Your Freaking Story Part Three

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Welcome to Your Freaking Story Part Three! Last episode, you attended Seth's party, and had a blast. Fast forward to two days later, there's our current setting :).

This episode, you'll be talking with one of your good friends, Sam, and planning a dinner that you're having with your friends later that night. Good luck!

Created by: Trolling Bankson
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  1. "You're like Lil' Wayne with them beat-boxing abilities..." your friend Sam, a teenage boy with thick brown hair, brown eyes, and a natural appetite for life, says to you jokingly. The two of you are currently coming out of the movie theatre of Granby, Colorado (Yes, it's an actual town :D.) "Hah. Hey, so how come I didn't see you at Seth's party a couple nights ago?" you ask, curious. "Well, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you didn't see me cause I wasn't even there," he answers with sarcastic undertone. Sam is probably the one friend that can mak you laugh in a certain way, he has somewhat of a witty sense of humor. "What, you have a hot date or something, or did you just blow us all off?" you challenge playfully. "Yes, I blew all of you off, because that's what friends do all the time, especially the really good ones," he comments back, causing the two of you to laugh again. "So what time should we pick the others up?" Sam asks casually. You know he's referring to the dinner that you and your friends will be going to later tonight. With them are Michael, Quinn, Marion, and Julie. Any objections?
  2. "So what's the deal with you and Marion anyway?" Sam asks, genuinely interested. "Dude, I got friend-zoned I'd say about a year ago..." you say comically. "Ohhh, moment of silence..." Sam bows his head. After another round of laughing, Sam begins walking again. The two of you cross the road down into the small ice cream shop, where the two of you enter. You are immediately hit with a cold breeze, and a room filled with dozens of brightly colored bins of ice cream. Amoung them are Vanilla, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cookies and Cream. Which of these sound the most epic?
  3. As the two of you are leaving the store, Sam glances at his watch. "K, it's 2:48, we got about three hours and fifteen minutes left. Whatcha wanna do?" Before you can answer him, you suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder. You swing backwards, not knowing what to expect, and you happen to see John, who has a devlish look on his face. Thoughts?
  4. "Hi (Your name)!" John says in his whining voice. "Hiya Sam," he says quieter to Sam, waving awkwardly. "..." is Sam's only reaction, with a facial expression that says it all: I hate this kid so much... Seth and Sam both share the same hate for John, but in different ways. "So where we going?" John asks highly, wrapping his arms around both of you and walking. "No, you're not coming with us, you freaking rat," Sam sneers, getting out of John's grip. "Rat face? Oh, you're gonna get it..." John challenges, kidding himself. "Woman, I'll tear off those giant zits on your face, shove them down your windpipe, and suffocate you if you don't hit the road," Sam says with a stone cold expression. That does the trick, John high-tails the other way. Thoughts?
  5. "I don't always give voilent threats... But when I do, it's because I can't stand the sight of some people," Sam says in his best meme voice, causing you to laugh. "Hey, do you know what the Spanish homework was?" you ask him, just now remembering. "Nope... That class is killing me softly," Sam says humorously. So what is your current opinion on Sam so far?
  6. "Well, I should probably head, I'll see you tonight, k?" you call, beginning to walk away. "Si, mi amor," Sam says jokingly. Well, now you've got a ton of freetime left on your hands, what are you gonna do with it?
  7. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :)
  8. Alright, congragulations to Gotoquiz user James Bond, winner of the Your Freaking Story Part Two contest. Remember, to be elligible for this contest, you must be the first to comment on who your favorite character is, and why. Good luck!
  9. So I'm unsure of how many of these I should be writing... I'll let you know if anything comes up :)
  10. Good luck in Part Four... BROFIST

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