Noitect is Activated Part Four {Aria's)

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Hey, this is part four of my third story series. if you haven't read the other parts, i suggest you do because you'll be lost. Oh okay well do people read these things?

Well, in the last question there's a couple things I'll be asking of you readers so please pay attention to it. It would be wonderful if you guys can help me out xxx

Created by: Aria
  1. I looked at Achilles in disbelief, "What? No..." His facial expression hardened as he saw how hurt I was. What...why didn't he tell me? Achilles said, "I'll explain. Come into my office." Hah, that sounds official XD Anyway, now is not the time for that. Achilles explained to me, two years ago, when there was the second biggest fight with Rezagrats; I got hit with a rock (lame, I know) and lost my memory with incidents. Tristen was the one that hit me with the rock, when he levitated it. At this news, I was in denial because Tristen did so much wondrous things for me today. I questioned him, "How do you know?" He said, "Davina, I was there." I pushed him further and he told me that I was in a coma for three weeks and they were all very scared. I still couldn't accept the fact Tristen lied to me. was hurting me. Did I feel something for Tristen?
  2. Achilles said, "Davina, just be careful please." The sincerity and concern in his eyes were too much. He pulled me close to him and kissed me. It felt right, not like those dramatic, romantic kisses but just right. It was the right moment, right person, right everything. After a few seconds, I pulled away blushing and Achilles whispered, "I'll always be here for you Davina." Smiling, I nodded and walked out of his office. I met Carmen on the way and she pulled me aside, "I saw that. It was cute Dav. But seriously, we have to have a better security system. I hope Noitect is going to be alright. All we talk about is safety and look what happened. We need to be careful right?" I gave her a half-hearted smile, she looked really tired. So much for expanding my vocabulary then? xD Haha. I told Carmen bye and went to my house. Anersa was in my room, sleeping. Anger built up inside me and I loudly said, "Get off my bed, NOW." She didn't budge; it was as though she didn't hear it. My rage was controlling me and I did nothing for it to stop. I shook her, "Out, NOW." She woke up and watched me, "Davina, sorry. Um..." I held up a hand, "You don't need to explain anything you scumbag, just get out of my room." She was affronted, "Davina, what's wrong?" I opened my door to see if anyone was home but to my relief, no one was. I shut my door and turned to her, shaking, "What's wrong? You gotta be kidding me." I let out a high pitched laugh and continued on, "Listen Anersa, we were friends. You kept the biggest secret of my life away from me. You are the worst person I know, because I trusted you; I trusted you with everything and you lied to my face. You lied through the skin of your teeth as though it was nothing. You are unbelievable." She smirked, "me? Unbelievable? What about you, huh missy? Lying to your step father, telling him you're at a friends' when you're by your stupid safety thing. You're the liar. Now, I don't want confusion. I just wanted to tell you that he is my father too and you can't stop it Davina, I'm his favourite." I didn't realize my hair turned red and I had fire in my hand. I raised my hand to push her, instead I burned her. She screamed, "WHAT THE HELL?!" I whispered, "That's what you get for betraying me." She went to the sink and the fire went out. She came back and said, "B****, I'm going to get you for this," and she went out the house. I locked the door and felt teardrops in my eyes. My best friend betrayed me; it stung like a bee. Anersa was the only one I counted on and I know I should've reacted better but it was tough.
  3. I looked down at my necklace; the golden eye one. The golden eye was there again and I felt safe with it. I took a shower and switched on the television. The news was on. Boring, politics...finances the country is facing. I decided to watch "˜The Stepson.' It was a bit freaky in the ending but at least, there were no snakes. I felt bored, nothing to do, nowhere to go. Life was going downhill and I couldn't change that. Normally, I would be optimistic about everything but I felt pessimistic. I couldn't see beyond what I actually had in front of me; I didn't feel loved anymore. I felt abandoned, alone, deserted. I was such a complicated person; it's a wonder how I survived in this world. My thoughts are always in the place of wonderland and all around the place. I had no friends in school except Anersa and I don't expect to gain another friend. At least Achilles will be in school with me, that's if I go back to school. Yeah I have to take my education and protect the zandoid but I couldn't handle that teacher/bad guy. Rorrom. That was his name. it sounds disgusting as he is. He was in Rezagrats team and it sucked because he's a teacher at our school. It kind of reminds me of the movie "˜Main Hoon Na' that starred Shah Rukh Khan. Oh well, I wanted to breathe freely again. I wanted to be outstanding. I'm grateful for not being popular in school yes, but being the total loser doesn't help. No, people don't say things about me; they just do as though I don't exist. Harsh right? If they see me walking down the hall, they wouldn't notice that I'm there; they would just bump into me without saying sorry and go their merry way. How friendly is that? I think I've vent out enough of my problems to you; it's best I get some rest. As I lay down in my bed, I recalled the day's events. It was certainly interesting.
