Teenage Chronicle Part 6

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  1. "I don't know that guy." I replied. Adam who was slouched in his chair, leaned up fully alarmed. "______!" They both yelled so loud, that the whole class jumped. Some students began to groan and were telling me to hurry up. I stood up slowly and walked to the front. I didn't know what else to do. '"Quickly." The man said. My heart was pounding. Everyone's eyes were on me so I couldn't do anything. I reached the front. "Thank you." The man said to Mr. Linquest and grabbed me by the elbow. I tried to pull away but his grip was to tight and strong. "Have a nice day." Mr. Linquest smiled at us and the man led us both to the door. As soon as it shut behind us I kicked him in the shin and tried to make a run for it. But he was quicker and grabbed my arm tighter and pulled me back. "Think you'll get away that easy?" He grumbled and rubbed his shin. I noticed he had an irish accent. "You know theres cameras watching us?" I pointed to the black bubbles in the hallway. He chuckled. "We've already handled that." He began to walk but I held my ground with all the energy I had. "Let go off me!" I screamed and he wrapped his hand around my mouth. My screams were now muffled. I wished with everything I had that someone would see us. He lifted me off the ground but I kicked and squirmed with everything I had. "Your a fighter aren'tcha? Settle down!" I knew the man was now struggling so I continued to kick and flail.
  2. I heard a door open. "_______!" I recognized the voice. The man turned around but I was still in his brace. I saw Adam staring at the both of us in alarm. "Let her go!" Adam came running towards us. The man cursed and threw me to the ground. I sat in pain. They were about a foot apart and Adam made the first move. He swung his arm out but missed.. The man started attacking Adam, but to my surprise he was actually dodging all his hits. It finally ended when Adam hit his jaw, and hard. The man feel to the ground in agony. I held in my surprised and scared scream. "How did you beat him?" I asked in awe. I honestly didn't think a normal teenage boy would beat some young adult who works with a evil minded girl. "That doesn't matter right now. Why was he taking you?" Adam's eyes had a worried expression. "I honestly don't know." I replied. I really didn't know though. "Are you okay?" He examined me. "Yeah." I replied. His eyes locked at my wrist. I looked down and my eyes bugged. My wrist was a redish purple. He must of grabbed me so tightly I couldn't even feel the pain.
  3. Adam grabbed my hand to examine the bruise. He lightly pressed his thumb against my skin. I flinched. "We need to ice that." He said staring at me. I nodded. I heard someone groan and we both turned. The man was trying to stand up. Adam paced towards him. He grabbed him by the collar and pinned him to the wall. "Why were you trying to take her?" Adam asked. The man spit on Adam. Adam knee'd the man. "Talk." Adam snapped. "Erika. She told me to." He said in pain. "Who's Erika." Adam asked. "I know her. It's a long story." I said. "Why didn't she come herself? " I asked. "She doesn't know where you are. She sent a few of us to look for you." He groaned. Of course, always to lazy to do things herself. "She's still looking for me?" I asked. "She's never stopped." He replied. I was about to ask another question when he disappeared. "What the hell?" Adam asked. He just disappeared and left behind white fog. It eventually disappeared.
  4. "You saw that right?" Adam asked. "Uh yeah." I was still confused on how he disappeared. "I don't understand." I whispered. "Are you okay?" Adam asked. I looked up at him. "Yeah." I replied. "We should go to the nurse." Adam said. My wrist was starting to sting so I agreed. Besides I didn't know how to get there. "Who's Erika?" Adam asked on our way to the nurse. I didn't know how to answer that. "She's just this crazy girl who hates me." "Why does she hate you?" He asked. "Uh her boyfriend broke up with her for me." Was the closest answer to normal. Adam laughed. "You girls are crazy." "No, she's the crazy one." I laughed. "I see that." He smiled. We reached the nurse's. "So uh I don't really know what to say after what happened." Adam said. "I don't ether." I replied. "I'm still dazed by it." "Let's not mention it to anyone?" I said. "Agreed. It can be our dirty little secret." He grinned. I rolled my eyes and walked into the nurse. I made up some lie that I got hit in gym and she gave me a pack of ice. "I don't want to go back to class." I said. I really didn't. Not after what just happened. "Good, cuz I don't ether." He laughed. "We only have like five minutes left of class though." He said. I locked at my phone, he was right. "Oh well then you can walk me to my locker." I joked. "I'd be honored to." He grinned. We reached my locker just as the bell rang. "Well I should go now." Adam said slowly. "uh yeah." I replied awkwardly and blushed. "I'll see you around." He smiled and walked away.
