Teenage Chronicle Part 12

Welcome to part 12 of Teenage Chronicle! This part has a surprise ending that I actually never though I would put in, but! I realized it wasn't the same. So some people might like it more then others (:

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. . Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. Patch did the cheesy yawn and put his arm around me. “I thought you only did that in movies?” I laughed as he put his arm around me. “It still works.” He smiled. I stuck my tongue out at him. He grinned and started tickling me. “no, stop!” I laughed. “Or what?” he taunted. “or-” I couldn’t stop laughing. Patch finally grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. I was still laughing though. “Okay, I’m really tired now.” I said catching my breath. “I won’t keep you up any longer.” Patch said still holding me. “Thanks Patch.” I said laying my head on his chest. “Like I said, no need to thank me.” He replied. I closed my eyes and feel asleep in Patch’s arms.
  2. ** I woke up to something moving. I opened my eyes and saw Patch still hugging me. I laughed and stretched. He flickered his eyes open. “Good morning.” He smiled. “Morning.” I replied. “Your cute when you sleep.” Patch grinned. “I know.” I smiled and stood up. “Thanks for being there for me Patch.” I said looking at him. “Stop thanking me. It’s the least I can do.” He laughed. “Well, I’ll be back.” I said and walked into my bathroom. I quickly put on sweat pants, but stayed in my tank top. I brushed my teeth and hair and walked back out.
  3. I noticed Patch was gone. I frowned and walked to my bed. Something picked me up and I screamed. “It’s just me.” Patch said grinning. “Hi.” I laughed. Patch had me in his arms and threw me on the bed. He sat down next to me and started tickling me. “Stop it Patch!” I said laughing. “Magic word?” He said grinning. “Please? Unicorns? Food? Patch is awesome?” I said in between breaths and laughing. “I was going with Patch is hot, but awesome works too.” He said and stopped tickling me. I stopped laughing and caught my breath. Patch and I were both laying on our backs.
  4. “Do you think Josh is going to stay mad at me?” I asked. “I don’t know. I’m sure he’ll get over it, but I’ll talk to him.” Patch said leaning closer to me. He was still shirtless, and smelled really good. Patch’s black hair was messy and it made him lot a lot more attractive. I couldn’t help it, so I kissed him. I pulled away and saw him grinning. “You call that a kiss?” He grinned and pulled me on top of him. I was straddling Patch’s lap. “It’s not like you can do any better.” I teased. He gave me his mischievous grin and pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips locked and I could feel a hunger inside me. I’ve never felt it before but I did feel the rush of energy Patch’s kisses always gave me. Someone knocked on my door and I quickly jumped off of Patch. I ended up falling on the floor.
  5. “Smooth.” Patch was grinning over the bed. I was laying on my back. “Ow.” I groaned. He laughed and stood up to help me. I stood up and opened the door slightly. “Hey.” It was Ezra. I felt less nervous. “Hi.” I replied opening the door a little wider. “Are you feeling better?” She asked. I nodded. “Yeah, a lot better.” I replied. Ezra’s eyes widened. “I see that.” She grinned. “Huh?” I turned around and saw Patch. “Oh, no! It’s not what it looks like..” I said quickly. “Ah huh. Sure.” Ezra smirked. “He was just comforting me.” I replied. “Thats my girl.” Ezra grinned and walked away. “Not like that!” I yelled after her. I shut the door and looked at Patch. “Smooth.” I mocked him. He just grinned and pulled his shirt over his head. He was still in his boxers though. “Well I’m going down to eat now. I’m hungry.” I replied laughing. “I’m going to go talk to Josh first.” He said looking at me. I nodded and walked out.
  6. I walked into the kitchen and saw Jake sitting at the table. I ran up to him and hugged him before he could notice me. “I’m sorry.” I said still hugging him. “Sorry for what?” He asked confused. “For the guys.” I replied. “It’s not your fault they didn’t react so well. I don’t blame them.” Jake shrugged. “Anyways, where did you sleep last night?” I asked. “Guest room.” Jake replied. “Well have a guest room?” I asked. “Well actually it’s a basement.. but Xavier said it was a guest room.” He said and I laughed. The basement was an awesome place to hang out. It had a room and there was a flats screen, foosball table, and pool table in the living room down there but I rarely went spent anytime down their because I had my own room.
  7. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He replied and smiled at me. I saw him go back downstairs, and I decided to make waffles. I popped the waffles into the toaster and sat on the counter. I saw Alex walk in. “Are you mad at me, too?” I asked. Alex looked at me. “No, I just don’t want that jerk near you.” Alex said. “Someone is a little protective.” I joked. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” He grinned. “By the way. Stop stripping in the kitchen.” I said as he purposely threw off his shirt. He grinned and winked at me. “Wow.” I rolled my eyes and patiently waited for my waffles to finish toasting
  8. Alex sat down with a bowl of cereal. A few minutes later Josh walked into the room, and I could feel the tension. “Awk-ward” Alex sang. I glared at him. Josh didn’t say a word to me. i couldn’t take it. “Josh. Are you still mad at me?” I asked. No reply. “Josh?” I looked at him but he was to busy giving me the silent treatment. “Seriously?” I jumped off the counter. “How long is this going to go on for?” I scoffed. He didn’t say anything. I really thought he would of got over it. I know I hurt him, but the best I could do at the moment is apologize. I didn’t know what else to do. I just didn’t understand why he couldn’t at least accept my apology. My waffles jumped out of the toaster and it made me flinch.
