “Davina, you like what you see?” I blinked and smiled sheepishly. I said, “Can we just get started on Literature?” He nodded and began writing an essay on The Taming of the Shrew. I giggled, his was better than mines. Afterwards, for English, we had to write a paragraph on one of our hobby and state why we like to do that. Stefan chose swimming and I chose writing. Night fell like a soft blanket on us and I began to get sleepy. I yawned, “You wanna continue this tomorrow?” He said, “Sure, but there’s one more thing I have to do.” I nodded and cleared the table. When I was putting our cups in the sink, Stefan cornered me. He smiled, “You’re beautiful Davina Sparks.” I blushed scarlet and muttered thanks. He leaned in and our lips crashed. I got a faint scent of his cologne when he kissed me with passion. When we pulled apart, he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, 7:30a.m” and he left.
  8. I was left there, standing. I was so confused. Did I like Stefan or Achilles? I had that on my mind for quite a while until I went up to my room. When I finished took a bath, I decided to go to Noitect. As I bolted upright, I felt a sense of slowness. My flying was weak. As I arrived at Noitect, Tony stopped me, “Sparks, what the hell kid! I haven’t seen you like forever!” I snapped, “I’ve been busy Stark.” He continued, “Some boy named Malfoy kept coming and looking for you. What is happening Davina? Tell me about the zandoid?” I sighed, “The principal said he can’t take care of it for much longer. He said we have to get rid of Rezagrats soon.” He frowned, “I know Davina but it’s proven tricky. You have to come in Noitect every day.” My blood started to boil. They are always asking me to do something. I shouted, “YOU KNOW WHAT?! GET SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE I’M JUST A KID! A KID STARK! I NEED MY TIME!” He retorted, “WELL MAYBE IF YOU CAME IN A BIT MORE, WE WOULDN’T HARASS YOU THIS MUCH!” I sighed, “Listen…I came because I wanted to give you guys an update on the zandoid.” As I turned to leave, I heard someone call my name, “Davina!” I turned around and saw the pale blonde hair boy coming towards me. He said, “Davina, are you going home?” I nodded and stated, “Draco, if you came to give me a lecture, save it.” He smirked, “No, but I do want to show you another way to go home.”
  9. I was confused but Draco pulled me outside of Noitect’s building and said, “I’m going to fly you home.” I smiled, “I can do that for myself, you know?” He smirked that undoubtedly famous smirk and said, “On a broomstick?” I replied, “No.” The said, “That’s settled then, I’m going to fly you on a broomstick home.” He put me on the broom and I felt myself being lifted. I held on to Draco and shouted in the wind, “This is fun!” He smiled, “I know. Now, since it’ll be midnight when I arrive by you, is there somewhere I can stay? I’m not feeling to apparate, just in case Death Eaters are tracking my moves.” I nodded and we flew home. The sensation of flying on a broomstick was just completely beautiful. It was wondrous and amazing. We went up to my room and I said, “You can take the bed, I’ll take the couch.” He shook his head, “I’ll take the couch, don’t worry.” I frowned, “What if my dad sees you?” Silence filled the room as we thought about the possibilities Derek would do. I said, “How about we both just sleep on the bed, just…leave a lot of space in between us?” He shrugged, we didn’t have much of a choice. I changed my clothes and climbed into my bed. Draco took out his clothes and he was left in his boxers. His perfectly six pack abs was staring me in the face and to avoid another scenario like the one with Stefan, I blinked out of it as he climbed in bed and took off the light. He muttered, “Goodnight Davina.” I replied, “Goodnight Draco” and fell into deep slumber.
  10. When I woke up in the morning, I felt an arm around me. Apparently, Draco was snuggled up next to me last night. I felt his constant breathing and I turned to face him. He was three years older than me but he still looked like my age. His hair was perfect as it always was. I studied his face and decided to leave him sleeping. I got my clothes and changed in the bathroom when I finished showered because I didn’t want to invade his space. When I went back into my room, Draco was sitting in the bed, rubbing his eyes. I smiled, “Morning sleepyhead.” He muttered, “Morning, you going to school?” I nodded and told him I’m leaving. I went downstairs and saw Derek with an angry face. He asked, “Who’s that boy in your bed?”

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