The story of many answers

This story is about a survivor (you) who got stranded in a remote island. How did you get there? That's up to you. After you meet some survivors, you have a short adventure. After you find a way off this is island, you get your memories back and find your way home. You are then reunited with your family.

I know that there will be some typos and I wanted to change the tile of this story/quiz to "The Story Of Your Fate" but I'm WAY to lazy for that. Anyways, enjoy it. I spent a least an hour making this.

Created by: Criative

  1. You are stranded on a remote island. You remember nothing. You sit up and look around. You see nothing but forests.
  2. You are stranded on a remote island. You remember nothing. You sit up and look around. You see nothing but forests.
  3. You hear footsteps and stumble across a boy. "Hello. You don't look like a threat, do you?" The boy says. You shake your head. "Good." He replies. "My name is Kyle."
  4. Before you can do anything, some girl pops out of nowhere. "Hiya!" She yells. "I'm Whitney! Nice to meecha!" She smiles big.
  5. Whitney grabs your hand and shakes it violently. "We'll be the best of friends!" She says. Suddenly, you see a group of people surround you, Whitney and Kyle. "SURRENDER!" One of them says as the group pulls out swords.
  6. "Uh oh.." Says Whitney after she giggles and pulls out a make shift knife. "What did you do?!" Replies Kyle. You gulp in tension.
  7. Kyle and Whitney jump into action. They take down the large group one by one. By the time the battle is over, Kyle collapses. "OWw!" He yells. You see that he has a wound on his leg. You look up and see that the sky is growing darker.
  8. After his leg is wrapped, you go to sleep.
  9. You wake up to the smell of cooking meat. You don't remember if you killed any animal. You hear chatting outside. You look over to where Kyle and Whitney is was sleeping. They're still sleeping. You look outside of your shelter and see two more people cooking meat. A cat comes over to you and meows loudly at you. "What's the matter Sid... AAH!" The girl yells when she looks at you. The guy who was eating with the girl looks over at you. "Morning, sleepy head." He says, with kind eyes. "Are you hungry?"
  10. Kyle wakes up and mouths to you :who is out there?: you shrug back at him. He looks out and the guy gives you two meat. "Morning." he says. "my name is James and this is my sister, Olivia." He points at the girl across from him.
  11. After you all eat, you look for other people and discuss ways to get off the island.
  12. You get in a boat and sail away with Kyle, Whitney, James, Sidney and Olivia. Even though you haven't been on the island much and just got off of it, you miss it already. You talk to your group and remember all your memories in that island. After a LONG week, you head to a familiar island to all of you. You all say your goodbyes and head home. [ what do you want to be?

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