  9. “Josh, please talk to me?” I begged. He was my friend, plus I’ve never gotten the silent treatment from a guy. He shrugged. “What is there to say?” Josh finally answered. “At least accept my apology.” I replied. He turned and faced me. “Accept it? Accept the fact that you lied to me? Accept the fact that you kissed that scumbag? Accept the fact that you hurt me?” His voice began to rise. “Josh calm down.” Alex said staring at him. “I didn’t mean to. Put yourself in my shoes!” I was also beginning to raise my voice. “No, you put yourself in MY shoes.” Josh’s eyes flashed gold and I knew he was angry. “What would you do if I’ve been talking to Erika behind your back. Even knowing how much you hate her. What would you do Id I kissed her, and kept it a secret from you.” He said in such a calm tone that it scared me. I felt a flash in my eyes, I knew they had turned gold. and I could feel my body starting to heat up. I knew I would of been mad, no pissed. I just didn’t want to accept the fact that I did that to him.
  10. “What do you want me to do Josh? I can’t change anything I did!” I was starting to yell. “That’s exactly it. You didn’t DO anything. You kept it your own secret, from all of us.” He said. Josh needed to know the truth. I was tired of him making ME look like the bad guy. None of us were though, he didn’t know anything yet. I gripped my fists. “Are you going to ever accept my apology?” I asked through gritted teeth. “So this is what it looks like when a god and a goddess fight?” I heard Alex say to himself. “You wouldn’t be apologizing if you would have told me the truth.” Josh said. I was beginning to feel furious. He kept dumping this all on me, and making me feel bad. I couldn’t take it anymore.
  11. “You want the truth Josh?” I raised my voice and clenched my jaw. “The truth is Jake isn’t even the Incubus. Erika is, she has been. She lied to you years ago whenever this happened. She made you think Jake was the ‘Incubus’ and that he took Katherine.” I paused to take a breath and Alex’s mouth was hanging open. “The truth is Katherine is Jake’s sister. and Erika played you and Jake against each other so that you would hate each other. Looks like her game worked.” I said through gritted teeth and shoved myself past Josh. Just before I left I saw Jake walk back upstairs.
  12. I was so mad at Josh for always making me feel bad. I can’t be mad at him though, he didn’t know anything. Besides I was the one who hurt him and he made a point about the Erika thing. But I wouldn’t thrash out at him and make him feel bad. Okay well maybe I would thrash out at him a little.. or a lot. But I wouldn’t make him feel bad constantly. I would of let him tell me his story, and at least accepted his apology. Well after awhile. I walked upstairs and went to Calisto’s room.
  13. I knocked on Calisto’s door, and walked in. “Hey.” He smiled. He was laying in his bed covered up in his covers. “Oh were you sleeping? Sorry, I’ll come back later.” I said backing out of the door. “No, wait! Stay!” He yelled as I was shutting the door. I opened it and walked in. “You sure?” I asked. He nodded and sat up showing off his perfect, tan eight pack. I tried to avoid drooling my letting my steam out. “Can we just- hang out?” I asked. “Sure.” He smiled. “Do you think Josh is going to forgive me?” I asked. Calisto’s left side of his mouth slanted up. “I know he will. He just needs time to think things through. He can be a hot head, but thats on rare situations. This is one of those rare situations. He’s hurt, but he doesn’t want to show it. So he ends up pushing people away. Deep down, I know he forgives you. Don’t let his attitude bother you.” Calisto said. Every single time, Calisto always knew just what to say.
  14. “You know, you always manage to make me feel better.” I smiled at him. He shrugged. “It’s just my thing.” He smiled. “I’m serious. You always make me feel better.” I smiled. “You shouldn’t be thanking me. Your the one who is always there for me, like the night before.” He said. “Anytime.” I smiled. “So what happened between you and Josh now? I heard yelling.” He said laying back down. “He was giving my the silent treatment and I kept asking him to forgive me blah blah blah we ended up arguing about the lie I told, and I blew up on him spilling some important secrets.” I shrugged. “Like what?” he asked. I took a deep breathe.
  15. “I told him the truth that I found out on the ship awhile ago. Jake told me that Erika set Jake and Josh up. She made Josh believe that Jake was the one who was the incubus and that he took Katherine away, but in Jake’s point of view Erika told Jake that Josh was the bad guy that was going to take away Katherine from Jake.” I explained. “and why exactly is Katherine important to Jake?” Calisto questioned. “Oh yeah duh. Uh well Katherine is Jake’s sister.” I shrugged. Calisto’s eyes widened. “So your telling me that for the past oh who knows maybe 50, 60 years that Jake and Josh hated each other over nothing?” Calisto asked. I nodded. “I’m so sorry I didn’t mention this earlier. I haven’t been telling you guys everything and I feel so bad.” I vented. “It’s fine. You just told me right now.” He smiled. I loved that he was always so understanding. “Thanks.” I hugged him tightly. I felt his smooth arms wrap around me.
  16. “Well I should go see how Josh is taking the news.” Calisto said standing up out of his bed. I nodded. “Yeah. I guess I should, too.” I replied. I did just dump all this information on him. I hope he wasn’t super angry, or freaking out. I walked out of Calisto’s room and walked down stairs. As I was walking to the kitchen I heard the door bell ring. “It might be the pizza I ordered!” I heard Alex yelled from the kitchen. Pizza this early? I shrugged. It better now be that Cyndonia girl. I sightly opened the door. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart was pumping so fast and tears were swelling up my eyes. “MAX!” I screamed and tackled him with a hug.

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