Your Freaking Story Part One

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Welcome to the quiz! So in this story, you're basically living in a small town and currently attending high school, where honestly anything can happen. Good luck!

I am unsure how many of these I will be publishing (I just made myself sound more professional than I am), but I will let you all know as soon as I decide.

Created by: Trolling Bankson

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  1. Well, you're just ready to set the world on fire, aren't you? You're onwing your First part of Freshman year in high school like a boss, you live in a nice upper class neighborhood, you have your handsomeness by the pound which you buy at the local super target, and most of all, you know what? You're gonna walk right into that Geography/Government room, you're gonna look that senile teacher in the eye, and you're gonna say "Hey yo teach! Imma pass this quiz you got going!" and then the entire class will die laughing. Well, the only problem with that perfect plan? It's first period, and you feel as peppy as a depressed zombie... Welcome to the quiz, everybody! "Your freaking story" is gonna be freaking epic, and I hope you're just as pumped about this story as I am :). So, let's dive right in, huh? K, you're on your own now, don't screw up or it's an automatic fail...
  2. "You best all have studied..." Mr. "Senile" Smith drones on weakly as he passes out the tests to your row. Michael, a good friend in front of you with short Brown hair matched with brown eyes, and a sense of humor that could kill an elephant turns around to give you your test, but instead folds it into a paper airplaine and playfully tosses it at you. K that's actually kinda funny... You hand the tests back to another good friend of yours, Marion, who has black hair paired with deep hazel eyes, and a smile of hers that could light up an entire room. She and you pretty much have the same sense of humor, and it's gotten to where the two of you can just look at each other in class and start cracking up, and get sent to the dean for no reason at all in Senile Smith's class. Quinn, another fellow bro next to you with Blonde hair and blue eyes, and probably the most mellow person you know, nudges your shoulder. "You study?" he says softly in his calm voice. "Yeah man... I didn't get any sleep," you whisper back. "Hey! Who dat be doin' all dat talking!" Senile Smith barks like a dying dog in his monotone voice. You and Quinn crack a smile at one another, making fun of Senile Smith's boring nature. So what do you think of your friends so far?
  3. After a long and grueling hour and a half of watching Senile Smith snore like a sack of patheticness, the bell finally rings. "Eh! Eh!" Senile Smith cries out, awoken by the bell and startled, causing him to fall out of his chair. The entire class roars with laughter as they exit. Getting ready to head to Band for your next class, you swing your saxophone over your cahir and to you side, almost whacking Marion in the face with it. "Oop, sorry," you say laughing. Marion laughs around with you in her little flinty laugh. "Ok I swear I'll remember next time, I always forget, but is that a saxophone or a trumpet?" she asks with interest. "See you in band, man," Quinn says to you, patting you on the back and heading out the door. "Oh- er- bye Quinn- It's a saxophone, alto actually," you answer Marion. "Huh, you should let me hear you play sometime," she counters back, smiling her trademark smile. "Well, if you would bother coming to see me in a concert, I'll be the one squeaking," you say with teasing sarcasm. Marion laughs, and ends with "Well, I should be heading to Math, I'll see you at lunch, right?" You answer with "Yeah sure, save a seat for me," as you begin leaving the room. On your way there, you happen to see Brian, the freaking school bully with hands like anchors, terrorizing a freshman tiny boy who sits behind you in math class. Brian's braindead followers laugh a deep laugh as the boy is pushed up against a wall, and wailed on repeatedly by Brian. What do you do?
  4. You can only hope the boy stands up for himself, really... As soon as you enter the band room, you are nearly blasted off your feet by a blaring sound of intstuments playing. You take your seat in the saxophone section, where the saxophonist next to you, John, who has curly hair and dark brown eyes, and probably one of the most sarcastic and rude guys you know, has a pack of trident gum in his hand. Mr. Seely's one rule in band class? No gum. It messes up the instrument horribly. Even the percussion section, where Quinn is currently pounding away on a snare drum, would be exhiled for a piece of gum in their mouth. What to you do?
  5. "What? No, it's mine!" John trills in his whiney voice, which makes you want to slap the complaining child out of him. After a threat to tell the all-powerful Mr. Seely, he gives you two sticks of gum with a pouting look on his face. So now that a new member of the friend group has been added, what is your opinion on John?
  6. Well, lunch is always interesting at your table... You have the friends that you've met already, that being Michael, Quinn, Marion, and the occasional John when he has nothing better to do, but there are many others. The fist is Drew, a rather shy and quiet guy with a hood on his head that covers up his hair, and has green eyes. Next to him is Seth, a popular jock basketball player, who's really down to earth and usually has a girl wrapped around his arm, gifted with thick auburn hair and rich brown eyes. The current girl gushing over him is Rachel, a blonde and ditzy cheerleader who you really don't know that well. Julie sits next to Seth, an incredibly intelligent girl with long brunette hair and green eyes, who is actually another good friend of yours, and probably one of the most kind of your friends. Lastly we have Danielle and Tori, the two blonde and totally clueless twin sisters, who always talk about nothing but boys and makeup. Well, now that you have the rundown on all your close friends, what is your opinion on them?
  7. So you all are having a nice lunch when Seth brings up a party that he's having tomorrow, at his place, and you're all invited. Well, except for John, who has never really been very pleasent with Seth. But from what you've heard, Seth's place is practically a mansion, both of his parents are a huge deal. Anybody who's anybody is gonna be there, and with Seth as your good friend, you would be at the center of it all. What do you do?
  8. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :)
  9. Alright, so contest time! The first comment in the comments section saying who their favorite character is, and why, will be given a shoutout in the next Episode. Good luck!
  10. K, good luck in Part Two... BROFIST

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