  4. I groaned as I woke up in the morning. It was late. I was late for school, so I showered and took a muffin as I ran to school. As I entered class, Ms Jans said, "Sparks, you're late, AGAIN. What has gotten into you?" I apologised and went to the back of the class. I saw Anersa and her little gang giving me the daggers but I ignored it. When it was break, I went up to Achilles, he said, "Davina, I know it's a little soon but do you remember that we were friends before the accident?" I screwed my nose, "No, I don't. Why?" He said, "We were and I liked you a lot. I still like you." I blushed. Since he was by his locker, and I was leaning against it, he leaned it and kissed me. It was butterflies in my stomach all over again and when we pulled apart, some people wolf whistled, some snickered. Who cared? :P He whispered in my ear, "I have to go, see ya later," and he left. I didn't realize Anersa and her friends were there until one of them said, "I hate Davina, I've always liked Achilles and now she came and stole him." I smirked; at least i had something they didn't. When I went back to class, I had chemistry with Mr Ali. No one was in class yet so I decided to take the chance and occupy the back seat. The bell rang and everyone rushed into class. Mr Ali came with a new student. He had turquoise eyes, pure black hair and I swore anyone could see that he was definitely shy. Mr Ali introduced him, "Everyone, this is Stefan Saunders. He's a transfer from Seattle and he's very quiet, so I hope you guys don't give him any trouble." The guys in the classroom laughed along with some girls and I glared at them. They were so childish. Stefan smiled, "It's okay." Mr Ali continued, "Davina Sparks, I would like for you to work with Stefan for the day, meaning even out of this class, you will work with Stefan and show him around. Also help him with any other subjects you two have together." I nodded and Stefan came to sit next to me. I shook his hand, "Seattle huh?" He chuckled, "Have you seen the Last Mimsy too?" I nodded, smiling. The Last Mimsy is a movie about two kids that lived in Seattle and Mimsy was a powerful doll; or something of the sort, I really need to work on my Chemistry at the moment.
  5. "Today we will be doing a basic introduction to isotopes." Mr Ali went on to give us a definition of an isotope and since we had two hours of Chemistry, we had to create a structure of an isotope in pairs. Stefan and I finished ours in fifteen minutes and ended up talking. He said, "You don't have to show me around, you know. You can hang out with your friends." I pointed out, "What if I want to?" He mumbled, "Well I can't stop you but I don't want to waste your time." I said, "You won't be wasting my time, don't worry about it. So, tell me, what made you move from Seattle?" I know I was being a bit pushy but it didn't matter. He responded, "My mom was murdered in our house so we couldn't stand to live there anymore." I was shocked. I muttered, "Sorry." He said, "Don't worry about it." We hadn't realized how much time had passed since we were talking but things got awkward after that. Mr Ali came and gave us an A+ on our project. For about fifteen minutes, we ended up taking notes on radioactive isotopes. When bell rang, I took Stefan by the hand and led him to his locker, "Here. Your locker is right next to mines. Check on your school card, your combination will be there and if you want to change it, you can or if you want it as it is, it's fine by the school." He put his Chemistry book in his locker and I led him to the cafeteria. I giggled, "This is our café. I suggest you bring your own food because they serve weird things. Anyway, let me show you the gym, you'd like it." When he saw the gym, it was like a child's first trip to Disneyland. He was in awe, "Do we get to use it anytime we want?" I nodded and showed him the washrooms which I know he was grateful for because he went to use it. While waiting, I saw Achilles and his friends hanging around. He came up to me, "I made the football team." I hugged him, "That's nice. I'm showing Stefan around, the new kid." His face hardened but then softened when I gave him a kiss on his cheek. Stefan came out of the washroom and I said bye to Achilles. Stefan inquired, "That dude your boyfriend?" I shrugged. I was honest; I didn't know if Achilles and I was a couple or we weren't. Stefan nodded and I showed him the football pitch. He said that he would like to check out for football but the screaming cheerleaders were what he couldn't take. I laughed at that and somehow ended up having lunch with him. He was a quiet person; he wasn't the type that would start a conversation but he wouldn't be anti-social if someone started a conversation with him. It turned out Stefan and I had all our classes together, it was amazing really. xD
