Teenage Chronicle Part 10

Welcome to part ten of Teenage Chronicle! This one is mostly w/ Calisto though. By the way this quiz is dedicated to Missy Prissy Cat for being the biggest Calisto fan!

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. . Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. I heard the voice again. “My son.” The female voice whispered. “Whats it saying?” Patch asked. “Shh.” I said back. “Son?” I asked. “Calisto.” She said in a calm voice, and my heart dropped. She’s dead? I shook my head, refusing to believe this. “No, you can’t. Your alive.” I said taking a step back, hitting Alex. “Woah, what’s wrong?” Alex said grabbing me. “I’m not. I had an accident.” I heard her soft voice begin to sob. I wanted to cry. She put this all on me. How was I going to tell Calisto this? He’s been through enough. “Don’t tell him yet, but please be there to comfort him. Xavier is bringing him this news tonight. He has arrived.” She said. I closed my eyes from prevent my tear from falling. “He needs you. Take care of him. Tell him I love him.” She said before fading away. My body was shaking, and I gripped my hands into fist, holding back my tears. If I could barely contain myself, how would Calisto react. I didn’t want to think about it.
  2. “What’s wrong?” Patch asked. “Uhm nothing.” I said wiping away a tear before they could notice. “What did it say?” Calisto asked. I couldn’t look at him right now. “Uh I couldn’t really understand. But we better get back home.” I replied and walked to the car. The guys followed and this time Patch got in the drivers seat. “You okay?” Patch asked. “Yeah.” I nodded and faked a smile. He turned on the car. ‘I don’t believe you.’ I heard a voice in my head. I realized it was Patch. I looked over at him and he tilted his head to look at me. I looked away and decided to stay quiet for the rest of the car ride. Surprisingly everyone else did too, even Alex.
  3. We arrived at the house, and I saw an unfamiliar car parked in our driveway. I was guessing it was Xavier. “I’ll go get Ezra and Josh to come help us.” I said getting out of the car. I ran to the door and opened it. I saw Ezra and Xavier sitting in the living room. “Hey Xavier!” I smiled at him. Even though I was dying on the inside. Calisto was going to find out any minute now. “Sorry to interrupt but we need help. We bought A LOT of food.” I said and walked towards the stairs. “Josh!” I yelled up and he showed up a few minutes later. “We need your help with the food.” I said walking out the door. It was only a little past the afternoon but the sun seemed to be setting already. We brought all the food into the house and the guys greeted Xavier. Ezra and I began putting the food away while the guys sat down at the table.
  4. We finished and I stood by the counter as Ezra sat with her dad. “I have some news.” Xavier said looking down and playing with a napkin. I knew he was going to break the news. “What’s up?” Josh asked. I did everything I could to not burst out into tears right on the spot. “It’s about you.” Xavier looked at Calisto. “Me?” He responded in confusion. “Your mother.” Xavier said slowly. Calisto leaned back in his seat. “Did you find her?” He asked. Xavier shook his head. “There was an accident.” He said looking at Calisto. I saw him flinch. “What happened..” He said slowly backing out of his chair. “I’m sorry.” Xavier whispered. I saw his eyes fill up with tears. He stood up and walked out into the living room. I heard a loud crash, and I knew I had to help him. “I’m going with him.” I said and left the room.
  5. I ran after him. I noticed there was a broken flower vase on the floor in the living room. Ezra could pick it up later, right now all I could do was help Calisto. I walked into his room, and the lights were off. There was light only from the moon that was shining in through the window, which was decent lighting. I saw sitting on the edge of his bed, with his elbows propped on his knees, and his head in his hands. “Calisto.” I said and went over to sit by him. “I’m so sorry.” I said turning to face him. “I can’t believe she’s dead.” He said. “All this time, I’ve made it through because of her. I thought if I could, I’d go back and see her.” He said. He began to cry. I couldn’t help but cry either. It was Calisto, he was the strongest out of all of us, I’m not talking about his power, but emotional wise. He’s been through so much, and yet he’s proved to stay strong.
