Noitect is Activated Part Eight {Aria's}

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Welcome people! To the eighth part of my crazy series called 'Noitect is Activated.' If you haven't read the precious quizzes in it, you'll be totally lost.

So I firmly suggest you read the others before reading this. I'm not a good writer but I'm trying xD I'm a completely crazy weirdo and I'm going to be updating more on Gotoquiz.

Created by: Aria

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  1. So welcome my fellow people to the eight story-quiz, the edition of Noitect is Activated. As I said before, the contest winner is xxblutixx and her part will be posted in Part Nine, or part 10. I'm not quite sure. What do you think? I shall warn you though, this edition that you're about to read isn't very good.
  2. Recap: I studied it hard. I remembered and I skipped every word! Oh my god, Rezagrats headquarters is five blocks from here in an old run down building! I rushed over to Dumbledore’s Army and Draco (LOL) to tell them. When I told them, Harry said, “All we need now is a plan.”
  3. I was lost. What kind of plan am I going to come up with? I breathed, nothing was right. I knew something else was wrong but I couldn’t tell. As I pulled out my phone to call Tony, I remembered Derek. I exclaimed, “GUYS! What happened to Derek?!” Draco said, “Davina, you should call and find out what’s wrong.” I flipped out my phone and called. His phone was off. I swore. Is this the time I’m going to have to save his butt and look like a hero? Possibly. Wait, whatever did happen to Anersa? I never thought about her in a long time. I decided to call her phone as well but I only got voicemail. I softly muttered to myself, “I hope they’re alright.” Harry asked, “Davina, do you want to see if anything’s wrong?” I shrugged. It did seem fishy, but what if it was a trap? I finally came back to reality and nodded. As I went by my house, the door was open and Derek’s car was in the garage. I hid behind a tree with the others and whispered to Luna, “What should we do?” Her eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree and she said, “Well maybe we can…” Her words were drowned out by a booming noise. Harry knowingly said, “There are death eaters inside there. I thought they had nothing to do with Rezagrats and his men?” Neville shrugged, “They have a brain the size of a peanut. Offer them power and they accept anything.”
  4. I giggled, not because of what Neville said but because Draco was saying something really disturbing to me. I playfully hit him on the hand and said, “Shh! I have to think up something. Obviously, I can’t go in there and the Death Eaters are waiting for me. Maybe, if Harry has his invisibility cloak, I can use it.” I turned to Harry who nodded. He handed me it and I said, “If I don’t give you a signal in two minutes, one of you come in and see what’s going on. The signal will be me saying ‘gateau’. Understood?” (A/N: Gateau means cake in french, by the way. Gateau is also one of my friends who I haven’t spoken to in a long while. Gateau isn’t his real name, I just call him that.) I went inside and yep, it was a trap. The death eaters were just sitting there, torturing my step-father and Anersa. One of the death eaters, I could make out it was Greyback, he shouted, “Crucio!” at Anersa. Seeing her so much pain was unbearable. What could I do though? I felt helpless myself. They didn’t deserve this. No matter how many secrets they kept for me. A green light flashed and I realised Greyback just did the Killing Curse. My knees got wobbly and my eyes were watering. How…how could he be so horrid? I slowly walked to the path where my friends were hidden and revealed myself. I stammered, “Greyback…..k….illed…..A…nersa.” Draco said, “No, Davina, are you sure?” I shouted, “YES I’M SURE! I SAW IT DRACO! W-what am I going t-t-to do?”
  5. Neville hugged me and I just cried. I didn’t know what Draco and Harry were going to do but I knew they were angry. They stormed in there with the rest of the DA and just started casting spells like mad. I didn’t know what to do, it was scary. Neville then left me and went to fight. I heard one man fall to the ground and it had to be a Death Eater. Harry came out all bloody and said, “Those Death Eaters are brainless. Davina, you have to stay strong because we have a lot of things to do. Firstly, wasn’t Noitect supposed to realise that your family was in danger?” I slowly said, “Yeah…” Harry continued, “Then why didn’t they see this one?!” I understood what he was trying to say, “Harry! Do you think…?” He nodded quickly. Everyone else was like ‘what the hell are they talking about?’ I said, “Harry and I think that Noitect is in trouble. It won’t make sense to go back there so let’s just see how everything is.” As I said that, my Noitect Video Communication was blinking. I had a message. I opened it and the video was of Tony saying, “Davina, I don’t know what’s going on but you can’t come back here right now. No one can get out of here and no one can get in. There’s someone in the building and that person is just putting everyone to sleep, we can say. No one is waking, except Captain and I. Save the world, it’s in your hands now.” What kind of crap is this? This is NOT sleeping Beauty. Gah, what am I supposed to do know? I felt so lonely, so lost but I had the DA at my command. I had to take charge, didn’t I? But I don’t want to and that’s the hard part. Why couldn’t Harry or someone else do this? ‘You were chosen for this, Davina,’ a little voice in my head said. I didn’t want to be ‘chosen.’ I am not Harry Potter; the Chosen One. I’m Davina Sparks, a regular girl. What am I going to do now?
  6. Harry looked at me, worried and asked, “What’s going on?” I shook my head, “If I know, I’d tell you. I don’t even have a plan.” Harry smiled, “its okay, we’re going to get through this, somehow.” I looked at him reassuringly, trying to think up something. I muttered, “Harry, can we sneak into the building?” Harry shook his head, “We’ll have to plan for that. Davina, we all need to take rest now and think.” I nodded saying, “I…know.” We found another old run down building and Harry and the others used magic to made it look comfortable for us to spend the night in. What was going to happen? I have no idea. I took the sleeping bag Harry gave me and tried to forget about everything that’s going on. I looked at the black ceiling as I recalled the memories when I was smaller. But one thing was bugging me though? What would happen when all this blows over? What’s going to go on with me? How am I going to live, if I survive? Will my friends be okay? What happened to the rest of my mother’s family? Am I taking this too lightly? Is there any other way I can try to fix this? Okay, maybe it wasn’t just one thing but several.
  7. As we got up, lazily in the morning, the events had past. I shook Harry and the others, asking Harry, “What’s our plan?” Harry said, “Do I look like I ever had a plan, Davina? I’m Harry Potter for crying out loud, I go into battles without any plans, and I still manage to barely pass through them but this time, we have you and Draco,” he nodded at Draco and continued, “So I’m sure we’ll be fine.” I said, “Let’s do this people.” Dumbledore’s Army, along with newly added members, like Draco and others, followed my lead in this ‘super-terrifying-kill-Rezagrats’ plan. It was simple but we all knew it was harder than it sounded. We had to into Rezagrat’s lair, as hard as it already sounds and try to kill off his men before killing him and we knew his men were heavily equipped and were prepared to take any actions if we attacked them. It was completely useless to just confront them and have a meeting, and try to turn them on our side.
  8. We walked and some flew to the rusty old building that contained Rezagrat’s lair. As we hid behind a wall, we saw more than fifty guards were outside one side. I whispered to Draco, “Babe, this is going to be hard.” He rolled his eyes, “No bird droppings, Sherlock.” I hit his arm playfully, “Don’t say bad words.” He smiled, “It isn’t bad.” I looked down, “Do you think we’ll be alright?” Draco kissed my forehead, “Once you’re alright, I’m fine.” I smiled weakly, “But what about the others?” He rested a hand on my shoulder and said, “They’ll be fine, I promise.” I nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Yes, it felt like sparks. Yes, I wanted it to happen again but it couldn’t as one of the guards shouted, “NOITECT IS HERE! GET THOSE RATCHET IDIOTS!”
  9. I said to my team, “Listen, we are not splitting up, let’s fight these people and get over with it.” Harry nodded and we flew over to them; some on our brooms, some just flying. I shouted, with my wand in my hand, “Conjunctivitis!” to one of my opponents and he instantly fell to the ground, his eyesight being affected by the spell. Draco flew to my side, “Good one but we best get on ground!” I nodded and shouted to the team, “Land!” We all slowly landed and the opposing team tried to attack us but Dumbledore’s Army and I all said, “Petrificus Totalus!” at the same time. It didn’t work though as they kept coming straight towards us. I used a strange spell I’ve never used before to shield my team but I knew it was weakening me. The guards were like ogres, just worse smelling and worse looking.
  10. I'm stopping there for the day. I think you'll be excited for the last part because it was xxblutixx who made it! x

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