  5. I didn't want to think about what happened. I was glad that Erika didn't know where I was though, so I wasn't going to freak out over it. My wrist hurt so bad that I couldn't put any pressure on my left hand. I grabbed my books with my right. "Need help with that?" A voice asked from behind me. I turned around to find Jack. "Just a little." I laughed. "Here I got it." He grabbed my books for me. "You don't need to carry all my stuff." I laughed. "I don't mind." He smiled. "So what happened to your arm there?" He looked at my ice bag. "Gym accident." I lied. "Ouch." He grinned. "It hurts okay?" I laughed. "So you ready for french?" He asked. "If by that you mean am I ready to not pay attention and talk to Ezra the whole time, then yeah, I'm ready." I laughed. "I like your sense of humor." He smiled at me. "Thanks." I blushed. The bell rang. "Looks like we're late." Jack grinned. "Yeah but you must be use to that." I joked. "Ouch." he laughed. "You have a point there." We arrived to the door and he opened it for me. I walked in awkwardly and the whole class turned to stare at us. "Mr. Lewis, Ms _____. Decide to come late?" Mr. Roux said. "Uh I had an accident." I held up my arm. "And I was helping her." Jack grinned. "Fine. I'll let it slide this time, but come on time tomorrow." Mr. Roux said. I walked towards Ezra, who was grinning at me. The girls were all flashing me looks. "Here you go." Jack set my books down. "Thanks for helping." I smiled at him. "Anytime." He grinned and went to go sit next to his friend.
  6. "I can't believe it!" Ezra elbowed me. "Ouch! What?" I elbowed her back. "Jack likes you!" She grinned at me. I rolled my eyes. "He was just being nice. I mean my hand is kind of crippled right now." I replied holding up my arm. "Yeah but do you see the way he looks at you?" She said and tilted her head towards Jack. I turned to look at him. He was smiling at me. I blushed and looked away. "Shut up Ezra. I have to tell you something." I decided I was going to tell her about what happened with the guy. "Did he kiss you?" She giggled. "No Ezra! I almost got kidnapped by one of Erika's men." I said and her expression changed to panic. "What?" She screamed. "Shh!" I hissed. "He didn't, thanks to Adam who came and punched him." I said. "He saved you?" Ezra asked. "Yeah, I said the same thing. but he also saw him disappear into thin air." I grumbled. "He saw that?" Her eyes bugged out. "I didn't know how to explain it. I mean he asked me about Erika but I just said she's some crazy girl." I said. "What did he say about it?" She asked. "Nothing really. I told him lets just forget about it and keep it between us two and He agreed." I said. "Thank god." Ezra said. I sat quietly for the rest of the class.
  7. The bell rang and I stood up. "I'll meet you after school." Ezra said. I nodded." We were going shopping for tomorrow. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear. "Hey ____." I turned around. "Hey Jack." I smiled at him. "Want to walk to Art together? I mean since were going to the same class." He laughed. "Yeah." I replied. "So what are you drawing for your picture?" He asked. "Well I already drew the woods, but I'm not sure." I said. "What are you going to draw?" I asked. "My mom." He said. I thought that was kind of adorable. "Are you good at drawing?" I asked. "I'm decent." He laughed. We walked into the classroom and sat next to each other. "I'll show you the picture." He said. We walked to the back of the room to get our stuff and came back. "This is my mom." He handed me a paper. I remembered seeing it the other day. It was amazing, and so realistic. She had long dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Her face was pale and there were a few freckles on her cheeks. "She's beautiful." I said. "Thanks." He said. "I'm glad she made it." He smiled at the picture. "Made what?" I asked. "She was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple years ago. She just beat it." He smiled. "I'm glad she made it." I smiled at him. "Thanks." He smiled back. "Today we will continue our drawings. But after this video I'd like to show you." Mr. Pederson said turning off the lights. The video took up the whole class so we didn't have time to finish our drawings. The bell rang and I went to go find Ezra.
  8. I found her standing out in the parking lot. "Ready to go shopping?" She smirked. "Just a little." I laughed. "Let's go." We both got into the car and Ezra began our drive to the mall. I've never been to it but she says its big. "So what do we wear to parties in this town?" I asked. "Well anything. But most girls dress up, and we're going to." She grinned. "Dress up as in?" "Dresses!" She giggled. "Isn't that a little to over rated? I mean wearing a dress to a football party?" I questioned. "It's the big game. It gives us a reason to dress up. We only play our rivals once a year!" She grinned. "Your not going to take no for an answer are you?" I asked. "Nope." She smirked. We listened to the radio for the rest of the trip. Ezra pulled up to a huge mall and parked. "Time to shop." She grinned and stepped out of the car. We walked into the mall and I immediately smelled a Cinnabon store. It smelled really good. "This way." Ezra led me store by store. "Try this on." She handed me multiple dresses. One was a romper but it was a little to big. I tried on a blue dress, but it was super long and looked like a prom dress so I decided it was a no. After hours of looking I found one that fit perfectly. It reminded my of my old Little Black Dress, but this one was better. It was a Herve Leger dress. I put it on and it fit me perfectly. It wasn't to long, or to short. "How is this one?" I walked out and Ezra gaped. "It's perfect!" She said after studying me. "You HAVE to get it!" She said. I did like it. "I guess I'm going with this one." I studied myself in it. Ezra decided to go with a dark blue classic dress.