  6. We had Literature after with Ms Danson who also introduced Stefan as the new kid and asked him where he would like to sit. He said, "By Davina." I rolled my eyes playfully as he came to sit next to me. Some of the football guys looked at me as, "˜Oh, Achilles is gonna hear about this' but I shrugged it off and Anersa huffed when he came next to me. It was seen that she was already "˜fond' of Stefan. To make it clearer, Anersa WANTED him. Ms Danson said that we have to do a play for Shakespeare and she would put us in groups of six. As she was going to, the PA system came on, "Ms Danson, please report to the office." She complained as she stepped out of class and we know that she was going to take long. The class became noisy and one of Achilles friend came up to Stefan, "Hey dude. I'm Marcus." Stefan shook the boy hand and said, "Stefan Saunders." Marcus nodded, "I know. So why don't you sit with us?" Stefan shook his head, "I don't want to leave Davina alone." It looked as though Marcus got the answer he was looking for because he smirked with satisfaction and left. I gave Stefan a confused look and implied, "Which play would you like to do?" He slyly smiled, "The Taming of the Shrew." I laughed. The Taming of The Shrew was a play with a lot of swearing and insulting. It was one of the funniest plays Shakespeare ever wrote and there was even a movie for it. I told Stefan I liked the Tempest, Midsummer's Night Dream, King Lear and the famous Romeo and Juliet. He smiled, knowing I was going to say that. Stefan and I were so bored; we ended up playing thumb finger fight. The hour past and we had to leave class because we had Art.
  7. We had the choice of painting whatever we want and Stefan didn't want me to see his painting until he was done. I painted the cover of the Artemis Fowl Book 1. It came out pretty good, might I add because I wasn't a very good painter. When Stefan was done, he turned his painting towards me. It was the most beautiful thing ever. It was a little girl in a garden with a bunch of flowers in her hand. I questioned him, "Who's that?" He replied, "My sister Tiana." He told me she was only nine years old and she was the apple of his eyes. I found it really cute but then he said, "Tiana was murdered with my mother." Okay, that was a huge twist for me. It was depressing. How could he even blurt it out to me? I have a feeling this shy guy had something going on in his life and I would like to figure it out. It would be my time for an adventure. I said, "Sorry, I didn't know." He shrugged and gave up his painting. I asked, "Stefan, where are you living?" It turned out his father was renting one of our houses since we owned an entire community, well my step dad owned an entire community. I clapped my hands, "Woohoo, this means I can come over anytime right?" He chuckled, "If you want to." I was excited; maybe Stefan and I could become really good friends. When school finished, I groaned, because I had to find Achilles to go home. I asked Stefan if he wanted to walk over to the pitch with me and he agreed. I met Achilles and I said, "You going home now? Or you are going NPP?" He frowned, "I have football practice." I replied, "Okay well I'm going home. If you go to NPP just tell them I'm tired. Bye." When I turned to leave, Achilles pulled me into a kiss. This time there was a lot of tongue involved and I swore it took a minute we kissed. When we pulled apart, he said, "I'll come over later right?" I smiled and nodded and left with Stefan. He said, "So..." I know what he was thinking.
  8. I said, "I dunno if we're a couple, it looks like it but I really can't say." He mouthed "Oh." Stefan and I walked home and I asked him if he needed help with anything for tomorrow and he said yes. When I arrived home, Derek (my step father) and the hoe were there. I announced, "This is Stefan. He's new and I'll be helping him with some work. Plus, his dad rented some house in this community so you'll be seeing him a lot." Derek nodded, "Okay but Anersa is coming home in five minutes so maybe you three could work together." I snickered, "that scum? No thanks. Now excuse me, I have things to do." I left Derek and the hoe there with their jaws dropping because they were dumbfounded. They thought I would accept they lied to me for my entire life? No I was not accepting it. I led Stefan to my room and asked, "Okay so what do you want to start with first?" He said, "How about Physics?" I laughed, "Okay you're going to hate our physics teacher because he's a total douche. He started over the entire Physics syllabus so we know we won't get anywhere unless we work for ourselves." He understood, "Okay, so what are you guys doing right now with the teacher?" I taught Stefan the scientific method and we ended up going through lines of flux, or more importantly lines of force. I said, "Magnetism is the last topic we have to do but I doubt with Mr Rorrom we'll get anything done. So now that we know what lines of flux are, can you tell me about the magnet in the Earth?" He smartly replied, "The earth only ACTS as though there is a bar magnet inside it but a magnet doesn't exist inside the Earth." I smiled, "Bravo, at least we might finish this topic today." He assured me he was a quick learner and it was true. We finished the magnetic field and moved on to electromagnet. I inquired, "What is the disadvantage and advantage of electromagnets?" He thought and then answered, "The disadvantage is compared to a permanent magnet, the electromagnet has the disadvantage that it must be supplied with energy continuously but the advantage is that it can be switched on and off." I chuckled, "I thought you said you needed help." He protested, "I do. I just don't know but it's easy to learn with you. Now I sound like a kid but whatever. Haha."