  6. Shortly after he loosened his gripped and I broke away. “I have to tell you something.” I said in between tears. “What is it?” He said wiping my tears away. I grabbed his hands. “I-I saw your mom. She was the shadow speaking to me at the store.” It hurt to say the words, just because I knew the whole time. “I’m so sorry I didn’t say anything. She told me not to-” “Its okay.” He said and pulled me in for a hug again. “She wanted me to tell you that she loves you.” I said. I felt him shaking. “She also told me to take care of you.” I added in. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. I felt him nod. “It’s fine.” He said and played with my hair. I always loved it when he did. It made me feel calm. I always did seem to feel calm with Calisto.
  7. “I glad we met you.” Calisto said. “I would of never made it this far with out you.” He barely whispered. “When my parents went missing, you came right a long and made me feel better. You saw my father. And I knew he was okay because of you. I-I can’t even explain how I feel because of you. That's just how good of a feeling you make me feel.” He said still hugging my tightly. I was so breath taken that I couldn’t reply. I just cried more, and he hugged me tighter. “I want to know what happened.” He said pulling away. “What do you mean?” I asked. “To my mom.” He replied. I nodded. “Let’s go ask Xavier.
  8. Before we left he stopped me. “Thanks ____. I mean it. I don’t know what I would do with out you.” He smiled softly. “What are friends for?” I smiled back. I noticed his jaw clenched when I said friends. We walked out in the hall. “You probably think I’m a weak for crying.” He let out a small laugh, and I stopped walking. “Weak? How could I ever call you weak. You have every right to cry. In fact your the strongest one out of all of us. Your the one who has been through the most, and kept your head up, no matter what happened to you. Your far from weak. I couldn’t ever call you thank. No one could.” I kind of yelled this at him. He didn’t know how strong he’s been. “That’s all because of you.” He replied. “I’m glad I’ve helped you.” I smiled and hugged him.
  9. We let go and walked back downstairs to the kitchen. “Hey.” Everyone said at different times. Calisto smiled at them. “I’m sorry Calisto.” Josh said hugging him. “It’s okay.” Calisto replied. “We know how much she meant to you.”Alex hugged Calisto after Josh. “It hurts to not know your family.” Patch said and also hugged Calisto. I realized I didn’t know anything about Patch’s family. I actually didn’t really know much about Patch in general. He really never told anything personal. “I’m sorry.” Ezra hugged him. “Your mother was a wonderful woman.” Xavier said putting a hand on his shoulder. Calisto gave a half smile. “I want to know what happened.” Calisto asked. “Are you sure you want to know?” Xavier asked. Calisto nodded. “Her death wasn’t an accident. Thats what everyone believes. But Daisy and Artemis found Erika and are pretending to work for her. They found out things.” Xavier said. “So what happened?” Calisto asked. “Erika was testing certain powers she’s gained on other Immortals. Your mother was one of them. But she couldn’t handle it.”
  10. I saw so much anger in Calisto’s eyes. I’ve never seen so much hatred in him. He put his hands on his head and paced back and forth. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF HER!” He yelled and punched the oven. We all flinched and jumped back. “I swear to god. I’m going to get Erika back.” Calisto said kicking the table. Since he had super strength he made so much more damage to the oven. The whole door had a fist indented in it and was shoved inside of the oven. I’ve never seen Calisto so angry, or in rage. But I didn’t blame him. I was pissed. How could she do that? Hasn’t she done enough? “I can’t do this any longer! She’s made everyone’s life that I care about hell! I’m going to look for her.” I said in absolute rage. “No ___, don’t. I have someone looking for her. He’ll be here in a bit.” Xavier said. I paced back and forth to kept myself from exploding.
  11. “She is hot when she's made.” I heard Alex say to Patch, who grinned at me. I glared at them and they shut up. I couldn’t imagine how Calisto felt. “I’m going to rip everyone of her minions apart.” Calisto mumbled to himself. “I am too. I’m sick of her!” I growled. “___ clam down.” Ezra said putting her hand on my shoulder. “Sorry.” I mumbled. "I have to say something quickly, before my help arrives.” Xavier said. “What?” We all asked. “Some of you may no agree with this idea, but you have to trust me. You can’t let a bad past ruin the chance of catching Erika.” Xavier said. “What are you talking about?” Josh asked. Before Xavier could answer the door bell rang. I was the closest to the door so I went to go open it. “He’s here.” Xavier said as I walked away. I opened the door and partially jumped in happiness, but my heart almost stopped beating because of what the guys were going to do. Jake was the one who was going to help us.

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