Teenage Chronicle Part 23

Welcome to part of Teenage Chronicle! (: This quiz is dedicated to Aria, my biggest supporter of all time. She's been going through a rough time, so now It's my turn to support her. Also to MrsMellark! (:

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. "____, Ezra's on the phone." Calisto said. "I thought she was here with us?" I asked. He shook his head. "She went back with Xavier's friend." "Oh." I replied and walked down the stairs. "Hello?" I breathed into the phone. I heard sobbing. "Ezra?" I asked. "____?" She sniffled. "Ezra, what's wrong?" I asked. She cried a little more. "It's Jake." She sobbed. My heart started beating erratically against my rib cage. "Whats wrong?" I whispered. "He's dead."
  2. My stomach dropped and my heart stopped beating. "Wha-what?" I choked. More tears were swelling up in my eyes. "I''m so sorry ____." Ezra cried. I dropped the phone and fell to my knees. "___?" The guys ran to me. "What happened?" Patch asked. Calisto grabbed the phone. "Ezra?" I heard him speak. "What? When?" He said. "Jake.." I whispered. "What happened?" Josh asked. I saw Calisto walk back up. "Jake died..." He said in a low voice. The guys looked up at him in horror. "What? I thought Roger was suppose to help him." Josh stood up and faced Calisto. Calisto looked at me. "Lets go to the living room." He said and walked out of the room with Josh. "I'll be back." Alex stood up and went with the others. I was left with Patch.
  3. He stared at me intently. I leaned my back against the kitchen wall, staring at my trembling hands. I felt like I no longer had a heart. My heart felt like it was thrown on the ground, got stomped on by cleats, and was thrown in a shredder. I couldn't bear the pain I felt inside of me. First my parents, and now Jake. I didn't even get to say goodbye. The tears finally started streaming down my face. Patch's eyes widen and he looked like he didn't know what to do. I hid my face away from him by resting my elbows on my knees, and holding my face in my hands.My ears were ringing loudly. My head was spinning. I couldn't handle this.
  4. I felt a strong arm wrap around me. I knew it was Patch. He was sitting next to me, and pulled me close to his chest. He was comforting me, and the fact that he was, made me cry even more. I don't know why it did, it was just something that always happened. I laid my head on his chest and inhaled his intoxicating smell. He held me tightly as I cried endlessly. The room was full of sadness. My house that I grew up in, was full of sadness. I suddenly jolted up. "What's wrong?" Patch asked alarmed. "My parents. I want to bury them." I sniffed. Patch nodded and stood up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Calisto, Josh, and Alex walked back in. They stared at me and instantly came and comforted me. I felt suffocated though. I was in the middle of a tight group hug.
  5. The guys pulled away and stared at me. I looked away and walked over to my parents, kneeling beside them. My heart was pounding erratically. My eyes puffy and red. I touched my parents and something disturbing happened. I gasped and jumped back. When I touched them, they turned into the brightest pale white sand I had ever seen. "The gods.." Josh whispered. "What happened to my parents?" I gasped. "The gods turns your parents into sand in honor." Josh said. "What?" I asked and stared at the sand. "When a mortal dies, and the gods liked them, they turn them into sand, in honor. Its helps them live happily in the after life." He explained. It made me feel better that at least they were in a better place.
  6. Suddenly the sand started floating and went out the back door. "Whats happening?" I asked and followed after out the door. I stood in my backyard staring at the sand which was floating in a circle. The guys stood beside me and watched. The sand dissolved and I saw my parents. They were transparent in the blue sky. They were waving at me. "Mom? Dad?" I whispered. "They were smiled at me." I waved back. My mom mouth 'I love you' and my dad 'We'll be watching over you'. My eyes, once again, were tearing up. I was happy that they were in a better place, but I was sad that I could no longer be with them in person.
  7. I stared at the empty sky. They had officially left me. I turned to face down and walked back into the house. The guys followed me. "We have to go back." I stopped and turned around. The guys gave me a confused stare. "To Jake." I said. "I'll call Roger." Josh said and went to go find the phone. I was so overwhelmed by all of this pain and sadness. I just lost three people who meant so much to me. I felt weak, and emotional. My weak were dry and I was tired from crying so much. "Are you feeling okay?" Alex asked. I nodded. "I'm just tired." What I really meant to say was: No I'm not fine. I just lost my parents and Jake. Not to mention I have a crazy enemy threatening me and everyone I love, but no big deal.
  8. Josh walked back into the kitchen. "Roger said he's coming here as fast as he can." I was so anxious to get there. I don't know how to explain how I was feeling. It was just something inside my that was telling me to go back to the house. I let out a deep breath and headed to my room. I looked around at my room for one last time. I was causing even more pain to myself by thinking negative. I walked over to my bed and sat on the edge. I looked around taking in my surroundings. My pale blue walls covered in posters and lights. My desk where I have pictures of my family and old memories. My bed, so so comfortable. The sheets smooth and silky from the wash my mom used. I laid myself down staring up at my ceiling which was also covered with posters. My bed was so relaxing.
  9. Memories started flooding into my mind. About my parents, and Jake. I remembered when he took me to the ships deck and we laid down together. He told me about himself and he turned out too be a totally different guy. I remembered how it started raining and we goofed around. I laughed to myself. That was the night we had out first kiss. I softly grazed my lips with my fingertips, recalling the kiss. Then we went back to his room and I met his dog Oliver. "Oh.." I whimpered. Jake is gone, and Oliver no longer has an owner. I frowned
  10. I wonder how Katherine is doing. She just saw Jake for the first time in who knows how long. My insides were burning and a lump was growing in my throat. I felt like crying again just because this was so much to handle in one day. I lost three people. Three people, in one day. I hate so much hate building inside of me. All towards Cydonia and Erika. What is her problem? I still don't understand why she has so much against me. "Roger's here." Patch said leaning against the door. His eyes were studying me. I stood up and went over to grab y unpacked bags. I was only here for a day and things went from good to extremely terrible. I followed Patch outside to Roger, and we all climbed into the helicopter. I sat in between Alex and Patch. My eyes were slowly closing and the next thing I knew, I feel into a deep sleep.
  11. ** I felt a firm hand grip my shoulder and shake me tightly. "____. We're here." I heard a voice say. My eyes fluttered open. I saw Alex standing in front of me. It was already night time, but I could tell it was him. "Wait, we're here?" I asked and he nodded. I instantly jolted up out of my seat and ran into the house. "_____!" The guys called after, but I ignored them. I bolted through the door and instantly went for the basement. I ran down the stairs and stopped right outside the door where Jake was. I slowly opened the door and walked in. "Jake." I whimpered. Tear automatically forming in my eyes. My knees went weak and I almost stopped breathing. Jake was laying on a bed. His lifeless body laying a few feet away from me.

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