  9. We didn't realize four hours had passed since we got home so it was 6:30p.m. I asked, "You wanna go home or you want me to help you with anything else?" He said, "I need help with French. My French skills are the worst. Check it out. All I know is "˜J'adore moi.'" I laughed. He said he loves himself. That was cute. I took out my French book and taught him all we did since the beginning of the term and I decided to question him on it and he got everything right. Stefan said, "Now you make me think you have some sort of positive vibration." I giggled; Physics was amazing in its own way. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Tony, "Davina, what are you doing? Achilles said you were tired but I have a feeling something is up." I defended myself, "I'm busy Tony, I'm helping a friend with something." He said, "Yeah well when you feel like it, you'll help Achilles with the security system tonight." I moved aside from Stefan and said, "Tony, Achilles and I aren't the only ones in NPP. Can you get some others to help? NO, you always call me for these minor things. Bye." I hung up and went back to Stefan. He said, "Rough time huh?" I pointed out, "You have no idea." Derek called from downstairs, "Dinner's ready Davina." I smiled at Stefan and asked, "Would you like to stay for dinner?" He looked uneasy, "I don't know...would your dad allow it?" I teased, "No..." He frowned and I said, "You took me seriously? He would let you stay." I had to pull him downstairs and I said to Derek, "Can Stefan stay for dinner?" He smiled, "Yeah but sadly Anersa's mother has gone home. Don't worry though because Anersa is here and surprisingly enough Achilles is here too." My eyes popped open and went to the living room. I saw Achilles and Anersa. He was a couple of feet away from her and she looked as though "˜What the fudgecakes.' I smiled, "Hey Achilles, Derek said dinner's ready.'
  10. I ended up sitting next to Stefan and teased, "You can eat you know, it's not there for style." He blushed and said, "Don't we have to say prayer?" I said, "Yes, I was testing you" and we said prayer before dinner. After that, we dug into our food but Derek excused himself from the table to go to the kitchen. By the time he came back, everyone was finished eating. Derek had ice cream and cake in his hands. I looked at him and asked, "" He said, "My treat." I shrugged and took two spoons of chocolate ice-cream for Stefan and a scoop of chocolate and strawberry for me. I asked, "Is there cones?" Derek nodded and got them. As I put them in the cones, I smudged some on Stefan's nose. He laughed, "Hmm..." Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Achilles trying to have a conversation with Anersa. I shrugged it off and said, "That's what you get for making me pull you downstairs." He crossed his arms and as I took a lick of my ice-cream, he smudged me. I crossed my arms and huffed, "You made mess. Now clean it up." He protested, "But you smudged me..." I teased, "I can do that but you can't." he raised his hands in surrender and went into the kitchen to get a napkin. As he went, Achilles turned to me, "You got the message from Stark?" I nodded, "Yep. Guess what's my name?" He shrugged, "Davina?" I shook my head, "MASTER ICE CREAM NOSE!" He laughed and Stefan came back with the napkin. I asked him, "What's my name?" He thought about it for a while and said, "Master Ice Cream Messy Nose?" I was impressed but shook my head, "No, just take out the messy part because I am not messy." He pointed it out, "You are messy." I said, "No but before this ice cream gets sticky, please take it out." He took the napkin and wiped the top of my nose gently. Our faces were inches apart and I felt his constant breathing. I looked into his turquoise eyes and got lost. "Uhh..."Derek said. Stefan and I were shook back to reality and I muttered, "Thanks" to Stefan. He smiled, "No problem." Achilles said, "Davina...can you come with me somewhere?"
  11. He led me to the garden and asked, "Is there something I should know?" I shook my head, "No, why?" He frowned, "Well it seems as though you like the new kid." I laughed, "Stefan's my friend. I have to admit, you two would be great friends though." He said, "Davina, I really like you, you know that right?" I nodded, not seeing where he was going with this but he continued, "I just wanted to ask you would you do the honours of being my beautiful girlfriend?"
  12. Okay so guys here's the deal. I need some characters. I need about five guy characters and four girl characters. All I need are their names and how they look. Btw, the characters are going to be in school with Davina and the others. So please please please give me those characters :D

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