what will your teenage daughter look like ?

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thera are smart people, emo people shy people , glamorous people , nerdy people but which one will be your teenage daughter ?? this quiz will tell you which yours will be.

have you ever wondered what your child will be like well this quiz will tell you soo you can prepare in advance for what type of brat your child will be.

Created by: hannah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your fav colour ??
  2. what is your hair colour ??
  3. what is your fav music ???
  4. whats your fav food ??
  5. what is your fav hobby ??
  6. do you like the cinema ?
  7. do you like glitter ??
  8. do you like sumo wrestling ???
  9. do you enjoy dressing up
  10. do you like watching tv
  11. whats your fav hairstyl

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Quiz topic: What will Ir teenage daughter look like ?