  9. We went and paid for our dresses and decided to go up to the food court to get something to eat. I was so hungry. We waited in line to get our food. Once we ordered we sat down at a table. "Do you think Adam will say anything?" Ezra asked. "I doubt it. I mean who's going to believe him when he says a guy disappeared into thin air?" I said. "Thats true." Ezra said taking a bit of her salad. "What are you going to do now?' Ezra asked. "I can't do much. But the good part is Erika doesn't know where I am. No one did other then that guy." I said taking a bit of my sandwich. "Well, I don't know about you but I don't want to talk about this. I'm so excited for the big game tomorrow." Ezra grinned. I was actually excited, too. It was my first Everlast football game, and party. We finished eating and went back out to the parking lot. It was getting late. "Your going to have every guy begging for you at the party tomorrow." Ezra grinned. "I'm not so sure about that." I laughed. "We'll see." Ezra smirked. We drove back singing so loud, that I'm sure every car we drove past could hear us singing. We finally pulled up to the house. My throat kind of hurt from singing so loud. "I think I should be on American Idol." Ezra said and continued singing. I laughed at her. "Whatever." We walked into the house. I was tired because it was one long day. I dropped off all my clothes in my bedroom and hopped into the shower. I put on my pajamas and laid on my bed. Where were the guys? I hope they would show up soon. I listened to my I-pod and drifted off to sleep.
  10. ** "Wake up!" I felt someone jump on the end off my bed. I hate when people try to wake me up so early in the morning. I prefer being woken up by an alarm clock, not a person. I'm just not a morning person. I flashed my eyes open and saw Ezra. I glared at her. "Your eyes gold again!" Ezra said. "Thats because you woke me up!" I threw my pillow at her and she giggled. My eyes turn gold whenever I get angry or protective. but I control it most of the time. "I gave you an extra fifteen minutes, so you should be thanking me. Hurry up! Wear blue, and white today. Its our school colors so everyone is going to be wearing them in support of the big game." Ezra smiled and threw me a long sleeve shirt. It was royal blue with white letters that read 'Everlast Titans'. I got up and put on a pair of shorts. I went into the bathroom and got ready. I did my hair and it looked good. I was actually having a good hair day. I ate a granola bar and brushed my teeth. "Hurry up! We're late!" Ezra said from the kitchen. "I'm coming!" I grabbed my bag and walked into the kitchen. "Wow, you look good." Ezra flashed me an impressed smile. "Let's go." I laughed. Ezra was wearing a pair of shorts with a blue t-shirt that also said 'Everlast Titans'. We got into the car and turned up the music.
  11. We got to school and the steps leading to school were crowded with kids. The marching band was playing and almost everyone was wearing blue and/or white. "Jeez, they sure do get into spirit!" I yelled to Ezra over the loud music. "You got that right!" She grinned back. We walked into the school and the cheerleaders were greeting everyone, and doing cheers. The football players were all in the main hall and everyone was cheering for them. Adam and Daniel came up to us. "Here you guys go." Adam handed me his jersey and Daniel gave his to Ezra. "Thanks." I observed the jersey. It was royal blue and the letters and words where in white. The front said Titans with a lightning bolt and the back said Harnett with the number 42. "So your name is Adam Harnett?" I smiled at him. "Thats me. The quarterback." He smirked. The bell rang and people began walking everywhere. "See you at lunch." He smiled at me and walked away.
  12. Daniel and I walked to Biology and worked together on the DNA project we were starting. Class went by fast and I was already going to algebra. "I think Adam is starting to like you." Ezra grinned. "You said the same thing about Jack. Besides Its weird because you went out with him." I said. "That was in 8th grade! And it was only for like a week." Ezra said. "Besides I didn't mention how I went out with his close friend after so it's not weird." She smirked. "You little player." I laughed at Ezra. We arrived to algebra and Ezra and I sat in our seats. Of course, my partner wasn't here, again. Mr. Gabe shut the door and began class. About ten minutes later someone knocked on the door. I didn't look up though because I was to busy trying to finish my homework that I didn't do. "So you finally decide to show up." I heard Mr. Gabe say. There were a few girls murmuring and giggling. Probably some other airhead jock that girls love. "Yeah sorry. I've been busy moving back to town." I heard a familiar voice say. "Well your seat is all the way in the back next to _____." Mr. Gabe said. As soon as I heard him say my name I looked up. I kind of wanted to scream my head off, but in a good way. Patch was standing next to Mr. Gabe grinning at me.

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